Bills made Vikings an offer they couldn’t refuse for Stefon Diggs

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On Monday, the Texans struck a deal to trade one of the best receivers in football for a running back the Cardinals didn’t want, a second-round pick, and a flip-flop of fourth-rounders. Also on Monday, the Vikings got a lot more for Stefon Diggs.

Minnesota reportedly gets a first-round pick (No. 22 overall), a fifth-round pick, a sixth-round pick and a 2021 fourth-round pick from the Bills, for Diggs and a 2020 seventh-round pick. That gives the Vikings a pair for first-rounders plus more for Diggs, who simply became a luxury the Vikings couldn’t afford, given the team’s new-look, run-centric offense.

Even though Diggs finished the year with a career-high 1,130 receiving yards, he went AWOL for a couple of days after a Week Four loss to the Bears, and he’s had other periodic streaks of moodiness over the years, which the Vikings did a good job of handling — but with which the Vikings surely grew exasperated.

And is it a coincidence that Diggs went no-minced-words public with his desire to leave Minnesota on the same day the Vikings gave Kirk Cousins a fresh three-year, $96 million deal? Diggs has never seemed fully on board with the quarterback who arrived only weeks after Case Keenum and Diggs connected for the Minneapolis Miracle, and now Diggs will be catching passes from a strong-armed youngster in Josh Allen, who’s never had a receiver with Diggs’ skills.

So it’s a win-win, with Buffalo getting the receiver they wanted to get last year, when they tried to trade for Antonio Brown, and the Vikings getting the ability to draft four younger, cheaper players who, if properly selected and developed, will become part of the team’s nucleus in the coming years.

97 responses to “Bills made Vikings an offer they couldn’t refuse for Stefon Diggs

  1. “That gives the Vikings a pair for first-rounders plus more for Diggs…”

    The Bills gave up one first round pick, not two. I get the point that now Minnesota has two 1st round picks, but your post is wrong at best, misleading at worst.

    You’re punch drunk. Go to bed.

  2. This is an absolutely horrific offseason for the Vikings so far. Spielman and Zimmer are ruining this roster on their way out.

  3. Vikings fleeced the Bills on that deal. A 1st, 5th, 6th this year plus a 4th next year for Diggs? He’s good but not even close to as good as DeAndre Hopkins, who was traded for a washed up running back and a 2nd by the Texans. This is a WR-heavy draft and the Vikings should easily be able to replace Diggs.

  4. It’s a win-win. But I’m very sad to see Diggsies go. He and Thielen combined for the best WR tandem in the NFL, and the best the Vikings had since Carter/Moss. I don’t see a replacement on the roster but hopefully something turns up. It would be very Vikings if they dealt Diggs and Thielen was never the same again after last years injuries.

  5. Poor Bills… Must have a thing for moody receivers wanting Diggs and going after Brown last year. Gave up way too much.

  6. Sighs will struggle outdoors in the cold. Thanks for the Minnesota miracle bit not much else…

  7. BOOM! Bills were going WR with number one anyway… Why not give up chump change as well to get a proven commodity?

  8. Two teams in disarray. The Vikings made a great trade, but then they just signed a below average QB. The Bills have a great young QB, but they just jeopardized his future by trading away so much for a discard. And people wonder why Bill Belichick won so many super bowls.

  9. Couldn’t refuse all that. A 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks for former 5th round pick. Not bad Spielman, plus is saves cap space big time next year and eliminates the growing headache Diggs was becoming. Draft is loaded with wideouts, so should be able to find 1 or 2 with the 12 picks the Vikings now have.

  10. I hope the local media in the Twin Cities are happy after their off season campaign to trade Diggs.

  11. Nice win for Minny. 4 picks and the potential for addition by subtraction. Oh yeah, and what cap crunch?!

  12. The Bills are a great landing spot for Diggs. I’ll be watching Diggs ADP closely, he could be a steal.

    As for the Vikings, I have no problem with it. They needed to free up cap space and got a nice haul of picks. They have the ammo to get the WR to replace him. My only beef is spending the money to make Cousin’s the highest paid QB in the league. I’d have given him a pay cut, not a raise…

  13. That was an awful trade. They gave up too much for one player. They’ll regret that at some point.

  14. Giving up that much for Stefon Diggs. Good lord this virus must be eating everyone’s brains. Insanity

  15. Unfortunately, Spielman will trade down the first rounder. How deep in the draft is anyone’s guess. He has this problem of coveting 6th and 7th rounders. In other words, he values number of draft picks, a lot of which are 6th and 7th vs quality of draft picks and their position in the draft.

