Browns sign Case Keenum

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Baker Mayfield has a new backup.

Case Keenum and the Browns have agreed to a three-year, $18 million contract with $10 million guaranteed, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

By signing with Cleveland, Keenum is guaranteeing that he’ll be a backup this year, as Mayfield is the Browns’ unquestioned franchise quarterback. That’s a step backward for Keenum, who has been his team’s primary starter for each of the last four seasons (with four different teams).

But the Browns will make Keenum one of the league’s highest-paid backups, and they’ll connect him with Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, who was Keenum’s position coach during the best season of his career in Minnesota.

18 responses to “Browns sign Case Keenum

  1. I think it’s an excellent move. Mayfield having some competition, knowing the leash might be a little shorter can only be good for him.

  2. In this years qb market thats probably the best he could have hoped for. Not a way to collect some cash.

  3. Honestly floating around the league collecting backup money is a pretty sweet deal….

  4. billzbubb says:
    March 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm
    A few bad outings by Mayfield and there’s a QB controversy in Cleveland.


    Last I checked, EVERY team had a backup QB. 32 of them. And $6M a year is not a QB controversy.

  5. Mayfield to be benched no later than week 9. Or earlier, depending on the Browns bye week.

  6. Smart Browns move. Strong back up at QB is an advantage now as elite starters are thin in the NFL.

  7. Mayfield has a lot of talent, and a lot of issues. There’s a good chance Keenum will help him learn to be a professional, and to take advantage of that talent.

  8. I’m not about to make an broad expectations. Stefanski has seen him up close and personal and it’s a sound decision.

  9. AFC North has no dome teams and the weather gets bad in December. Keenum has a noodle arm and will not work in that division. He struggled to throw in thin air of Denver where footballs travel further so how is he going to throw in the AFC North? They should have traded for Joe Flacco.

  10. People on this board have said the Vikings should have resigned Keenum instead of signing Cousins.

    Keenum failed to perform as a starter in Denver, went to Washington where he failed to perform as a starter and now signs as a backup in Cleveland.

    Minnesota knew what Keenum was (a backup they signed to a one year deal in 2017) and that’s why they let him go.

    Thanks Denver for the compensatory pick for a backup QB…

  11. Well you know keenum is not going to be the backup. Stefanski Is going to put him as the starting qb!!!!

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