Packers tender Allen Lazard

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The Packers have a pair of wide receivers who are exclusive rights free agents this offseason and they’ve tendered both of them.

Word of their tender to Jake Kumerow on Tuesday morning has been followed by Allen Lazard‘s agent announcing that his client has been tendered as well. The tender keeps both players from soliciting outside offers and leaves them on track for another year in Green Bay.

Lazard entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2018 and the Packers signed him off the Jaguars practice squad late that year. He appeared in one game in 2018 and every game last season.

Lazard had 35 catches for 477 yards and three touchdowns in the regular season. He added three catches for 36 yards in the postseason.

17 responses to “Packers tender Allen Lazard

  1. I expect the Packers to be adding new faces to the WR corp. They have Adams and a bunch of guys like this one.

  2. Lazard needs to be moved to TE and PLAY. He’s already one of their best pass catchers, be awesome at tight end.

  3. Lazard is a very good player who is also a battler. He’s had to make it to the NFL the hard way and is only going to get better.
    I’m glad he is coming back along with another guy the Packers tendered — Jake Kumerow. They are both lunch bucket type guys who make plays.

  4. ariani1985 says:
    March 17, 2020 at 1:34 pm

    Wow, amazing stats!

    Those stats would have placed him 2nd among Viking wideouts in Loserville.
    But, as we all know, wins are the only thing that truly matter.

  5. Alien Lizard can take a huge step forward this year. The Packer receivers and the quarterback all outperformed whatever the Vikings tried at the same positions, and now they don’t even have Diggs. The Viking rebuild taking place may not gel in time to save Zimmer.

  6. Let’s focus on the article people. This is good for Al and for the Packers. They discovered what e reunify in Iowa already knew. The kid can play.

  7. Buried on the depth chart thru camp and rose to the challenge when Rodgers NEEDED somebody to throw to… good for Lazard. Will enter camp as WR2 or WR3 and force others to beat him out.

  8. I suppose when you compare his stats to to 23rd overall Laquon Treadwell, yes they ARE amazing, and with Diggs finally getting his wish of getting out of Minnesota, the Vikings may end up with Treadwell for a few more seasons.

    While the Vikings do get several picks back, they need to hit on WRs and keep them happy, and that seems be an issue in the offense the Vikings coachess feel the desire to use, which I find werid because you don’t make a QB the highest paid player in the league toss 10 screen passes and hand it off 35 times a game.

  9. This will be a big season for Lazard, Kumerow, and Tonyan.
    All 3 have exhibited good play much of the time. But not always.
    Lazard – if he shows he can continue to catch the tough throws,… he will get a multi year deal.
    Tonyan – He has to stay healthy. He’s got great hands. Needs to work on blocking and routes.
    I think he has a lot of promise. It’s a make or break year for him.

    Kumerow – Needs to stay healthy. He has the size and speed. Needs to work on separation in running routes.

  10. Alan Light says:
    March 17, 2020 at 4:37 pm
    Tagging and Tendering are the only ways to keep players in Packerland…sad, really.

    …..and yet, the Packers are better than the Vikings.

    How does that make you feel?

  11. Alan Light says:
    March 17, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    Tagging and Tendering are the only ways to keep players in Packerland…sad, really.

    C’mon Cheese, you just had your best player throw a complete fit, stomp and kick his way out of Minnesota because he hated the place so much.

    All that despite the fact they were paying him quite well to put up with the stagnant, losing stench that permeates that organization.

    In fact, he hated it so much, that he’s perfectly content to play for, and be a part of, the Buffalo Bills. The Freakin’ Buffalo Bills!!!
    Let that sink in.

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