  16. The Vikings are going all-in with Peterson I guess……….err…….Cook. He should do well being given the bill from the highest paid game manager in the NFL.

    These are the kind of moves you need to make when you’re in s total rebuild.

  17. As a Vikes fan of 54 years, I’m glad he’s gone. The folks in Houston must be even more upset now at the ridiculous deal orchestrated by Billy O’Brien earlier today. Diggs is very good, but he’s streaky and very temperamental. Unless he gets injured, Hopkins is a sure thing Hall of Famer. Diggs is not. Slick Rick takes a lot of heat here and nationally, but he fleeced the Bills on this one.

  18. Told ya he was going. From world class facilities to a bubble and high school stadium. He’ll be whining as soon as he lands. Enjoy Steffy!!!!!!

  19. Seems like a high price for a wr in a loaded draft but if bradys not in n.e this could be the the bills chance at taking the afc east and the start of something great, only time will tell

  20. Um, if Diggs was unhappy with Cousins, does he really believe Josh Allen is an upgrade? Allen reminds a couple of Bill’s fans I know of Jameis Winston; he keeps both teams in the game.

    Good luck to Diggs. I will miss his talent but not his antics. For his sake, I hope he’s happy with his new QB.

  21. Dumb trade for Bills – at least in terms of compensation.
    Their pick was high enough to draft a fast WR with more upside who’d probably be more durable than Diggs.

  22. The last receiver who thrived in Buffalo…..??

    Andre Reed, and that was before Y2K

    Diggs, enjoy the Buffalo weather and your newly acquired obscurity

    You deserve each other

  23. Diggs is already complaining to the Bills GM upon hearing about Amari Cooper’s 5 year 100 mil deal.

  24. Thank you Buffalo! Just when the Vikings were in Desperate Need of draft picks to churn the roster and get younger, AND to try and move a moody self absorbed diva, along come the Bills to take care of both problems. The Vikings still have to hit on the pics, but this is a dream scenario for Minnesota. This is a great day for Vikings fans.

  25. Bill O’Brien is a donkey.

    Him being employed in the NFL as a head coach and/or GM in 2021 cannot possibly be a thing.

  26. Good luck catching ball from a bust qb in Buffalo. You will be disappointed. Lmao👍🤮🖐🖐🖐🖐

  27. Bills fan – and this is not how you build a contender around a developing QB. You keep your picks and grow via the draft and a few key free agents. Also, you don’t trade your picks for a malcontent who will hate the errant passes that Allen throws at his feet (more so than Cousins). This was a swing for the fences, and a whiff. Also, coulda had Hopkins for less apparently?

  28. Diggs is your typical diva WR who acts like a malcontent. It’s sounds cliche as most top WR’s are me first guys with massive egos but they are stereotypes for a reason…

  29. Yes, yes, yes. That is the best outcome for the situation. I love Diggs and I hate to see the Vikes down to one legit WR, but if he’s going out then at least the Vikes got a King’s ransom for him. Plus they shed that salary which they desperately needed to do. It’s a reload season still with a lot of pieces. The Vikes had a lot of decisions to make and it’s looking good so far. Now if they could put some of this money/draft picks into the O-line.

  30. Lately (today actually) Diggs behavior reminded me of AB!! Good luck Bills fans…

  31. Thanks for the memories! Vikings now should be able to draft QB to back up #8 while he develops.

  32. The condition of the 1st round pick going to the Barnies is contingent on ridding Diggs of the smell of rotting Lutifisk to an acceptable level. If the Bills aren’t satisfied with the reduced level of remaining minisoda stench, the 1st round pick becomes the 224th pick in the 2029 draft. SKOLOL!

  33. If Diggs plays to his potential, A Diggs, Brown, Beasley receiving core should be pretty tough to defend.
    Diggs will likely draw the Safety over the top which gives the speedy Brown one on one and Beasley underneath one on one… tough.

  34. Bills way overpaid, but it’s great that the very talented Josh Allen now has a really good wide receiver.

  35. I’m not surprised Spielman got that kind of haul.
    Diggs contract is very attractive, $12 mil/yr avg, and he’s under contract through 2023.

  36. Texans fans reading this and even more ready to run O’Brien out of town. Unreal.

  37. Bills had extra 5th and 6th round picks this year so that’s no big deal. Diggs and the Vikings 7th rounder basically cost Buffalo their 1st this year and 4th next year.

