Chiefs apply franchise tag to Chris Jones

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Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones is getting the franchise tag.

The move, which had been widely expected, is official today, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Jones indicated that he’s not thrilled about getting the franchise tag, so don’t be surprised if he stays away from the Chiefs until they offer him the kind of lucrative long-term contract he thinks he has earned.

The 25-year-old Jones has emerged as one of the best pass rushers in the league in recent years, with 9.0 sacks in 2019 and 15.5 sacks in 2018. He was a big part of the Chiefs’ run to the Super Bowl, and they don’t want him to leave Kansas City.

Jones is the No. 4 player on our list of the Top 100 free agents.

6 responses to “Chiefs apply franchise tag to Chris Jones

  1. He had to be tagged. No way you let him walk. This is why the tagging system was devised. Every team would want him.

    What is the major hold up in getting a long term contract completed??

  2. If I’m reading Over the Cap correctly this move will put the Chiefs literally over the cap by almost 7 mil. The price of winning a Superbowl is about to impact the ability to build a solid roster in KC.

  3. Yes, keeping Jones hurts them, cap wise. But trading the 2nd best DT in the game should get you a couple high draft picks. And draft picks, no matter how high they are, are cheap compared to the $125 million Jones is worth.

    He a great player but you can’t pay all of them. Especially when Mahomes deal comes into play. They already have high priced guys in Clark, Mathieu, Kelce( who is currently underpaid), Watkins (probably hive next year) and Hill.
    And their tackles, Fischer and Schwartz, aren’t cheap either.

  4. I don’t see any way they can pay him and re-up Mahomes any time soon. At best he’s one year on the tag, and they have to drop a bunch of players, and hope Mahomes play’s on his rookie contract this season. Not good that they are in cap hell, (-$7 + million) BEFORE paying Mahomes, or rookie contracts. Watkins is likely gone, but that just barely put’s them in plus territory, with holes to fill and rookies to sign. Going to be hard to repeat this season, likely much harder in future seasons.

  5. I could see Miami, Buffalo or Vegas taking a swing at getting Jones. Miami is spending big, loves D-linemen, and has plenty of draft capital. Buffalo always spends on D-linemen, and has some money to throw around. Vegas has picks and money but I doubt they’d wrestle him away from a rival, but if the offer is enough you never know, ala Rodney Hudson a few years back.

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