Cardinals, DeAndre Hopkins will be working on a new contract

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The stunning decision of the Texans to trade one of the best receivers in the NFL for a running back who has a ball-and-chain contract and whose best work is fading into the rear-view mirror suggests that there’s more to the story.

Here’s one chapter: Hopkins wants a new deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Cardinals and Hopkins will be working on a contract that will replace the final three years of his current deal, at $12.5 million, $13.5 million, and $13.915 million. None of the salaries are fully guaranteed.

Falcons receiver Julio Jones reset the market last year, at $22 million per year. Hopkins’ contract had a new-money average of $16.2 million when signed in 2017.

Hopkins is worth it. But the Texans have decided not to pay it. And the notion that O’Brien wanted to trade Hopkins has lingered, for a while. It was believed last year that O’Brien wanted to trade Hopkins but former G.M. Brian Gaine didn’t. Now that Gaine is gone and O’Brien is the G.M., it’s his call.

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  1. Texans will never reach a Super Bowl as long as BOB is around. Houston, you have a BIG problem.

  2. As a Cards fan, I can hardly believe it.

    We got a veteran receiver who will be not only a great addition to the team, but a good mentor for Kyler.

    And we jettisoned David Johnson who, bless him. completely lost his mojo after his injury, and became a landmark for front offices thinking about signing flashy new running backs to lucrative deals.


  3. This draft is really deep at WR. Houston does not have a 1st round pick due to the Tunsil trade last year. There will still be impact WRs available in RD2. Maybe even into round 4 or 5.

    Houston will need to pay big money to Watson soon. They couldn’t keep Hopkins long term. At least now they are getting a potential impact player. Johnson had some injuries so people forget what a great player he was as a runner and a receiver.

    Can’t judge this until we see what Houston does to fill the void at WR. Maybe another trade?

  4. I can’t even believe that we dealt one of the best receivers in the NFL, for an aging RB and a 2nd round pick (essentially). It just boggles my mind.

  5. Continuation…

    This further illustrates my point about Bill O’Brien – namely that he has a good eye for a talent, but zero aptitude for value. He traded Clowney for peanuts, overpaid for Tunsil and Duke Johnson, and has now given away Deandre Hopkins for little return. His inability to understand proper value for players has drained our cupboard of picks, and now he’s getting little return on the elite assets that we do have.

  6. I’m a Niners fan and I would have been thrilled if the Niners gave up their 1st rounder (31st overall) and Matt Breida (only 3 mill contract) for Hopkins. There is NO WAY that O’Brien got the best possible deal for Hopkins.

  7. easy to defend if Hopkins is pushing for 20+ mil a year. not gonna win anything paying a receiver that type of money. replace him with a top receiver in the draft, spread the money out and increase multiple positions. I get that he was many fans favorite player, but if his bank account is more important then the ability of his team, it’s time to cut ties.

  8. ak185 says:
    March 16, 2020 at 2:48 pm
    How in God’s name is O’Brien going to defend this

    He better hope David Johnson runs for 1500 and scores 15 TDs. And that the 2nd round pick is a stud WR.

  9. Hopkins is under contract for 3 more years.
    No one forced him to sign that contract.
    Why give him a new one?

    I can see a compromise where some incentive clause is added, so if he has a great year, he earns more.

  10. What a bizarre trade. So what he wants a new contract..Hopkins is one of the best and works as hard as anyone. I’m sure the Cardinals thought they were getting punked when they called…but what a steal

  11. O’Brien at every presser:
    “It’s really hard to find a WR that catches every pass thrown his way.”

  12. Texans are nothing without Watson, and they just traded away his best weapon, and one that won’t be exceeded by Johnson or anyone they get in the draft.

    Not only are they worse now, but they are worse in the one way they can least afford to be worse.

    Completely baffling.

  13. So I guess David Johnson will finally know what it means when they say, “Yes, but Arizona has a dry heat.”

    (I’ll see myself out).

  14. Not a fan of either team but man did Houston get fleeced. I don’t understand this trade. I was a big David Johnson fan but he’s done, he just isn’t a good RB anymore. Johnson is an elite WR, not too mention Houston’s now #1 WR is Will Fuller who will pull a hamstring in the 2nd quarter of the first game and be questionable the rest of the season.

  15. Trading a top-3 WR for an overcompensated, gimpy back-up RB is not
    a recipe for winning. Clearly there is no-one else at the Texan’s facility
    and O’Brien is playing mad scientist.

    His next genius move will be giving AB a $20mil contract.

  16. Watch Watson decide to go somewhere with a competent front office. Some of O’Brien’s other deals made some kind off sense, but this is just stooooopiiiiiid.

    Houston sports franchises do have a history of dumb trades. Oilers traded Kenny Houston to Washington, Astros traded Joe Morgan to the Reds, Rockets let Elvin Hayes go to the Bullets. All for basically nothing. So maybe he’s just keeping the tradition alive.

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