    I’d say Diggs is well worth that.

  38. The Vikings got a big haul for Diggs but I really enjoyed watching him play for the Vikings.

  39. This deal just brings to light how terrible the Texans trade of Hopkins to the Cards was. Hopkins was easily worth more than Diggs.

  40. Diggs was an excellent 4th round draft choice that became a very good receiver.

    But he has never become a superstar (1130 yard career best is not enough to be a superstar)

    That’s a lot of draft stock we just acquired!

  41. “Minnesota reportedly gets a first-round pick (No. 22 overall), a fifth-round pick, a sixth-round pick and a 2021 fourth-round pick from the Bills, for Diggs and a 2020 seventh-round pick.”

    Wow, this is right up there with their boneheaded decision to trade up for Trash Allen.

    Just lose baby.

  42. You never like to see a good player heading out the exit but the way he was behaving and the great haul of picks softens the blow. The fact this year’s draft is packed with decent receivers probably also swayed the Vikings decision.

  43. Good that this has come to an end. I love Diggs the talent, can’t stand him as a person. Just go to your agent, tell him you’re not happy and that you want a change of scenery. Let the guy that you pay do his job.

    You don’t have to go on social media and cry, you don’t have to post videos of you working out in another teams shirt, and you certainly don’t need to be a locker room cancer. For that reason alone I’m glad he is gone.

    Will Bisi Johnson step up and fill his role? Probably not. It will be hard to have a guy other than Thielen go over 1000 yards receiving. I do know that the guys on this team won’t be a me first, cry baby diva though. The Vikes got good compensation, and got rid of his salary, a win all the way around in my book.

  44. Giving up that much for a receiver, shouldn’t the team have a QB who could throw him the ball?

  45. Still amazed at the Hopkins trade. I can’t imagine that working out well for the Texans.

    I feel the Vikings won the Diggs trade because he is just this side of Antonio Brown at this point. The Bills, who dodged a bullet last year when Brown refused to play for them, felt the need to roll the dice again in a receiver rich draft.

  46. Wow, nice clean up by the Vikings. Enjoy your new digs, Diggs. And you thought Cousins couldn’t throw a football…

  47. wow what a haul for the Vikings. I give that they lost a good WR… But with the Projected quality of the WR’s in this years draft the Vikings should be able to pick up a good replacement… not saying equal, but a good replacement and cheaper…

  48. What a haul of picks for a diva. Vikings need to draft wisely with them…offensive lineman please!

  49. Well Buffalo got their true #1 receiver. Now build a dome stadium to make this team a passing threat late in the season. With the season going to a 17 games, more winter games outdoors is not a good thing.

  50. Vikings got the better of this deal. Diggs became to much of a diva/headache. Wait until Allen throws the ball in the stands on a 15yd out.
    But then again, to bad the vikings resigned Cousins. Has to be one of the most OVER PRICED Qbs the NFL has ever had.

  51. Good luck stopping the Bills in 2020. The only thing preventing a Superbowl is a virus.

  52. If I was the Bills GM, I would just get deep threats to come on board like Desean Jackson, that way it would open up the field for my run happy QB.

  53. O’Brien is playing checkers, while Spielman is playing chess.

    Good riddance, Stefon.

  54. Getting a 1st rounder plus other picks was a good move by the Vikings in my opinion.

    Paying Cousins more money for an average QB was a bad move.

  55. There’s no doubt Diggs is a legit WR who upgrades the Bills offense immensely and kudos to the Vikes for getting what they did for him given the Hopkins debacle in Houston. An important question is how Diggs will fit in the locker room. McDermott has made a concerted effort to load the team with Team First guys and it has led to a team that outplays its talent level. Diggs is clearly not a team-first guy, complaining on the sidelines during victories, etc. How will he react to a few Josh Allen overthrows in a game?

  56. Good trade for the Vikings….maybe they draft Trevon Diggs with that 1st rounder?

  57. Careful what you wish for Diggsy! Not sure trading Kirk for Josh is that career move you were hoping for….

  58. In essence the first the Bills gave up combined with the 1st 5th and 6th would trade you up to 18th in the draft this year. Is Diggs worth the 18th overall pick combined with 4 years and 47 mil left on the contract? I’d say so for a numero uno receiver…

  59. Sucks about Diggs, best of luck in Buffalo, thanks for the miracle.
    This draft is WR heavy, we’ll see going for with Theilen, Bisi, Smith Jr and a rookie WR.

