DeAndre Hopkins to Cardinals, David Johnson to Texans

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Monday brings word of a blockbuster trade to open up the 2020 league year.

There was chatter about trades involving Cardinals running back David Johnson and Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins on Monday morning. They were traded for each other on Monday afternoon.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Cardinals agreed to deal Johnson to Houston without word on compensation for Arizona, but that changed a short time later when Schefter reported Hopkins would go to Arizona. Schefter also reported that the Texans will take on Johnson’s entire 2020 salary of $10.2 million.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Hopkins and a fourth round pick will go to the Cardinals for Johnson, a second-round pick this year and a fourth-round pick next year.

It’s a big addition for Kyler Murray as the Cardinals quarterback heads into his second season while Deshaun Watson will have to make do with Will Fuller, Kenny Stille, Keke Coutee and whoever else head coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien throws his way.

122 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins to Cardinals, David Johnson to Texans

  1. wow. terrible for the texans

    lose their best WR by a mile, get an oft-injured running back, and their new #1 receiver is lucky if he plays 10 games in a season

  2. Hopkins is legit – not sure what O’Brien is doing here. Guess he thinks he can replace him in the draft…

  3. Geezzz Louise, ain’t it enough we have the dumpster fire Astros ruined for decades and then have the Texans strike a match as well? Lord help us…

  4. No question that AZ got the better of this deal, thus far. The second rd Pick for the 4th makes the deal better, if Texans get a gem with it. AZ Has Fitz & Hop. Tough WR’s.

  5. Fleeced! To think the Cardinals may likely have traded a pick and Johnson and eat a portion of his salary to move him. The Texans SHOULD’VE gotten Johnson for half salary AND a 1st rounder or 2 2nds for Hopkins. The Texans needed picks and got middling for the best WE in the league. Dear goodness…

  6. My favorite player just got traded for a guy who hasn’t been good since 2016 and a second rounder. On the surface, I actually like the fit with Johnson but still…wow. I have never felt more betrayed as a fan.

  7. As a Cards fan, I love this trade. DJ was clearly done here, and keeping Kenyan Drake while being stuck with DJ’s salary was gonna be tough. Now they’ve solved that problem (once Drake is signed, which surely he will be now) and added a much-needed quality WR the process. The already-interesting Cards offense should get a LOT beeter in 2020. Best of luck to DJ, he’s a great guy and great in the community, hopefully he revives his career in Houston.

  8. GM Bill is really making hard for coach Bill by getting rid of their clearly only real play maker besides Deshaun Watson. Take away the often double coverage and game planning for DeAndre will pretty much render the offensive useless.

  9. While it is a good year for WR’s in the draft the Texan’s really left the cupboard bare.

    Will Fuller and Kenny Stills? Seriously?

  10. LOL Bill O Brien strikes again. this guy is a complete moron when it comes to trades and contracts

  11. Letting O’Brien take charge of this roster is like leaving your 16 old at home alone over a weekend with a fully stocked liquor cabinet. Nothing good will come of either situation.

    This is one (of many examples) as to why this team is going nowhere fast with O’Brien at the helm.

  12. Wow! Big trade. I don’t get this from the Texan’s perspective. They did okay on draft pick compensation but they gave up an elite receiver for a semi-healthy running back who is probably overpaid.

  13. This was possibly the dumbest move for the Texans since inception. Cardinals got the deal of a lifetime.

  14. Is Bill O’Brien trying to get fired? Because that’s the only way this trade make sense for him, a injury-prone overpaid running back for one of the best receivers in football, and couldn’t even get a 1st round pick.

  15. Am I completely missing something or does this trade make ZERO sense for the Texans?

  16. Arizona unloaded a bad contract and a player at a position much easier to replace while receiving a top-5 player at his position. I don’t think Kyler Murray will have a very successful career long term, but this certainly helps.

  17. The Texans GM must be really dumb. Oh yes hes the coach to. Texans lose this trade!

  18. That might be the worst trade in NFL history! I feel so bad for Deshaun Watson. Somebody needs to take the keys from Bill O’Brien.

  19. Wow. Just when I don’t think Bill O Brien can be any dumber he does something like this. He single handedly set this team back 5 years over the last 8 months.

  20. Johnson isn’t what he used to be and Hopkins somehow got better in the past year or two. Not sure this was a good move at all, plus all the cap space Johnson will take up is too much for a RB.

  21. So DWatson’s two most talented offensive players are now Fuller and DJohnson, who both get injured just rolling out of bed in the morning. Texans gotta be planning something else here.

