On Tom Brady, no news is . . . no news

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For the first time in his career, quarterback Tom Brady can field offers from every team and reach an agreement in principle with any team. So what has happened so far today, Brady’s first ever on the open market?


Sure, there has been the scattered report that the Buccaneers’ interest in Brady is real (that was known), and there has been the persistent murmur that the Chargers will be making a run at him. But there’s no evidence that one or more teams have gone from “laying in wait” to lining up with big-money offers aimed at landing the greatest quarterback in league history.

With the Titans and 49ers out of the mix and the Raiders presumably content to have Marcus Mariota playing the role as to Derek Carr that Ryan Tannehill played as to Mariota in 2019, who else is there other than the Buccaneers and maybe the Chargers? The Dolphins? The Colts? The Giants? The Panthers? The Cowboys?

Father Time remains undefeated, and it could be that teams have studied Brady’s 2019 film and concluded that the signs are present that Brady is about to get whacked over the head with a giant hourglass. Regardless, his best play — especially with no offseason program at all for 2020 — could be to stay put with the Patriots.

Which leads back to the question to which only one man knows the answer: Does Bill Belichick want another year with Brady? If Belichick doesn’t, will Brady have a landing spot at all in 2020?

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  1. Finally, somebody mentioned watching the 2019 tape on Brady. It was not pretty. Thank you, Mr. Florio.

  2. He was never leaving the Pats.

    No team is paying top dollar for a 43 year old QB unless they really want the draw to sell tickets.

    Best bet for Tom is to return to NE and he knows it. With a better offense around him who knows?

  3. What tape? In 2019 he was 7th in yards despite a very patchwork offense. That means he’s still very elite, the only problem is for how long? I think he’s easily got two more years of play left in him.

  4. I still think it’ll be Redskins. Big market, weak division, east coast. Good offensive line with some playmakers and a veteran coach. Wouldn’t count out Chicago either, that’s the potentially best plug and play scenario outside of San Fran.

  5. The music is still playing, when it stops will TB12 have a seat ?
    My guess is the league would like him with the Chargers.
    LAC has to sell some PLCs, as well as a stadium of season tickets. They need to attract NEW fans, as San Diego fans are not going to support the Chargers playing in LA.
    The finances of the stadium in LA is being built on a two team model.
    Who else is going to fill the place when the Chargers have a home game ?
    Go West Youngish man.

  6. “Father Time remains undefeated, and it could be that teams have studied Brady’s 2019 film and concluded that the signs are present that Brady is about to get whacked over the head with a giant hourglass”

    Really? No one has said that before. At least not here. 2019 was NOT about a supporting cast.

  7. So the Giants drafted a QB who had a solid rookie season and the Cowboys hit Dak with the exclusive FT just for either of them to try and sign Brady? That’s a 5-head suggestion there Mike.

  8. Will say this, as a Bucs fan I can’t bring myself to believe that Brady will actually come here until I hear that he’s signed his name on a contract. At this point I think he’s using Tampa to get more money/control and Tampa is using him to get Winston back on a cheap contract. Time will tell if I’m wrong though.

  9. Why not write a story on the new CBA’s reduction of disability payments to players currently drawing benefits? I am more interested in that than where Brady lands.

  10. I have to say, it is entertaining to think Brady may have no choice but to crawl back to the Patriots for less money (or not land anywhere at all) given how much attention he brought on himself this offseason with the whole, “Stay tuned to see what I do next” bit.

  11. Does the Mad Monk want another year with Brady? And will Brady have a landing spot in 2020?

    Think the answer’s ‘No’ to both questions…

  12. The last two paragraphs sum up what my thinking has been all along. Look at Brady’s film from the 2019 season, it’s not up to GOAT status. Brady’s market value isn’t deserving of all the hype it received. As a Pats fan since ’76’ I’m hoping B.B. just moves on with Stidman, he looked as good as Jimmy G. did in his first preseason and the Q.B. guru that works with all the NFL elite talent seems to think that Stidham is as good as most of the high level starters in the NFL, tic toc.

  13. It’s the Chargers and has been the Chargers since Tom’s business partner and fitness guru sold his home in Foxboro, and moved his entire family to a new home just an hours drive from where the Chargers will be playing football in 2020. He didn’t uproot his family from Foxboro, and move them all the way to the West Coast for nothing, and Tom didn’t sell his house, and resign from his lifelong charity Best Buddies for nothing.

  14. Brady is the oldest QB to win a Super Bowl at 41.
    Before that he was the oldest living QB to win a Super Bowl at 39
    – (tied with Manning’s reanimated corpse in 2015)

    Looks like Father Time is 0-2 vs TB 12 but he gets a rematch every year.

  15. Tom bit the hands of the fans that fed him, ultra-loyally, for 20 years.
    He shouldn’t have.

    He needs to write a full-page apology then retire.

    If I was Bill, (I’m sure that it will be pointed out that I am not), I’d kick him to the curb after last year’s pathetic attitude and effort.

    No QB will ever be as good as Brady was, but his greatness was in his fire and determination. . . and that is long gone.

  16. Brady is going to LA. He’s thinking about building the TB12 brand globally, and there’s no better place to do that from than LA LA land. Plus he has the chance to play with a talented offense in a new stadium, with a chance to cement his legacy if he turns them around considering no one thinks their coach is Anything special and they are coming off a 5-11 season. I think the idea that no one would want Tom Brady is ludicrous. He was the NFL MVP two seasons ago. One season ago he was a top 5 QB and won the Super Bowl. Last year, he was excellent through the first four games before his team (o-line and receivers) were decimated by injuries and lack of availability. I personally look forward to Brady proving all the haters wrong once again.

  17. My Sources tell me an Offer will be coming from Tampa Bay within the next 24-48 hours and that is where he leaning on going to.

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