  60. Glad that this drama queen is gone. A good player but he dropped too many passes & caused too many distractions. Good riddance.

  61. Fun to watch. A 15 yard penalty just waiting to happen. Extremely talented but a 2 cent brain. I will take my chances with 4 more picks!!! Over under is week 6 for drama to restart after he goes 3 weeks without seeing a pass

  62. Like the acquisition, don’t like the price. Had AZ given up that haul for Hopkins and the Bills gave up a 2nd and player they wanted to get rid of, this would all look great. But when AZ gives up peanuts and gets the better player, I’m left wondering why the Bills weren’t in on that deal instead?

  63. Love the draft capital acquired. Spielman will make hay with that.

    Diggs will get his targets, but he’ll likely regret this trade at some point.

  64. Yet another diva malcontent the Bills overpaid for.

    Trash Allen can’t hit the ocean from the beach so it doesn’t matter who his WR’s are.

    Wide right,m you lose again.

  65. Diggs is a top 10 WR, only 26 and under an affordable contract. This will hurt as he’s will be hard to replace.

    Then again, the Vikes are run heavy and need more young, cheap talent given their cap situation. I really wonder how this will work out for Diggs — he was irritated with the Vikes run heavy play-action approach (consistent with all the playoff teams) and lack of targets, yet he’s going to a team that was 7th most run-heavy last year, with a documented inaccurate QB that doesn’t throw deep, and in a cold weather environment. The Bills will be good, but I don’t see Diggs getting into a situation better for him personally. I bet his stats are worse and that leads to more pouting in a year or so.

  66. Viqueen fans.. Thinking they are so close but always Thousands of miles away. LOL.
    Allen will be a monster this year.

  67. the draft is a lot of luck as well as scouting and evaluation. I don’t like giving a up proven star for a chance at a quality player. This move right puts the Viking’s WR depth no better than the Packer’s WR depth. EEE-youuu. Hold my nose.

  68. Congratulations Bills you got one of the best deep threats in the NFL at 26 years of age. Price was steep for some but you got your man. Diggs was fun to watch for the Vikings, I wish him well. Skol.

  69. From what I hear, Diggs’ problem was not with Cousins but with the offense the Vikings were running. He led the league in 30+ yard catches and had some huge games so I’m not sure what he didn’t like about that. The previous year under DeFilippo he averaged 10 yards a catch and led the league in receptions behind the line of scrimmage. He had a lot of catches but is that really what he prefers?

    At least Spielman pulled off a Percy Harvin 2.0 trade. Got rid of a malcontent wide receiver for a first-round pick and other picks. Now they don’t have to decide between an offensive tackle and a cornerback in the first round. They can get both.

  70. IF Allen continues to improve and he and Diggs develop a rhythm, then the entirety of the Allen, Diggs, Brown, Beasley passing game will be a significant offensive improvement for the Bills. Adding that offense to the already top tier defense make the Bills a reliable playoff team. Lots of ‘IF’s for the Bills, but worth it – if – it works out. Vikings make out ridding themselves of an unhappy situation and stocking their turnaround with quality picks and easing the cap pressure. With Brady gone from NE, the AFC East will get interesting…

  71. Steal for Buffalo. A stud wideout signed for 4 years. You never know what you get in the draft. Its the boulevard of broken dreams way too often. Top wrs probably gone by pick 22. First, the 4th and 7th(big deal, will be Mr. Irrelevant anyway) is next year. That means a 5th and 6th more than just a 1st for a known entity (2nd in contested balls). Bills still have another 5th and 6th. Beane said earlier most of the late picks will have a hard time making the roster. When he said that, i knew he would auction them off. Still might move some now. Why not? Why waste them? The Bills have as solid a lineup as any team in the league, including depth. This was a master stroke the novice doesnt see. Great work, Beane!!! Kudos! Josh Allen a Pro Bowler now.

  72. Now when Thielen can’t get open next season Cousins can throw him under the bus. An eye for an eye.

  73. first round wide receivers are more miss than hit. Seems steep, but at least they know what their getting. The Vikings haven’t hit on a 1st round receiver since Moss. Every ones been a bust hope the don’t waste the pick on another 1st round bust receiver.

  74. A good downfield WR goes to a team with a QB that has a <25% completion rate for passes over 30yds = BRILLIANT!

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