Blake Martinez reportedly agrees to three-year, $30 million deal with Giants

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The New York Giants have reached an agreement with former Green Bay Packers inside linebacker Blake Martinez, according to a report from the NFL Network.

Martinez is set to receive a three-year deal worth $30 million, per the report.

Martinez has racked up tackles at an impressive rate over his four seasons in Green Bay. He’s played in every game for the team over the last three seasons and recorded 144, 144 and 155 tackles in each of those seasons. He’s played in a total of 61 games with 57 starts since being drafted in the fourth round out of Stanford in 2016.

He has 512 career tackles, 10 sacks, 17 pass breakups and three interceptions and comes off a season where he led all linebackers in solo tackles with 114.

10 responses to “Blake Martinez reportedly agrees to three-year, $30 million deal with Giants

  1. Pretty big loss for Green Bay. One of the few guys who I seemed to notice on that side of the ball for them last year. That is a steep price tag, though.

  2. Not sure that Martinez is an every down backer, but he’s solid. Is he worth that money? Don’t know, I’ve always felt that he’s best as a 3-4 guy because you’d need another fast linebacker to cover for him in passing situations, but he’s not out right bad at his position.This will be improvement in the Giants’ run defense though which was lacking, so we’ll see how it pans. I do see them playing more nickel coverage this year, and they are in need of CB help to make that happen. Pass rush improvement, which they figure to prioritize in the draft, will be critical to making these moves work.

  3. This will be another guy the Packers let walk that turns out to be a star somewhere else. This was a great pick up for the Giants. You’ll see.

  4. He always seemed to be in the middle of everything. Well, time marches on. Looks like Bulaga is gone, too.

  5. One-Dimensional LB.

    I am kind of surprised.

    He is good at making tackles 5-10 yards downfield, but he is not a downfield/attack LB, and he cannot cover.

    He is a Good Tackler, but I am not wild about this move at all.

    Hopefully I will be proven wrong…

  6. I always thought Martinez was 20 years too late to the NFL. Slow-moving, instinctive tackling machines are no longer the best fit in today’s defenses, which need more nimble MLBs capable of pass coverage and side-line to sideline run coverage. The guy was a liability in pass coverage and often a step late in run coverage. MLBs should not only lead the team in tackles, but also be capable of covering RBs and TEs. $10M/yr is too much for a dinosaur.

  7. stellarperformance says:
    This will be another guy the Packers let walk that turns out to be a star somewhere else. This was a great pick up for the Giants. You’ll see.

    Bet he won’t. As another poster said, Blake Martinez is another A.J. Hawk.
    He’s a good guy, smart, knows his assignments, and is a good tackler who racks up a lot of them. But he’s wince-inducing slow, can’t cover tight ends or backs — downfield or sideline-to-sideline — and a great many of his tackles are made several yards on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage.
    Even purpleguy got it right: He’s a “dinosaur” whose skill set might have made him a star in the 1970s, but doesn’t translate well to the modern game.

  8. I wish he was bigger, faster, quicker and longer. But he isn’t.

    Teams made him cover quick backs and bigger TEs and he wasn’t very good at it. He knew it and we knew it. The dejection on his face was visible every time some little RB ran wheel route over the top of him or he tried to cover a TE down the seam.

    If some team can figure out how to over for those deficiencies he’s a good player, but in the NFL today, it’s not hard to force that on a defender.

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