Three years, $63 million for Teddy Bridgewater

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It took a while, but Teddy Bridgewater finally has gotten his payday.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Bridgewater’s three-year deal with the Panthers pays out $63 million. Of that amount, $33 million is fully guaranteed.

That’s $21 million per year, the figured cited here on Monday when Bridgewater originally was linked to the Bears.

A first-round pick of the Vikings in 2014, Bridgewater was poised to break out in 2016 before a freak knee injury wiped him out for all of that season and the next. He has served the last two seasons as a backup to Drew Brees, going 5-0 as a starter in 2019.

The financial commitment to Bridgewater makes it obvious that the Panthers won’t be keeping long-time starter Cam Newton. If they can’t trade Newton (and they’ll have a hard time doing that, given his next team’s inability to give him a meaningful physical), he’ll likely be released.

12 responses to “Three years, $63 million for Teddy Bridgewater

  1. I have no doubt that at some point in Year 2 of this 3-year deal, Teddy will prove his ability and durability, and get a long-term extension and join the $30m club.

  2. Why? I never understood this love for Bridgewater. He’s only ever been just OK. Never great. Andy Dalton is more accomplished yet somehow people always act like Bridgewater was a Star with the Vikes before injury. He was nothing special for the saints filling in for Brees last year.

  3. Crowd Frenzy for Teddy. Strike while the iron’s hot. In the right place at the right time.

  4. Career high td passes in season 14! What is the big deal? Weak arm, ok mobility, terrible durability.

  5. The Vikings have to be kicking themselves for not having the guts to roll with Bridgewater after the injury and getting themselves into this Kirk mess.

  6. I’m glad that sticking with the Saints that extra year landed Teddy this payday. He’s not a high scoring prolific passer. That said he is a perfect fit for the Panthers offensive style.

  7. I liked Teddy, I think everyone did. Class act and I always thought he played well under pressure. But I was never convinced he was a top tier QB. His arm strength was below average and he had trouble being accurate when he had to throw a deep ball. With that said, I hope he does well, he’s a stand up guy.

  8. Teddy told the Vikings he’d stay with them if they’d just see him through his injury and rehabilitation and paid off his grandmother’s ‘96 Buick Century Coupe’. So what happened?

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