Giants plan to franchise tag Leonard Williams

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The Giants didn’t trade for Leonard Williams in a contract year during a losing season just to let him be a short-term rental.

So apparently, they’re going to keep him.

According to Adam Schefter of, the Giants are expected to franchise tag the defensive lineman today.

Efforts were apparently unsuccessful in working out a long-term deal with the former Jets first-rounder.

TheGiants acquired him in a rare cross-town trade last season, sending their 2020 third-rounder and another pick in the deal. If they retain him with a deal before the deadline, it’s a 2021 fourth-rounder. If not, it’s a 2021 fifth-rounder, and a particularly egregious case of draft pick arson.

8 responses to “Giants plan to franchise tag Leonard Williams

  1. Dave gettleman is the absolute worst. Add this to when he uses the 4th overall pick on a position of low value like MLB.

  2. The trade was ill advised….and that is being kind. Tagging him was the only logical move to make at this point in order for the Giants (mainly Getty) to not look totally incompetent. Also, with the amount of FA’s we are likely to sign in the next couple of months, its unlikely that we’ll get a comp pick in 2021 when Williams leaves after this season.

  3. Dumb move. There is no way I’d pay this guy the cost of the tag, the only reason the Giants are tagging Johnson is due to what they gave up to get him, releasing him would be embarrassing for Gettlemen and a huge loss of face. If the NYG were smart though they would of released him and signed a veteran in F/A who’s cheaper & draft a guy in the mid rounds of the 2020 draft.

  4. well lets not forget he did RESCIND the franchise tag from Josh Norman when they were with the Panthers, maybe he does the same, but this is clearly him trying to save face

  5. Someone please dust of the “Worst Giant Trades of All Time” list and add this one to it. Money that could have been used where more sorely needed.

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