Bengals agree to terms on three-year, $42 million deal with Trae Waynes

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The Bengals are making a splash.

After franchising receiver A.J. Green earlier in the week, they agreed to terms with nose tackle D.J. Reader and cornerback Trae Waynes on Tuesday.

Both rank on PFT’s list of top-100 free agents.

Waynes will sign a three-year, $42 million deal with the Bengals, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The contract includes $20 million in the first year.

Waynes, 27, has never made the Pro Bowl.

In Minnesota, he played 74 games with 53 starts in the five seasons since the Vikings made him the 11th overall choice.

He leaves the Vikings with 247 tackles, seven interceptions and 42 pass breakups.

27 responses to “Bengals agree to terms on three-year, $42 million deal with Trae Waynes

  1. Not worth it. As someone who has watched every single game he had played for the Vikings, for every good play, he had many more bad ones whether that was holding or PI. He got beat often, and I’m glad he’s not taking up a roster spot on my team anymore.

  2. Man I was so happy when we drafted him, but he never became more than a servicable CB2.

  3. I hope he’s better then Dennard who signed with the Jags for less then half of this deal.

  4. Waynes developed slowly and became an average cornerback. That’s not what you expect from the 11th overall pick or from a $14 million free agent. I’m sorry to say that Holton Hill, or whoever else they get to replace Waynes, will probably do just as well.

  5. He was an average CB for the Vikes, below average if you consider his draft slot. He ended up being an above average run defender and a decent tackler. For the most part, he seemed to stick close enough to the receivers he covered, but never had decent ball judgment skills, with the WR always beating him to the ball even if he was in position. There must be a CB premium right now, as Waynes is average — is $14M/yr the going rate for an average NFL QB? If so, sheesh. Clearly he signed for the money, cause he isn’t going to be in the playoffs anytime soon with that team.

  6. As someone who’s watched every NFL game of Trae Waynes’ career you are majorly overpaying him. like at least $4-$5m, he is not a top flight corner. not even close. He is however a holding and pass interference machine, so get ready to be frustrated.

  7. He developed into a good but not great cornerback. It was pretty expected that someone would break the bank on him. Probably a wise move for the Vikings to let him walk.

  8. Great tackler, and I mean great! However, he made tackles after he gave up the reception.

  9. It is absolutely hilarious to read comments from Viking fan’s when a Viking free agent signs some where else. When they were Vikings, the fan’s comments made them all pro’s, best at their position, etc. Now that they are gone they are holding, P.I., and other penalty machines. Just exactly what the rest of the NFL fan’s have seen for years.

  10. All-American Voltron says:
    March 17, 2020 at 6:07 pm
    As someone who’s watched every NFL game of Trae Waynes’ career you are majorly overpaying him. like at least $4-$5m, he is not a top flight corner. not even close.
    Lol, I know he isn`t top flight but neither is 14m for a CB anymore. Byron Jones hasn`t intercepted a pass in over 40 games and just got 18.5 and if you had watched every game of Dre Kirkpatricks career you would see why it`s an upgrade after they release his 11m cap hit. 2 NT have signed for 13m the last 2 days. Salaries are different with the cap at 200m

  11. @gopackgocausecowboysblow

    Ya’ll said the nicest things about Brett after he left.

  12. @flashpatterson…..Trey Waynes’ value was highest 1 second before the draft pick was wasted on him. Terrible CB. But, I guess the Bengals have to spend money on somebody.

  13. sorry to see him go but there are teams out there that overpay for others FAs. (especially for pass rushers) Nothing else you can do.

  14. Vikings should reap a 3rd round compensatory pick next year for this loss. He was solid, but not worth what the market is paying corners these days, especially with the Vikings cap situation. He has improved each year, but never really “got it”.

  15. Minnesota cut half their starting defense because they had to overpay the master fraud Kirk cousins who is no better than the 13th qb in the league. Now they have nothing but bad things to say about them. Real classy, you deserve everything you’ve been getting from the pack the past 50 years.

  16. As a Vikings fan that is money we can’t afford. I will say he is a tackling machine and worth the money other teams have.

  17. When you are paying Kirk $32 million a year you have no money left for Trae. Sad I wanted the Vikings to resign him.

  18. Meh. PFF has solid (not great) grades on Waynes, and he was part of some very good defenses. Bengals fans know Zimmer wouldn’t start some scrub. So I’ll take some of theses salty comments from Vikings fans with a grain of…salt.

  19. Hey Barney trolls, I doubt you realize that in your rush to inflate your already over-inflated sense of self-importance by posting a comment being critical of Waynes’ manner of play, you’ve inadvertently admitted to your team resorting to cheating to win?

    Minisoda – Where life is a daily exercise in self-delusion.

  20. I’d like to think Wayne’s still hasn’t peaked. But unfortunately for Bengals fans, I think we have seen his best already. Pretty sure the Bengals are going to regret this.

  21. Trae can be a great role player in a good defense. Above average tackler, really can help set the edge in the run game. Average to below average cover corner. Essentially, great covering go routes and below average at everything else. Poor ball skills as well, many times he is in great position, but fails to make a play on the ball, or gets to handsy and draws the flag.

    In the end, with their cap situation, its the right move for the vikings to walk away. Trae can be a useful player if put in the right scheme. Not a bad move for a cornerback needy team with $ to spend.

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