A.J. Green gets franchise tag in Cincinnati

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It’s been the expectation for some time that the Bengals wouldn’t let wide receiver A.J. Green hit the open market as a free agent, so there’s little surprise about the news out of Cincinnati on Monday morning.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the Bengals have informed Green that they’re using the franchise tag on him.

That news should make prospective first overall pick Joe Burrow happy. Burrow reportedly made it clear to the Bengals that having Green on hand would make him more eager to play for the team.

Green said earlier in the offseason that the tag wasn’t the best thing, but added that he wouldn’t turn down the $18 million or so in salary that comes with it.

12 responses to “A.J. Green gets franchise tag in Cincinnati

  1. Waste of the tag. This is just to make Burrow come to Cincinnati. We all know that Green has wanted off of that team for a while now.

  2. resign him for 3 years 48 million. he will play like he did previously if they improve the team. he didn’t play last year because they stunk.Just wait, you will see that i am right. If they
    will fall off the cash vault and spend enough to get 2 GOOD linebackers, they will compete
    in the AFCN this year.

  3. Horrible move to sign an injury prone 32 year old WR for $18M. Draft and develop. Not trading Green for a 2nd or 3rd round pick last year at the deadline was a huge mistake.

  4. He’s lucky he’s getting tagged after his inability to stay in the field the past three years. He needs to prove he’s still worthy of being a wr1. If he’s healthy and proves it the bengals will pay. But unless he was j retested in taking below market value there was no way the bengals i good conscience throw him a 3 year 60 Million dollar deal.

  5. Before they were drafted, people were saying AJ Green was a better receiver than Julio Jones. This despite Julio having a better combine and a better college career. Now after 8 seasons, it is clear Julio is a better receiver.

  6. These commenters know nothing about AJ Green. You don’t just walk away from potential Hall of Famer’s who say they want to stay. You just don’t.

  7. this is the upside of the franchise tag. Green would not get anywhere near this money anywhere else. Yeah..he could be back to a solid #2..but no one will pay him. So he gets great money..stays home..and if he plays great – he gets a new deal..or gets traded to a contender…where maybe he can finally win..

  8. Typical bengals, I see no free agent signings on day 1 and now they’ve lost a special team captain. I hate mike brown.

  9. cincy85 says:
    March 16, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    Typical bengals, I see no free agent signings on day 1 and now they’ve lost a special team captain. I hate mike brown.

    Dropped $18 million on AJ. If he’d walked out the door, I’m sure you’d feel worse about the day.

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