Jags agree to trade Nick Foles to Bears

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Around this time last year, the Jaguars were celebrating the addition of quarterback Nick Foles as a free agent but the first year of his four-year deal didn’t go as planned.

Foles broke his collarbone in the opener, rookie Gardner Minshew played well and Foles struggled once he was healthy enough to return to action. That’s led the Jaguars to reverse course and part ways with Foles ahead of the 2020 season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bears have agreed to trade a fourth-round pick to Jacksonville in exchange for Foles.

Foles spent 2016 with the Chiefs when Bears head coach Matt Nagy was the team’s offensive coordinator. Bears offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was on the Eagles staff during Foles’ first Philly stint and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo were on the Philly staff for the second one. Those relationships may have helped pave the way to a deal that gives the Bears an alternative to Mitch Trubisky as their starting quarterback.

As for the Jaguars, they’ll be going with Minshew at quarterback and restocking their roster after dealing Foles, A.J. Bouye and Calais Campbell for draft picks this offseason.

79 responses to “Jags agree to trade Nick Foles to Bears

  1. And the Bears are still saying that they just want competition for Trubisky. Trust me, they aren’t paying Nick Foles all that money to be a backup.

    The Bears have totally given up on Trubisky and that is why this deal went down.

  2. Best news of the day. Didn’t dislike Foles, but his contract was a massive overplay by the Jags joke of a front office.

  3. I can see the Jags signing Jameis Winston. He’s an FSU guy and I don’t think they want to put all of their chips on Minshew.

  4. Great move for Mitchell. He will help him develop and does not want the job. Will perform when asked, but overall, will be supportive.

  5. Not bad. Maybe it lights a fire under Mitch, and gives the Bears a solid veteran in case anything happens to him.

  6. Not really a fan but I guess we’ll see. No playoffs, back to wiping the slate clean again.

  7. Ha ha, too bad, they got the washed up Foles. He’s not the same Foles who played for Philly.

  8. Foles will easily beat out Trubisky for the starting job. I’m happy. Defense will be stellar once again.

  9. Welcome Nick Foles! I hope you regain your old form, the way how you beat the Bears in the playoff.

  10. In a cruel twist of fate Foles tears up the preseason only to break his hand in the 2nd qtr of the first game forcing the Bears to go back to Trubisky.

  11. Much like Matt Flynn in Green Bay, Foles only plays well for the team that drafted him. Everywhere else, he just sucks.

  12. It isn’t his fault we overpaid him based on a magical run with a very good roster. But Foles has rarely if ever put together a full season. He’s the very definition of average and journeyman. It was a mistake to sign him to such a huge deal. Glad we got something for him and ready to watch this front office totally screw up this rebuild for the Jags.

  13. Mitch starts the season as QB1, this just means if at any time his play starts to decline, the leash is short.

    But did anyone see Foles play last season? He was not good.

  14. I will be fine with this if the deal was restructured. If the deal was not restructured, then this was a bad move.

  15. Anyone who thinks the problem with Trubisky is a lack of fire hasn’t been paying attention, it’s a lack of talent.

  16. Very UNBears-like, not a bad move. Cam Newton would’ve been a huge mistake and more in-line with a Pace move.

  17. A better fit for the Bears than Cam Newton or Bridgewater. Dalton might have been cheaper.

  18. Remember when everyone thought he was Joe Montana and the eagles should have kept him and traded Wentz? Another learning experience for casual fans.

  19. lalder95 says:
    March 18, 2020 at 1:41 pm
    I’m so tired of being a Bears fan…
    That sentiment pretty much sums it up for me.
    Ridiculous to have two QBs who can’t play the position.

  20. “He will help him develop and does not want the job. ”

    Lol what possibly makes you think Foles does not want to be the starter? Of course he does

  21. lethalcecil says:

    March 18, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    Are the Bears finally realizing what a massive mistake Mitchell Trubisky was?

    Possibly but their doing it by doubling down with a 2nd massive mistake.

  22. Nagy: “Nick, can you throw a football more than 10 yards in the air?”
    Foles: “Yes.”
    Nagy: “You’re are starter.”

  23. Whatever happens, Folks can move back to Philly and never pay for another meal the rest of his life.
    So he’s got that going for him.

    Which is nice….

  24. People forget Foles was a backup for a reason.

    Last year he reminded everyone but they weren’t paying attention.

  25. The Jags are eating just short of $19 million in dead cap towards the 2020 salary cap when they traded Foles. OUCH !!

  26. Get ready for your career to go directly into the toilet Mr. Foles. Happens to them all in Chicago.

  27. Foles is a good starter in fair weather, but his productivity seriously drops once he is playing in under 32 degree weather . . . I forget does it get cold in Chicago? Do the Bears play under a dome? Answer Yes it gets cold, no not a dome . . . that spells a good start to the season, at least 6-2 in the first half, then a substantial drop off and Bears fans are going to be like, what the eff is going on?

