Bears checking out possibility of Andy Dalton trade

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The Bears have tried to say the polite things when it comes to the future of quarterback Mitchell Tribusiky.

But it’s clear by the number of options they’re exploring already that the former first-rounder’s job is anything but secure.

According to Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears have reached out to the Bengals about the possibility of a trade for Andy Dalton.

Dalton’s about to be rendered moot in Cincinnati, by the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, presumably LSU’s Joe Burrow.

But the 32-year-old Dalton has a relationship with Bears offensive coordinator Bill Lazor from their days together with the Bengals, so he’d be a quick study.

Coupled with the Bears sniffing around Nick Foles (possibly solving one of the Jaguars’ problems for them) and their early interest in Teddy Bridgewater, it’s clear that the caliber of quarterback they’re looking for is “established starter.”

That’s bad news for Trubisky, the guy they once traded four things to move up one spot in the draft to acquire second overall. They wouldn’t say whether they were even picking up his option for the fifth year of his rookie deal, so if he feels secure at all, it’s not because of the messages they sent him.

11 responses to “Bears checking out possibility of Andy Dalton trade

  1. I love the bears, but Pace is quickly heading for the exit door. Graham and then Dalton and vomiting in the street!

  2. This is nothing new for Da Bears. All is right in the world when the Bears make bad decisions. The QB position has been a problem for the Bears since the NFL started.

  3. Tom has made his decision. Chicago needs to pick up the pace before NE grabs him. AD is a class act and hope he goes to the Bears. It would be a good fit

  4. Andy Dalton is a 10-12 game winning QB with this Chicago Defense. The guy is a classy man with great character, who, can play ball. Your criticism comes from the only coverage the Bengals ever get. Especially if you’re listening to Florio… Nega, Nega, Negative… They were AJ Green away from not having these 4 non-winning seasons in a row

  5. The fact that Bridgewater would even be considered over dalton is laughable. Teddy is a career backup who can’t throw the ball 15 yards down the field in a dome, you think he has the arm to sling it I. The windy City in November-December? Dalton has 5 playoff appearances, 200 tds and 70 career wins. TB’s career best tds in a season (14) and that is the ONLY time he’s ever started 16 games in a season. So what are we talking about here?

  6. Dalton is awesome as long as he gets protection. If your OL is good Chicago, you will have one of the top QBs in the league.

  7. Mitch has shown after three years he is a loooooong way from being an “established starter.”

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