  22. As a Cardinal fan…

    I have literally have had to ask my coworkers to pinch me…

    Wearing gloves of course

  23. Just, what?

    More genius Texas maneuvering. How can anyone truly believe this team wants to actually win a Super Bowl.

  24. what a ridiculously dumb trade for Obrian… how this guy gets to keep his job is astounding!

  25. The amount of talent and capital that O’Brien has thrown at a mostly interchangable RB position the last two years is astounding.

    He’ll likely use that high 2nd round pick on a quality WR, but these Texans are in plateu or drop-off trouble until an analytics-based GM is given the reigns.

  26. Good thing O’Brien traded Hopkins. You never want to have a humble wide receiver who also happens to be the best in the entire NFL on your team.

  27. The Texans are NUTS. Hopkins was arguably the best WR in football; and he gave the QB a guy to just throw it up to for 50/50 balls–that usually worked!

    For a big contract and RB who’s lost explosiveness.

    I really cant believe the Texans did this (someone must have had some compromising pics of someone)

  28. What a terrible trade. Why would you send one of the TOP wide receivers in the league for a guy who’s constantly injured and only had one good season ever? They must have REALLY wanted that second rounder.

  29. Whaaaat? Well, congrats to the Cardinals I guess. Looks like the Texans are going into tank mode. Not sure why, though?

  30. Trade is basically Hopkins for a 2nd rounder? Pats gave up a 2nd for Sanu last year. yikes.

  31. WOW! You give up Hopkins for an over-priced RB who lost his starting job last year????????

  32. I’ve never seen a GM make as many bad moves as Bill O Brien. It’s like he’s trying to destroy the team for years after he leaves.

  33. Texans fan here. Good lord. Bill O’Brien is an egomaniac that is going to ruin this franchise. This is an awful deal and now they have Will Fuller (chronically injured), Kenny Stills, DeAndre Carter and Keke Coutee as the top WR’s. These kind of moves ensure that Deshaun Watson will leave the first chance he gets.

  34. We all knew O’Brien was a terrible coach. Now know for certain he’s an IDIOT!! What’ Watson for Keenum!!

  35. It’s like B.O.B. is doing everything in his power to alienate Deshaun Watson. What a crazy trade! Kyler Murray has the weapons he needs to run KK’s offense… this is a SICK trade for Zona.

  36. Whoa. O’Brien done lost his mind. Deshaun Watson should start demanding a trade.

  37. With this trade it should allow the Cardinals to draft O lineman, if they don’t, Keim should be fired.

  38. TERRIBLE trade! After Bill O’Brien is fired at the end of this season, let’s hope the Texans can recover as quickly as the Eagles did, after Chip Kelly let go of so much talent in Philadelphia. At least O’Brien is replacing SOME talent with talent he’s let walk.

  39. Insane. Houston needs to hire a GM before BoB cripples that team for years after he’s fired.

  40. Basically its Hopkins for a 2nd rounder and DJohnson as a throw in. Pats gave up a 2nd rounder just for Sanu last year.


  41. On the surface this looks like a terrible trade for Houston. There is probably something behind the scenes that we fan are not privileged to. For Houston’s sake there better be or BO’ is done after this year.

  42. Not that it was ever in doubt , this just shows once again O’Brien is an idiot .

  43. O’Brien is from the Belichick coaching tree. More rotten fruit from the overrated GM

  44. I’ve always liked David Johnson and hope he has a few more solid years left, but Hopkins may be the best WR in the league and so fun to watch!

  45. So the Cardinals trade a 2nd Rounder to “draft” Hopkins. They swap 4th Rounders between years. And they offload David Johnson’s contract? They’ll now re-sign Drake and have 3 very productive (if not top-tier) receivers on offense. And they now have more flexibility to go BPA in the Draft. Wow. Keim check a lot of offseason boxes with this one!

  46. Arizona’s offense is going to be awesome next season, with the addition of Hopkins the Cardinals should have one of the best WR corps in the NFL surrounding Kyler Murray . Arizona also gets to keep Kenyan Drake giving them a nasty backfield as he and the threat of Kyler Murray’s legs were the biggest reason Arizona had the #2 ranked run game/ DVOA in the NFL last season.

  47. Wow after this trade other GM’s are pissed off. They got Hopkins cheap. Horrible trade for the Texans. If i were a Texans fan I would not be happy about this in the least.

  48. bearaholic1 says:
    March 16, 2020 at 1:31 pm
    Wow…and I thought the Bears management was stupid !


    I’m sure Ryan Pace is thinking, “Hold my beer!” right now…

  49. Johnson better run like OJ in ’73 (his 2000-yard season) for this to work out. Otherwise, someone higher up in the Texans’ chain of command should shine up the brass apparatus and show Bill O’ the door.

