Bears sign Jimmy Graham

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Time will tell how many more good years tight end Jimmy Graham has left in him, but he has at least one good contract left in him.

Graham and the Bears have agreed to a two-year, $16 million contract with $9 million guaranteed, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Because Graham was released by the Packers last week, he is eligible to sign with a team right now, rather than waiting for the start of the league year on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old Graham caught just 38 passes for 447 yards last season, both his lowest totals since his rookie year. But while the Packers may have felt he lost a step, the Bears think he can be a big contributor in their offense.

45 responses to “Bears sign Jimmy Graham

  1. Better than Shaheen and Burton. I’ll take it at this point, the Packers can have Austin Hooper too, he’s no better than Graham.

  2. Desperation!!!!! Da Bears are crazy. The head case Burton is gone along with the useless Shaheen!!!!

  3. Da Bears have been doing things the last two seasons that give hope to the Lions that they can escape the cellar in the North Division… This is another perplexing move that da Bears will regret very in season 2020… Da Bears will be fighting to win 6 games in 2020.

  4. He hasn’t earned any of his paychecks since he left the Saints. The Bears will learn this too.

  5. Told you Pace was going to say “hold my beer” and out dumb O’Brien. He must have an eye for overrated TEs.

  6. Wow awesome…is Brett Favre next, maybe Jim Miller. Why do these guys sign players well passed their prime ? Is Burton still on the team and why is he ????

  7. Awful. Absolutely awful. This is the last year I support Pace. Good grief.

  8. Well Bears management strikes again with an awful move. 1 good move for every 5 bad moves. We will forever live in the 4-12 to 8-8 range….well until 17th game arrives then 4-13 to 8-9 range.

  9. With Nagy calling the plays he’ll probably use Graham as their goal line back. Nagy is an offensive genius.

  10. Maybe now that he’s away from that overrated Rodgers he’ll have a shot at putting together some decent numbers. He certainly wasn’t going to be able to do that in Green Bay with that sandlot overrated quarterback chucking it out of bounds on every other play

  11. If, and I if, Graham is successful in Chicago, then we know that Aaron Rodgers has no clue how to use a TE.

    (Look at Jared Cook’s stats since he left GB)

  12. Consider the lack of draft capital the Bears have this year. It’s not a sexy splash but a toe in the water.

  13. You played against him twice a year for 2 years,. did you not look at the tape on him ?
    I love the guy,… great character,… but his $8 mil/yr days are behind him. You overpaid a declining star. I could see 2 yr $10 mil, 6 guaranteed. He can contribute,… if he stays healthy.

  14. Bears traded Greg Olsen away for a 3rd round pick, years ago.
    Been looking for a TE ever since.

  15. Graham may not be the superman gumby he once was, but he is certainly still capable of being the red zone monster he was for Russell Wilson just a few years back. He might be the ideal safety valve for, say, a Teddy Bridgewater

  16. Help me out here with my math. If Jimmy Graham only caught 38 passes from Aaron Rogers, does that mean he will catch 3 times as many, 2 times as many or half as many from Mitch Tribisky.

  17. As long as the Bears make him have surgery to get the piano off of his back they should be fine! That’s one less receiver that the Packers will have to cover this year!!

  18. This is a terrible signing. Why on earth would you give him $9M guaranteed???????????????

    The TE free agent class is bad and the draft class is bad but this is no excuse. Overpay for a better player. Ugh.

    Pace has lost his mind. If they give him an extension…

  19. gtodriver says:
    March 16, 2020 at 8:24 pm
    If, and I if, Graham is successful in Chicago, then we know that Aaron Rodgers has no clue how to use a TE.

    You must have missed all of the passes bouncing off of his hands last year.

  20. gtodriver says:
    March 16, 2020 at 8:24 pm
    If, and I if, Graham is successful in Chicago, then we know that Aaron Rodgers has no clue how to use a TE.

    (Look at Jared Cook’s stats since he left GB)

    Great example.
    Jared Cook only played one season in GB and spent a majority of it in the training room hot tub.
    Though he was active for 10 games, he really only played the better part of 6 games.
    Once healthy, he proved to be a monster with Rodgers in the postseason.
    You really are quite clueless, aren’t you?

  21. Just a daily reminder Boys and girls that the Chicago Bears wasted their 8th rank DEFENSE by going out and having the 29th Rank OFFENSE which bury any playoff hopes they may have had before the season started.

  22. I posted about how Ryan Pace is obsessed with ex Saints players like Bridgewater on the Bridgewater rumor thread, and here he is again. Jimmy Graham with Bridgewater could be okay, but Trubisky? No way. Also Jimmy has lost several steps and just isn’t the threat he used to be, and don’t even get me started on his non contribution to blocking. How is he able to pull these contracts still?

  23. That is a horrible signing at that price…. my goodness some teams just don’t get it… 🤦‍♂️

  24. Better than Burton? Not necessarily. If Graham did next to nothing with Aaron Rodgers, what’s he going to do with Trubisky? He went from an explosive, deep threat TE that can go up for jump balls like a PF, to strictly being a possession tight end. 8 mill? That was generous.

  25. That is a huge overpay fora guy who’s been washed for several years now. Even Charles Barkley can see that it’s a turrible move.

  26. Good for him. Not sure why they felt he was worth that much, but maybe he will surprise everyone. I am glad he has a shot but expect him to only be around for this season.

  27. Why would they pay him anything over the vet minimum? Have the Bears watched this poor guy run the last 2 years?

  28. He can still produce, maybe not at $9 million level. If the deal had about half that, say $5 million, it’d figure to be a solid signing. Shaheen hasn’t panned out and Burton is not a top end starter. The Bears figure to be drafting again at that position. Moss maybe? We’ll see, but they should grab someone.

  29. Ryan Pace is an idiot. Graham was washed up when he signed with the Packers. Pace and Nagy will be gone after this season takes a huge dump. Stupid moves. Pace, he is not the guy you knew in New Orleans. IDIOT………

  30. Where is the actual football wisdom on this?
    None of the pretender NFL analysts here have actually seen Graham from the Sidelines. AND …
    has the 2020 Training Camp in Lake Forest taken place yet? No? Well , then how does ANYONE know what Graham will be like for the 20-21 season.

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