Inside the Byron Jones deal

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The man who set the world record in the broad jump at the Scouting Combine has leaped past the top of the cornerback market.

Four years ago, Josh Norman pushed the cornerback market to $15 million per year, and it hasn’t really gotten past that. (Apologies to Xavien Howard.) Now, Byron Jones has blown past it.

Per a league source, the contracts that Jones will sign with the Dolphins has a value of $82.5 million over five years. That’s an average from signing of $16.5 million per year.

Here are the details:

1. Signing bonus: $15 million.

2. 2020 salary: $11 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2021 salary: $14 million, fully guaranteed.

4. 2022 salary: $14.375 million, guaranteed for injury only at signing; $6 million is also guaranteed for skill/cap, and that remaining $8.375 million is guaranteed for skill and cap on the fifth day of the 2022 league year.

5. 2023 salary $13.5 million.

6. 2024 roster bonus: $1 million, due on the fifth day of the league year.

7. 2024 salary: $12.425 million.

8. Workout bonuses: $100,000 in 2023 and 2024.

9. Per-game roster bonuses: Up to $500,000 per year in 2023 and 2024.

So the deal has $46 million fully guaranteed at signing, with another $8.375 million guaranteed for injury through the first two seasons. And it’s definitely the best deal ever signed by a cornerback.

13 responses to “Inside the Byron Jones deal

  1. This is crazy! He’s getting Gilmore money and is nowhere near the DPOY in terms of quality.


    I love it! Cap hell already in place!

  2. He was good in Dallas sad to see him go but he will never see that money at the end of the contract. A lot of Cowboys leave for greener grass then end up wishing they stayed out. Ask Swain

  3. Somewhere Byron Maxwell is snickering. So how much of this contract will be dead weight in the future.? I’d say they cut him loose in the third year.

  4. We Cowboy fans need to understand something. Jerry Jones has a 5 year plan on his mind. He signed Mike M for 5 years. Signed Cooper for 5 years. Wants Dak to sign a five year contract. He obviously have Mike a 5 year promise. The defense is being stripped of good players. Quinn is gone also. Hopefully Mike can get D law to decide to play again. These huge contracts to players who get paid the disappear are what kills this team

  5. Another HORRIBLE move by an inept front office… 4-12 at best. I actually was reading articles if Miami could overtake the Pats now that Brady is leaving. They won’t be overtaking even the Jets..

  6. Byron Jones started out at safety for the Cowboys his first 3 seasons, but by the
    3rd season was sharing the starting position due to being one of the worst safety’s
    in pro football. His 4th year he had a bounce back year at CB and had his best year.
    His 5th year he had Hip surgery pre-season and had an ok year headed to free agency.
    This is a the classic example of an overpay.

  7. Everyone likes to spew hate on other teams (not me anymore), but the bottom line is Jones is a versatile, talented player who earned a big payday. If he plays well, the team will have two solid corners, which gives Flores different options on how he can attack the offense.

  8. gromit45 says:
    March 17, 2020 at 5:53 pm
    But they let (the better player) Minkah Fitzpatrick go???


    Minkah asked to be traded. Both Coach Flores and GM Chris Grier begged him to stay. He didn’t want to play multiple positions. Coach Flores decided he didn’t want disgruntled, entitled, crybabies on his team, so they shopped him.

  9. Some dumber than usual comments on here, which takes some doing.

    You can’t get to cap hell when contracts are frontloaded or evenly weighted across every year. None of the FAs the Fins signed so far are backloaded. Why? They had $100 million and there is a payroll floor, not only a cap. They have to spend some cash.

    Some of these FAs will not work out. It happens to every team in FA, and just as much in the draft. But the Fins have nine first and second round picks the next two years. Those guys will still be on rookie contracts two and three years *after* all the guaranteed money is gone from the 2020 FA class. And with so many picks, they don’t all have to work out. If they hit on five of the nine early draft picks, and four of these eight free agents, that completely changes the team in two offseasons.

    All the FAs are in their 20s, most 25 or 26 except old man Van Noy at 28. The defensive players also all fit into one coherent scheme. They aren’t just random guys who were good on five other teams running five totally different systems.

    If you can’t see the relative increase in competence between the Grier/Flores plan and previous Dolphins managements, you must be blind. They will make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Byron Jones may be a mistake or he may ball out for the Dolphins. But whatever he does, it doesn’t change the fact that intelligent leadership is in place for the first time since Jimmy Johnson. So laugh at the Dolphins while you still can, cause they are on the upswing.

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