Offseason activities suspended “indefinitely” by NFL

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There might be free agency this week, but there won’t be anything resembling football for some time.

Aoccrding to a league memo obtained by Adam Schefter of ESPN, all offseason teach activities are “delayed indefinitely.”

Of course, with federal officials suggesting limits on any gatherings larger than 10 people, that’s natural, but the league was careful to spell out what was and was not allowed.

Players are barred from entering any club facility between March 17 through March 31.

It also mentions the league and union working together on plans for cleaning and other preventative maintenance.

Given the state of the nation’s anxiety about the coronavirus outbreak, this appears to be a reasonable first step.

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  1. When the time comes for practices to resume, I fully expect a lot of injuries all around the league. Especially with the linemen. There will plenty of them who gain about 30 or 40 lbs and will get hurt as a result.

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