Bears are talking to Teddy Bridgewater

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The Mitchell Trubisky era in Chicago could be ending. At least, his era as a starter.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks are underway between the Bears and Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

The initial numbers floating around (something in the range of $21 million per year) suggest that Bridgewater would be installed as the No. 1 option in Chicago. And that would be a great deal for a guy who has started six games since January 2016.

Bridgewater was 5-0 last year with the Saints, while Drew Brees was injured. A first-round pick of the Vikings in 2014, a deal with the Bears would bring him back to the black-and-blue division.

36 responses to “Bears are talking to Teddy Bridgewater

  1. Bridgewater is an upgrade over Trubisky. The Vikings should have kept Bridgewater. They could have saved all that money they wasted on Cousin Kurt and had a better QB in the process.

  2. Hey if you can’t beat ‘im, SIGN ‘im! (teddy is 4-1 vs. Bears from 2014-2019)

  3. Teddy will do well wherever he lands.
    Good player, great guy.
    The league desperately needs more guys like him.

  4. Longer term (over the next decade or so), Teddy is (or rather, was) the Saints’ best SB hope.

  5. I’m cool with whatever team he signs with as long as it isn’t vomit inducing green and yellow to the east.

    You guys will love Teddy.

  6. $21 mil/year sounds like too much for TB5, but I guess that’s the going rate. He will make them a better team however

  7. So in the span of two hours, Ryan Pace totally redeems himself and Rick Spielman basically guaranteed himself a pink slip in a couple years.

  8. I wish Teddy Bridgewater the best of success EXCEPT when he plays my Saints; wherever he lands. I think the Saints are making a big mistake by letting him walk. Drew Brees can’t throw the deep ball anymore and PROBABLY doesn’t have two decent years left. In the short time he was given, Bridgewater showed great promise in being able to run Sean Payton’s offense. I LOVE Taysom Hill’s skill set but I don’t know if he can run Payton’s offense.

  9. On the bright side, at least there would be a reason to watch 2 Vikings games a year for the next three seasons.

  10. As a Viking fan, I’d much rather see Teddy land with a team in another division. This is the most brilliant thing the Bears could ever do, which makes me thing it won’t happen.

  11. Well, if that doesn’t work out the Bears could parlay their 1st and 3rd round picks to move up to the 2nd overall pick and grab Jalen Hurts. Oh, wait, what? They can’t even do that if they want to? Da Bears.

  12. As a Bears fan, let’s go.

    But if I’m the Saints, I ditch Brees and sign Teddy right now. What are they doing?

  13. Mike Glennon part 2. Even Keenum was an upgrade over Bridgewater in Minnesota.

  14. Teddy is a very good QB and should be a starter in the NFL for the next decade. I think Saints are making a mistake in stacking with Brees, but understand the loyalty. If he has the same confidence that I have in his abilities, Teddy should try for shorter contract so he can get the big dollars once he proves himself.

  15. Are you kidding? A guy who can’t throw it 15 yards in a dime is about to go to the Windy City and succeed? Stop being frugal Chicago and trade the bengals one of your 4’s for Dalton.

  16. Been a vikings fan my whole life, so I gotta root for a guy like teddy, who is a good guy.. but… besides being a good guy, why are people so obsessed with him??? He is a VERY avg QB at best, and that’s just the reality of it. I wish him the best, but this teddy obsession is way overblown.

  17. Not sure any QB can be the focal point of a Chicago team and succeed. They have won with running, short passes and defense in the past. Saving money at QB while getting a smart guy who can distribute the ball well within 15 yards, could be the perfect fit for them. Will be interesting to see it unfold anyway, if he goes there

  18. Bridgewater has a lot of heart coming back from the injuries he’s had, but he’s thrown a grand total of 38 TDs in 44 games, add to that 25 INTs and 12 fumbles of which 3 were lost.

    Great guy but he’s not a great QB at the NFL level. Less than 1 TD a game does not often get it done at the NFL level for any length of time.

  19. The Bears haven’t made a smart move at QB since WW2. Apparently nothing has changed.

  20. Uh oh, things are getting interesting in Chicago.

    Kwaitkoski to the Raiders too and rightly so as the Bears extended Danny Trevathan…

  21. Signing Bridgewater for that amount of money will be another in a long list of Ryan Pace blunders as GM for the Bears. Trubisky simply needs to play behind a decent OL and for a HC who is willing to utilize his mobile abilities and not try to make him be a pocket passer behind an inept OL. The problems Trubisky has had will be the same for Bridgewater. I also see no big gain with arm strength with Bridgewater who has a history of injuries. What a stupid move this will be, if made.

  22. Trubisky is not the answer and he becomes expensive after 2020.
    But I’d not pay Bridgewater a lot. I’d pay a lot if he meets incentives.

  23. Trubisky DONEZO! That was fast. And Ryan Pace can’t stop trying to get ex saint players. Move on man, it’s over, you’re in Chicago now.

  24. Well Chicago is 1/3 of the way there. Now they just need to end the Pace/Nagy era. Until that happens they WILL suck. Trust me.

  25. Ryan Pace is an absolute disaster. Traded up to take Truebustski, and passed on Mahomes and Watson. Passed on Dak, missed out on Jackson.

    Best GM Green Bay ever had!

  26. The Bears are a bottom dweller franchise and will be nothing more with Bridgewater. Da Bears. It’s great watching them screw up everything they do.

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