Report: Bills acquire Stefon Diggs from Vikings

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Stefon Diggs was right. Something was happening after all.

The Buffalo Bills have agreed to a deal to acquire the Diggs in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

The Bills are sending along a first-round pick, fifth-round pick and sixth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and a 2021 fourth-round pick to the Vikings as compensation for Diggs, per Adam Schefter of The Vikings are sending a 2020 seventh-round pick back to the Bills along with Diggs.

It’s a big move for a Buffalo team looking to take a big step forward in a division that may or may not have Tom Brady playing in it anymore. The Bills have made the postseason in two of the last three years but are still looking for their first playoff victory since 1995.

49 responses to “Report: Bills acquire Stefon Diggs from Vikings

  1. Loved ya Diggs, good luck! Skol! It didn’t make sense to spend so much on cousins, thielen and yourself when obviously they want Cook to lead the team.

  2. The bills are quietly putting together a great roster. I won’t be surprised if they are back in the playoffs and make a run. They whooped my teams as last year (cowboys)

  3. Diggs complains about his QB whose accurate and can throw a football to a team with one of the worst completion percentages in the league…..good job Diggs…hope your happy.

  4. 🤮👍🖐🖐🖐🖐 You’ll be happy playing with Josh Allen who can’t throw you the ball. Lmao

  5. Great trade for the Vikings, but they have a history of blowing extra first round picks (see Dimitrius Underwood , Cordarrelle Patterson).

  6. lol be careful what you wish for. how many games do you think it’ll take next season before he realizes the mistake he made?

  7. Posted earlier some team would be fleeced. Nice haul for a drama queen Spielman. Need world class character to Don the purple and gold…

  8. In what world is Stefon Diggs worth more than DeAndre Hopkins??? Oh right, the Vikings actually have a competent GM.

  9. This further illustrates just how badly Bill O’Brien and the Texans allowed themselves to be hosed this morning.
    I honestly don’t know if I’d take two Diggs for one Hopkins.

  10. Diggs can be good. But, he was starting to think he was far better than his actual output.

  11. I think they gave up a little much but nice pick up. But this draft is deep at wr I bet they could have found a wr just as good with their first pick and kept all those other picks

  12. Big move indeed. If Allen takes another step in year three this team will be hot.

  13. Also considering how deep this upcoming WR draft class is it makes no sense to me to bet the farm on a diva WR who isn’t even top 10-15 at his position instead of getting 1 or more talented rookie WRs on cheap contracts for the next 4 years. Bad move by Beane and the Bills imo.

  14. Lol, bye Felicia. Nice compensation as long as they take his salary too. Good luck Bills fans, you’re gonna need it.

  15. If i’m the Texans owner, this itself is grounds to fire bill o’brien. If they do it before wednesday, can they cancel the trade? LOL

  16. Overpriced yet a good player who will help the Bills. Not sure why, in a good WR draft though, you don’t wait to draft one when your pick comes or trade up if a good one drops.

  17. Buffalo will be cleaning house again soon. WR’s are easily the most plentiful position in football, and one of the least critical. Do you want to help a young QB? Bolster your defense. I don’t care what kind of weapons you have, if you’re constantly playing from behind, you’re constantly getting beat up. You have to take more risks. You are always being pressured. Do you remember that one year Cam Newton went to the super bowl? How was their defense? Anyone remember? Anyone paying attention? Hello out there. How much are they paying GM’s? Get ready for another house cleaning. I feel bad for Bills’ fans.

  18. WOW!!! Let’s go Bills. For people not paying attention, this was the move Bills fans wanted and Josh Allen needed. Before people start criticizing, please look at film before tearing down our young QB. His stats are on the rise, but his ability is better than his stats and adding more talent around him will bear that out. If Brady moves on from NE, the Bills have to be the favorites to win the EAST.

  19. As a Vikings fan, I’ll take it. I’m not happy to lose a good player, but it’s good value.

    Much like Percy, he was a talented receiver who had moments of greatness, but then would follow it up by being invisible in some games altogether. A very good #2, but not a true #1. Combine that with an ego and sense of entitlement of a much more consistently great player, and I’m not too sad to see him go.

  20. See ya! You’re Buffalo’s problem now…good riddance! Talented….yes….diva and likely locker room cancer….yes.

  21. Really?

    My God the draft is deep as heck a wr like it always is.

    That is just plain stupid.

  22. Ha, good luck with that one Buffalo. Once a diva as always a diva. How many games do you give it until he melts down on the sideline……

  23. That was fast. When a gm/hc says your here to stay usually the writing is on the wall.

  24. Poor guy. Whines his way out of a good thing to a solid team but a horrific city.

  25. Wow. Diggs isn’t far removed from being one of the best contested catch recievers in the league, but…that’s quite the haul for Minnesota. Diggs is still relatively young, but Spielman really got quite a payout from the Bills for this move. I couldn’t say that I’d turn that down either, for almost any player.

  26. I don’t understand.
    Hopkins gets a second rounder. Stefon Diggs gets not just a first – but a couple of sweeteners??

  27. Should’ve rolled with a rookie WR from this class and had him under salary cap control for 4 years.

    Diggs has great talent but he is a Diva. Remember how you dodged a bullet with Antonio Brown not signing there last year? Diggs has the potential to be disruptive as well, that’s why he was traded.

  28. Mixed feelings on this one. He made some big plays for the Vikings. Ended up being moody and maybe not a guy you want in the locker room. Plus he fumbled at some inopportune times last year. Vikes will have a hard time replacing the talent, but sometimes its better to move on.

  29. So, in other words, the Vikings got actual value for Diggs. Not six rolls of toilet paper and a bottle of hand soap like Bill OhNoBrian.

  30. This is NOT a genius move because it wasn’t the Patriots making the move.

  31. Maybe overpaid a bit but sometimes you need to for top talent. Diggs is exactly what the O needs, and will help Josh tremendously.

  32. They overpaid a bit but they needed a WR of his caliber, so it’s probably going to work out for the Bills (if their QB can continue to improve).

  33. Listen JA haters: take some time to watch film. Go beyond the stat line and the media narrative. JA is a solid NFL starter, and he is so young. Last year was like his rookie year. He barely played any college football, and when he did it was with the JV, against the JV. He has made huge leaps. I hated the pick when the Bills made it, but the guy is the natural. I’m not saying he is top 10, especially not yet, but he isn’t garbage either, plus he has a high ceiling. With Diggs, we will really see what Josh can do this year.

  34. The Vikings can use that first-rounder and get a WR and save all the money and headaches in Diggs. The Bills will be sorry they traded for this guy. He’s not the kind of guy you want to have with a young QB.

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