Austin Hooper on Browns offense: On paper, it’s pretty scary

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The Browns made a couple of additions to their offense after the free agent negotiating period opened on Monday by agreeing to deals with tight end Austin Hooper and right tackle Jack Conklin.

Hooper was the first to agree to a deal and was on 92.3 The Fan when word of Conklin’s agreement broke. With Conklin joining an offense that already has Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry and David Njoku, Hooper said he thinks the offense “on paper, it’s pretty scary.”

“Already having David in place there, just the ability to have both of us just create some different matchup problems for the defense and especially with the two monsters Cleveland already has on the outside, the four of us out there together we’ll be hard pressed to find a defense that could play man-to-man against all four of us across the board,” Hooper said.

All of those pieces surround quarterback Baker Mayfield as he comes off a rocky second season in Cleveland. Hooper said he believes in Mayfield and called his presence one of the reasons he wanted to sign with the Browns for an attempt to finally make the team look good on the field rather than just on paper.

44 responses to “Austin Hooper on Browns offense: On paper, it’s pretty scary

  1. Actually no it isn’t. A possession TE like Hooper does nothing to add to the “scary” factor.

  2. Yeah…. and on paper they were going to the Super Bowl in 2019

  3. It’s even scarier to watch live… Like a dumpster fire rolling down hill.

  4. LOL. I don’t think a QB who threw for 22 TD’s, 21 INT’s, and had a QB rating of 78.8 is scaring anyone.

  5. Baker can better himself with an arsenal of weapons, by laying off the cheesecake and hitting the gym.

  6. and in real life, it’s not. look forward to you guys *winning* the off-season again. paper champions.

  7. The Browns are always scary on paper but never seem to have the right leadership on the sidelines, front office or locker room.

  8. He is right – but this team showed last year if you can’t stop taking penalties and play as a team, you wont do anything.

  9. Well this year’s season may only be run on paper anyway – or on a PC with a good antivirus.

  10. They remind me of the Niners before Harbaugh showed up. Very talented, but not coached well. If Stefanski can coach them well, they’ll be dangerous, and the haters will hate, like they always do.

  11. The 2019 Browns showed that with the right group of players, a team can accomplish anything. Even nothing.

  12. Hilarious. Walks through the door and immediately becomes another big mouth Cleveland player.

    They all said the same stuff last year and the childish players and coaches were quickly exposed once the games were actually being played.

  13. Any time Mayfield is part of the equation, it may be correctly seen as “scary”…

  14. Talk, talk….another sub .500 season for Cleveland. Browns be the Browns……..

  15. Remember when Vince Young thought that the Eagles had a dream team. The hype is so real though hahahahaha.

  16. Just like last year, things will look great and then they’ll play a real game and OBJ will only makes 2 catches while creating a distraction with some fancy new watch.

  17. Many fail to understand just how bad Barney/Norm/Freddy Ate the Kitchens sink was. Games lost due to horrible play calling: 1. Broncos 2. Seahawks 3. Steelers This is the same guy that took a delay of game, not to use a timeout. Games we stood no chance at winning due to horrible play calls and coaching (mind you players giving up on coach) 1. Bengals 2. Patriots 3. Rams 4. Cardinals

  18. I like “scary” better than “pick your poison”. They really beat that cliche to death last year.

  19. With all the superior quarterbacks available, it might be a good time to dump mayfield and get someone who can handle a starting qb role.

  20. “on paper, it’s pretty scary.”


    For teams like the Cowboys and now Browns you still got to put it
    all together in the playoffs that’s if you even make it. So far all
    the HYPE is getting long winded and mostly boring. Two Fantasy football
    teams until proven otherwise.

  21. What happens when one of those players isn’t getting enough touches. There is no excuse for Baker to have a bad year.

  22. The Browns roster scary? Sorry, couldn’t figure it out before you and I doubt they will figure it out with you.

  23. Games are won and lost in the trenches. Until they fix the offensive line, all the weapons in the world will not help them.

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