  50. The Texans could get a rock solid WR with pick 40 AND pay him 2nd round money for 4 years. In 3 years, Hopkins will be 30.
    I would tap the brakes on the ‘O’Brien got fleeced’ takes.

  51. Without question one of the worst trades ever. A top 3 WR, fan favorite, humble player traded for an extremely expensive backup RB and a second round pick. Oh, and you probably pissed off your franchise QB, which you need to resign soon. This is awful.

  52. What is the upside for the Texans? They trade a superstar WR and agree to pay a question mark RB $10 million? No other picks or players to balance it out?

  53. Wow! Did O’Brien contract the Coronavirus or something?!?! If not, he had better go get infected. That’s the only excuse his fanbase might (and that’s a BIG might) be a bit more understanding of such a mental flop!

  54. It sure looks like the Cardinals are the winners of this trade. They weren’t going to keep Johnson anyway so they basically got Hopkins for free. He does have a higher salary than Johnson but given his production he’s definitely more value than Johnson. Puzzling move by O’Brien unless he plans on drafting at least one WR early in next month’s draft.

  55. Head coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien has really messed up the Texans… Watson had better hope he is traded next, O’Brien should have been fired years ago. head coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien is a fake Belichick wanna-be…

  56. If the Texans weren’t able to re-sign him, and everyone knew that, just how much more do people think they could have demanded?

    The Ravens and the Titans were the best teams not led by Mahomes in the AFC last year. Both operated on monster running games. Texans may have noticed that they, too, are not led by Patrick Mahomes, and took notice

  57. Head coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien has really messed up the Texans… Watson had better hope he is traded next, O’Brien should have been fired years ago. head coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien is a fake Belichick wanna-be… Hopkins is all Watson had to throw to…

  58. Kinsgbury running the fun and shoot with Hopkins and Fitzgerald on the outside, Isabella and Kirk on the inside.

    Probably means Cardinals go OL instead of WR with 1st rd pick.

    Shocked Hopkins didn’t pull a #1.

  59. ” In 3 years, Hopkins will be 30.”


    You’re right. In THREE years.

  60. I never thought I’d ever see the day in which Steve Keim actually was the fleecer and not the one getting fleeced.

    That day has come. Congrats Bill O’Brien, you stand alone in history.

  61. O’Brien just traded a once in a decade (maybe more) WR talent who is a superstar on the field and (from all reports) a superstar of a human being for an overpaid, broken down RB and it only saves them $1.25m. Deshaun Watson should contact Texans ownership and inform them he’ll be leaving after his rookie deal is completed due to this trade and the incompetent man that made it.

  62. This might be the worst trade ever in the history of the NFL
    Only way this happened is because Hopkins must of privately asked to be traded. That is the best WR in the game for a back up RB and some picks that you gave up in trades last season. BO is going to get roached by the Houston fanbase

  63. Not sure I understand this trade, but the owner had to sign off on this. If I am Watson, the question now becomes, will this team be able to surround me with the talent to get to the next level.
    Unless I am missing something running back was not a significant need, but the most surprising is giving up possibly the best WR in the NFL for a guy who wasn’t even starting in 2019, and a 2nd and 4th when the Browns gave up 1st rounders for Odell.

  64. Wait, when did Fantasy Football begin? We need to have our draft! Reason #1 why Houston needs a GM. I like the picks but geez.
    Hey Philly see if O’Brien will take Alshon…doesn’t hurt to ask!

  65. The only question I have is why my WR needy team (Bills) wasn’t in on this…I’m sure they could have made a better offer than an often injured, overpriced RB and a 2nd round pick!

  66. Maybe Hopkins has the corona virus and they didn’t want the team to catch it? Crazy trade…O’NO-Brien!!

  67. Bill is running the Texans into the ground!! He needs to be fired before he screws this team up any more! They are in the verge of wasting the next 5 years or Deshaun Watson’s career.

  68. The most incredible outcome of this trade is that it actually makes Cardinals GM Steve Keim look competent. I never thought I’d see that day.

  69. Just imagine: Larry Fitz + Christian Kirk + DeAndre Hopkins!! + Kyler Murray, Kenyan Drake… seems like a team now!!!

  70. Poor Deshaun. He just lost his best receiver and he continues to get battered behind a terrible offensive line. I don’t know how he keeps getting back up after each game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is forced into early retirement ala Andrew Luck in a few years behind that Houston line.

  71. As a Cardinals fan, I couldn’t be happier! David Johnson is a great guy on and off the field, but he lost his starting job and the Cards were desperate to move him. Texans took him and his full contract, and gave us one of the best WR in the game. Hard to understand this trade…

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