Dolphins off to very aggressive start in free agency

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Last year, all the talk surrounding the Dolphins in the offseason was about players they weren’t signing, moves they weren’t making and a general sense that they were tanking.

No one can make that accusation against the Dolphins this year.

Miami has been perhaps the most aggressive team since the “legal tampering” period got NFL free agency off to its unofficial start on Monday. The Dolphins have already added three players on our list of the Top 100 free agents: No. 13 cornerback Byron Jones, No. 39 defensive end Kyle Van Noy and No. 50 defensive end Shaq Lawson.

Miami also spent big on offensive lineman Ereck Flowers and edge rusher Emmanuel Ogbah, plus adding running back Jordan Howard, safety Clayton Fejedelem and linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill to contracts that were more modest but were still strong enough that the players agreed to them quickly.

In an AFC East that will be changing dramatically with the departure of Tom Brady, the Dolphins think they’re ready to compete now. After decimating their roster last year, the Dolphins are aggressively rebuilding this year.

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  1. GM Chris Grier knows his career hinges on this offseason. We already know Brian Flores can coach. He was signing players off waiver wires, throwing them out onto the field and they were able to help the team become competitive down the stretch. Building a team heavily through free agency is always a bad idea. You have to be able to make good on your draft picks to win in the NFL. One can argue that the Dolphins were so depleted on talent that they had to be aggressive in free agency. We’ll see. This season will definitely be interesting to watch with all the change that has taken place.

  2. You know, after 20 years straight of relevance, 6 Super Bowl titles, 9 AFC titles, 17 divisional titles, so many deep playoff runs, maybe someone else wants to dominate the NFL for the next 20 years…
    Ha ha, but nobody will. Thanks for the greatest run in NFL ( and possibly pro spirts) history Tommy, and best of luck in Tampa Bay.

  3. This is why most talk of “tanking” is nonsense. True tanking involves actually WANTING to lose for the payout, but the Dolphins didn’t try to lose…they just sold off present assets for future ones and didn’t engage in veteran spending that would go to waste. They didn’t tank; they just didn’t bother to PUSH towards mediocrity. Better to bank rollover cap money, have more snaps available for young players so you can see what you have, and THEN when the young foundation is better you can invest. That’s how a rebuild works, after all.

  4. No one really knows for sure how this will all pan out this season. Lots of new names for both players and coaches.
    2 years ago the Rams went from 4-12 to the superbowl with massive changes as well in one season. The Fins seem ripe to be that turnaround team in 2020. I’m not saying superbowl, but competitive in every game, yes indeed! 10-6 and playoffs with two more teams being added this year?

  5. Lol. I see now why it was recently reported that the Raiders were unlikely to sign Tom Brady

  6. If Tua is still there for them at 5 and he is healthy look out for these guys down the road..I still take a healthy Tua at 2 if I’m the skins.. He’s much better than Haskins and admitting your mistake and moving on to the next guy seems to have worked for the Cards so far

  7. Byron Jones is going to outperform his contract. Flores is about to make him a superstar. People saying he got overpaid when Trey Waynes gets 14 million a season and Robert Quinn robs a bank. Ill take Jones please.

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