Report: Raiders reach agreement with Marcus Mariota

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A report earlier Monday night indicated the Raiders were close to reaching a deal with Marcus Mariota. They now have done that, according to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The move was not unexpected.

Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock had Mariota as the top-ranked quarterback and fifth overall player on his NFL Network draft board in 2015. Mariota went second overall to the Titans.

The Raiders were looking to upgrade behind Derek Carr, with Mariota getting a chance at more than that in case of injury or ineffectiveness.

Mariota, 26, lost his starting job to Ryan Tannehill last season.

In five seasons in Tennessee, Mariota made 61 starts and went 29-32. He threw for 13,207 yards with 76 touchdowns and 44 interceptions. His career passer rating is 89.6.

27 responses to “Report: Raiders reach agreement with Marcus Mariota

  1. Is he a gadget QB who will only come in on 3&1 and purely be a distraction piece? Or will he contribute significant snaps and push Carr off the starting role?

  2. This Raider fan hopes Mariota is here to kick Carr’s shorts off the roster. We cannot reach the next level with Carr as the QB. It would be awesome to draft Tua or Hurts as the next Raider QB of the future.

  3. Huge move by Gruden. Got a franchise QB and didn’t have to give up anything. Now the Raiders can turn their sights on the Chiefs.

  4. Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock had Mariota as the top-ranked quarterback and fifth overall player on his NFL Network draft board in 2015.

    And now he is signing the guy as a backup. So is he getting great value now, or was he an awful judge of talent before? Somewhere in between is the truth, I suppose.

  5. Anyone got that feeling that Chuckie gonna waste all his ten years with the Raiders and maybe never make the playoffs once? And I like the guy and that team. I wear my Raiders hoodie and people come at me, but I don’t even want to talk about it. They better go back to Oakland some day.

  6. If Gruden & Co dont start showing results soon one has got to wonder what in the world they are doing out there. Three seasons to completely change your team around should be more than enough for his contract.

  7. As long as the salary hit is not irresponsible, this is a solid means of improving the overall level of QB capability in any event.

  8. I like Mariota, hes probably the best backup in the league at this point next to Foles.

    Im not worried about Carrs job at all with the Mariota acquisition. All the criticisms that have been put on Carr the last few years have been the same for Mariota except even more so.

    Willingness to throw deep balls, general timidness with the football etc.

    The difference between these 2 guys is Tennessee had a great set of weapons and a good oline around Mariota and he played like a coward, the same cant be said about Carr. Carr had one of his best years with a great oline and running game to support him and no one to throw too besides Waller and Renfrow.

    Having a competent backup is necessary in this league but if we dont go out and pay for some defensive help and draft some dynamic #1 WR level talent we wont make the strides we need too regardless of whom starts at QB.

  9. It wasn’t a huge story when the 49ers acquired Steve Young from Tampa Bay. Many believed Young was a bust. He certainly didn’t look anything close to what he looked like in San Francisco. Sometimes a change of scenery, and a different coach is all that’s needed. San Diego wasn’t impressed in enough with Drew Brees to hold onto him either. Atlanta let Brett Favre get away too. Jim Plunkett turned his career around too, once he left New England. Mariota is the perfect QB for Gruden. He’s a young veteran with a high ceiling, just like all these other QB’s were when they were thrown away by their original teams.

  10. While I still believe that Derick Carr can (and will) excel with good coaching (as he had under Bill Musgrave) it’s apparent that it’s not going to happen under Gruden and that Carr will be leaving the Raiders.

    As for Mariota, I thought that he was a decent enough QB from what I saw of him when the Raiders played the Titans. Plus Mariota is young which makes him a better acquisition than an over-the-hill Tom Brady. But it’s highly questionable as to whether Mariota can do any better than Carr under Gruden’s coaching.

  11. Well, he did catch his own pass once to beat the Chiefs. I guess that is good enough for Gruden.

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