Nick Foles restructures contract with the Bears

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Nick Foles has restructured his contract with the Bears, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Foles, 31, still has three years remaining on his deal with $21 million guaranteed. But the quarterback now has the ability to void the deal after either of the first two years, depending on his performance, according to Schefter.

The Bears traded a fourth-round choice to Jacksonville for Foles, who could end up supplanting Mitchell Trubisky as the team’s starting quarterback.

Foles has familiarity with Matt Nagy, with the two having spent the 2016 season together on the Chiefs. He also has had Bears offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo coaching him previously in Philadelphia.

Foles started only four games last season and has only 13 regular-season starts over the past four seasons and 48 for his career. But he does have a Super Bowl MVP award.

13 responses to “Nick Foles restructures contract with the Bears

  1. I see great things for the Bears and Nick Foles. The Jags never gave him a real chance! He broke his collarbone and when he returned he was rusty.

  2. Am I reading this right, if he plays well he can void his contract and leave? Why on earth would Pace agree to that? That’s almost as dumb as picking Trubisky over Mahomes

  3. Foles was a Pro Bowl record setting quarterback in 2013. With the right coach and system he can be a starter

  4. I like the trade. Trubisky is a question mark and should be challenged for the job.

    My thought is Foles wins the job outright. He is loved in locker rooms and is a leader.

  5. The Bears just lost their back up QB ( Chase Daniel ) and picked up another to replace him.

    JJackwagon isn’t paying attention.

  6. If Foles wins the job over Trubisky, does Ryan pace get fired after the season?
    Or does he get another year for bringing in Foles?

  7. thewanderer says:
    March 18, 2020 at 3:28 pm
    Whom has Nick Foles successfully supplanted?
    MICHAEL VICK, 2013

  8. This is the ONE FA move Da Bears have made I like! We need to get behind the team now and stop sniping.

  9. @mantastic54, reading comprehension obviously isn’t your gift. Voidabe contract years are basically fake contract years. The details of the deal ain’t all out just yet, but the Bears basically restructured the deal in their favor.

    Foles will more than likely beat out Mitch. If he performs lights out, the Bears basically got the QB they needed for 15/20/20 (which isnt bad in todays market). If Foles feels he deserves more, the Bears can give more, or he leaves & Bears owe nothing.they’ll have a 1st round pick in if they stink, and they can grab a QB in the draft, and fa or via this year’s draft. All if Foles doesn’t want to stay.

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