Kirk Cousins becomes highest paid player again, for now

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New money, shmew money. Contracts should be assessed based on total value at signing. And under that standard, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is once against the highest-paid player in football.

The final year of Cousins’ three-year, $84 million deal signed in 2018 has been torn up and replaced with a new three-year, $96 million contract. That pays out $32 million per year, which is more than the $31.4 million per year that Russell Wilson‘s contract carries at signing.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Cousins gets a $30 million signing bonus, a fully-guaranteed $9.5 million salary in 2020, a $500,000 workout bonus in 2020, a fully-guaranteed $21 million salary in 2021, and a $35 million base salary in 2022 that becomes fully guaranteed if Cousins is on the roster on the third day of the 2021 league years.

The deal also can be characterized as a two-year extension with a $33 million new-money average, $2 million per year below Russell Wilson’s $35 million new-money average. But as total value at signing goes, Cousins takes over the top spot, adding a fresh $96 million over three years to the two years, $54.5 million he already has been paid, and Cousins will make $150.5 million over five years with the Vikings — a total per-year average from signing in 2018 of $30.1 million.

Throw in the $43.89 million that Cousins made under two years of the franchise tag in Washington, and his seven-year haul becomes $194.39 million.

56 responses to “Kirk Cousins becomes highest paid player again, for now

  1. He has led the Vikings to two Division championships in two tries.

    Oh. Wait. Sorry. That’s wrong.

    Zero. Zero division championships.

  2. Something is seriously wrong with the Vikings… Why would you overpay Kirk Cousins twice! Once the Vikings defense declines they will be the worst team in the NFC North with the Lions. The Vikings barely made it to the playoff last season had it not been for a bad LA Rams and Cowboys teams. Vikings can’t win with Kirk without a perfect team. If I’m Delvin Cook agent you have to make my client the one of the highest-paid RB 1 in the NFL… Bad move make Kirk play out his contract!

  3. The Vikings don’t seem like they’re competing for the super bowl. This signing pretty much guarantees the Vikings are happy to be one and done in the playoffs, if they get to the playoffs. Why would you sign a QB who can’t compete with the top QB’s? If you’re happy to finish second, you certainly don’t have to pay that kind of money for a QB. I love guys like Cousins and Tannehill, but they’re playing second fiddle.

  4. Never has such a garbage player gotten so much. If that’s what Cousins is getting, there’s 20 guys who deserve more. Is there a more inept franchise in all of professional sports?

  5. So, how do you figure the return on investment of that 200 million? I’ll wait…

  6. Kirk!!! Loved him when he was here, and remain a big fan. Keep working hard – he improves EVERY season, Go Vikings!!

  7. Instead of fixing an obvious weakness on the offensive line the Vikings are spending over $30 million a year on a QB that craps his pants in every single big game. I can’t believe these idiots gave him more money than Russell Wilson, a guy that is already a super bowl champion and will probably be a first ballot hall of famer.

  8. Florio is so salty. Can’t stand seeing a QB maximize his situation and make market value.

  9. I don’t care what anyone says Kirk Cousins may very well have the BEST Agent/ Representatives in Sports.Plus lets keep it 100 here it’s also an indictment of how underwhelming & lacking the Position truly is today that has some of these teams doing desperate things.

    Kirk Cousins has a 0-15 record against teams that finished with a 700 or better win Record which is the worst among all quarterbacks. But yet he continues to have perfect QB ratings when he goes up to a BANK MACHINE and throw in his PIN Number.

  10. Don’t know where Cousins rank in terms of QB play, but he’s number 1 as a negotiator. Would hate to sit across a poker table from him!

  11. i guess its better to be right place at the right time than to be the top player at your position.

  12. I’ll never understand why teams throw money at over-rated, will never win a thing quarterbacks.

  13. I always backed Kirk while he was in Washington and it’s nice to see good people have good things happen for them. Kirk’s work ethic and desire to be great is evident. Haskins could take a page from his book.

  14. With this contract, Kurt has just guaranteed his spot in the Packer HOF.

    The Packers haven’t gotten this much help from an opposing QB since Jay Cutler threw all those terrible passes right to Charles Woodson

    Thanks Rick!

  15. He’s worth every penny. Even Diggs wants to play for the Vikings (and take less money for the privilege,) just to be able to afford Kirk “Guaranteed” Cousins.

  16. Cousins is proof that free agency isn’t necessarily about being good, but it’s about being available.

  17. Depending how he does in 2020, he might be gone in 2021 before 35 million takes place.

  18. Depending how he does in 2020, he might be gone in 2022 before 35 million takes place.

  19. Girk Guzzinz ain’t nuthin. Throwing good money after bad. Good fer Guzzinz though. I wouldn’t say no to that kind of career either. Let ’em hate while you retire a millionaire at thirty some yearz old.

  20. He’s the John Dillinger of the NFL. Except John Dillinger probably was a better quarterback.

  21. Can’t wait to read all the irrational rational for this 9mm to the side of the head stupidity. Minisoda, where life is a daily exercise in self-delusion.

  22. For a mediocre QB on a team that really isn’t going anywhere with him. But hey mid-30s is the new normal but if you ever want to understand why quality of play is down? That’s why. Too much emphasis on ANY QB. Let’s pay whomever we get north of $30M and hope he can bring us home.

    Without anyone else. Because we can’t afford them.

  23. Hard to believe that the Vikings are willing to reset the market with Cousins. His agent should go into the hall of fame.

    No Diggs and no dominant defense to have them playing from the lead. The Vikings will miss the playoffs for the second time in 3 years but Cousins got his.

  24. I don’t bother taking a look into who is his agent, but I’m quite sure he is the best agent in the NFL right now. I mean, Cousins? More money than about a dozen better QB-s. How? That agent know some jedi mind trick for sure.

  25. New money, shmew money. Contracts should be assessed based on total value at signing. And under that standard, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is once against the highest-paid player in football.


    But they’re not, so he isn’t

  26. Kirk plays by the rules, keeps his mouth shut, is intelligent, and knows how the game is played financially. Bravo for him for turning a fourth round draft choice into multi millions of dollars in income. Knowing him, he’ll have saved most of his money and be set for the rest of his life.

    Right now Kirk has won as many playoff games as Dakota and more playoff games than Lame. And he did it by playing QB, not by playing running back.

  27. I am 74 years old. Been a Vikings fan since their inception. Parents even had season tickets from 1961 to when the dome was built. My father would not sit indoors to watch football, or should I say pay to watch.
    I can not believe the Vikings gave this doofus another contract. My loyalty to the team is over. When the vikes play from now on, I will be watching Golden Girls reruns, or doing yard work. Good bye Vikings, you shall never break my heart ever again.

  28. I’ve never thought as a Packers fan that I would ever give my kudos to Vikings leadership….but BRILLIANT move. Next, sign Antonio Brown & Josh Gordon to fully-guaranteed contracts to put the cherry on top, PLEASE! LMAO!

  29. stellarperformance says:
    March 16, 2020 at 10:41 pm
    He’s worth every penny. Even Diggs wants to play for the Vikings (and take less money for the privilege,) just to be able to afford Kirk “Guaranteed” Cousins.
    Guess it would be better to have a qb with a lower passer rating, lower qbr, less TDs, more time sacked, lower completion percentage, and less yards per attempt. Such a great guy that Austin Hooper ran to Cleveland rather than be in the wasteland that is GB and play with the overrated one. But hey at least you guys can still take shots off dumpsters like the video before the lions game in gb this year.

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