  28. Anyone who thinks the problem with Trubisky is a lack of fire hasn’t been paying attention, it’s a lack of talent.
    You could not be more wrong re Mitchell Trubisky’s talent – he has tons of it. What I see is a kid who plays way too cautiously. More playing time and an offense built around his strengths would help immensely. Some of his timidity is certainly on him – Mitchell, trust your gifts, you can absolutely be great!

  29. Philly’s still in denial. You can’t replace chemistry. Wentz & Foles together are what that team needs, and only that team can have.

  30. joetoronto says:
    Anyone who thinks the problem with Trubisky is a lack of fire hasn’t been paying attention, it’s a lack of talent.
    I agree. I feel bad for wanting Trubisky gone, since he is seems like a nice guy. I wish he had more accuracy.

  31. I think that Foles will eventually end up back in Philly. This year the Eagles appear to be committed to giving Nate Sudfeld a legitimate shot at being the #2.

  32. Codylaws says:
    March 18, 2020 at 1:54 pm
    Ha ha, too bad, they got the washed up Foles. He’s not the same Foles who played for Philly.
    Because he doesn’t have Frank Reich anymore.

  33. Ryan Pace and Bob Quinn=Dumb and Dumber. Matt Nagy and Matt Patricia=Dumb and Dumber part 2

  34. I thought the Jags signing of Foles was a truly stupid move, until I saw the money the Titans gave to Tannehill.

  35. This was the best move the Bears could have made considering the whole situation and who was available at the position. Foles did really good in Philly, so considering he will be playing in a very similar system, I can only see this move making the Bears better. At least next year they get their first round draft pick back and get a QB they can actually give time to develop.

  36. Have you ever noticed how often Frank Reich’s name is mentioned very positively? I am a long time Steeler fan, but my choice for a Super Bowl victory goes to Reich. And, it isn’t even close.

  37. I wish Foles luck in Chicago. He’s not a top-tier QB, but he’s gotta be better than Trubisky. He couldn’t be any worse?

  38. lalder95 says:
    March 18, 2020 at 1:41 pm
    I’m so tired of being a Bears fan…


    Cowboys fan here… hold my beer.

  39. Trubisky has been getting a bad rap due to having to play behind an inept OL and for a HC who wants him to be a pocket QB while not taking advantage of his great ability when on the move. Also, I don’t like giving up a 4th round draft pick and the amount of money the Bears have to pay Foles. I believe one of the many FA quarterbacks who are available would have been adequate as a backup QB at a much lower cost. If GM Pace was going to trade for a QB, I would have much preferred the Bears getting Dalton from the Bengals instead.

  40. “Will perform when asked, but overall, will be supportive.”

    Supportive as in he’ll give Trubisky a pep talk when the kid gets benched and then help him clear out his locker when he eventually is traded or cut.

  41. lalder95 says:
    March 18, 2020 at 1:41 pm
    I’m so tired of being a Bears fan…
    How about a Lions fan? It could be worse.

  42. Signing Foles seems like a bit of a desperation move by Pace. It’s waiving the white flag on Mitch whom he unnecessarily traded up for wasting two 3rds and a 4th. But he did it because he knows if the Bears don’t get back to the playoffs this season, he’s also wasting Khalil Mack’s best years and the multiple 1st round picks that he spent to obtain him. Meanwhile the Vikings and Packers aren’t going away so it’s a tough hill to climb.

  43. Be happy Bears fans, they have recognized their mistake and are moving on. Lots of organizations would refuse to admit it and keep starting him for 2 more seasons. Yes, the GM made a gigantic mistake but at least you’re turning the page.

  44. iowahbr says:
    March 18, 2020 at 3:51 pm
    so many moves – so little reason to so many of them
    What a perfect description of Nagy’s offense!

  45. Foles had a magical season with the Eagles, but lost his slipper on the way out of Philadelphia. The Bears are — once again — totally lost when it comes to finding a QB. Now what to do they do with Trubisky?

  46. I know the Bears fans must still be livid with how their team traded up to draft Tribisky when they could have remained pat and had Patrick or Desean. Too me that was the biggest draft blunder of the decade.

  47. Has any QB in NFL history had as many lives as Foles? Of course his magical run with Philly to the SB has only extended his perceived value. My guess is that, because of his big contract, he was rushed back from his collarbone injury which led to his mediocre play.

    NFL Teams: “The QB is the most important position on the team, but we will exercise no patience in trying to find our franchise QB! If a team does poorly it’s not the team’s fault, it’s all the QB’s fault.”

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