Report: Jadeveon Clowney disappointed with lack of big offers

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Jadeveon Clowney heads into free agency this afternoon hoping some team comes along with a better offer than he’s heard so far.

That’s the word from Mike Garafolo of NFL Network who reports that Clowney, the defensive end/outside linebacker who played for the Seahawks last year, hasn’t seen an offer to his liking.

The Seahawks have said they’re interested in keeping Clowney, but apparently not at the price he was hoping to hear.

One issue facing Clowney may be that teams want to get a full medical work-up on him before making a firm offer. Last year Clowney played through a core muscle injury, and that’s the kind of injury that teams usually want to have their medical staffs look at before signing. With much of America on lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, getting players and team doctors in the same room isn’t as easy as it usually would be.

Clowney is the No. 12 player on our list of the Top 100 free agents.

51 responses to “Report: Jadeveon Clowney disappointed with lack of big offers

  1. Clowney can have impacts but Texans fans have stated there are games he disappears or is not healthy uneough to see the field.

    He had far more of an impact for Seattle than his 3 sacks. He was great against the run and commanded double teams on a team that lacked pass rushers. It still was only 3 sack though and he was asking for 20 plus million a year.

  2. Clowney had a couple of big games last year. He’s going to be disappointed when he realizes that teams are going to offer him something that is compensatory to the entire season of play, not just a couple of games.

  3. The Seahawks got burned once by a guy with a similar personality….Shaun Alexander. If they commit 85-100 million to Clowney, does he become a player that has little interest to stay on the field and play dinged up?

  4. Tremendous Athlete, he’s ALWAYS hurt though.

    He’ll have a Monster game, tweak something and miss 4-5 weeks.

    That does not make a 5 Year/$125 million player.

  5. It’s basically a reality check. You don’t produce, you’re not getting paid. Gotta stay healthy and produce!

  6. Clowney had the opportunity to go to Miami last year as Miami wanted him included in the Tunsil trade. He said he wanted to go to a contender and chose the Seahawks (His choice and I don’t blame him). Now he wants $$$, if that was his end goal he should’ve signed with the team that was going to have $100 million in cap space the following season and lit it up on a defense in which he would’ve stood out.

  7. His head is so big, he couldn’t find a phone large enough so he could field calls.

  8. Most teams dont like cheapshots, which you are. Most teams dont like slackers, which you are. Most teams dont like prima donnas, which you also are. Hmmm, therefore you sit disappointed. Have a nice day

  9. But, but, I want to be paid like a star without having to expend the effort or train that hard. I mean, I can’t get up before 10am!

  10. Moral of the story. When a college coach who would obviously want his players drafted high tells NFL teams that a player of his is lazy, don’t draft him #1 overall.

  11. You’re worth what the market says you’re worth. Maybe those better offers come along and maybe they don’t. He can be disappointed but at the end of the day…that’s just what you’re worth.

  12. Clowney has incredible talent. But he’s very similar to Ollivier Vernon. Plus defensive player. But a $10mm per year guy. He’s not a game wrecker like a Frank Clark, Nick Bosa type.

  13. Clowney is wanting to relive all the attention that he got prior to the 2014 draft. The problem is, however, that he never lived up to the expectations. So now he’s just another football player who is having difficulty accepting his mediocrity.

  14. As a Texans season ticket holder I have two observations: (1) Yes he always seems to be battling some minor injury – he’s the kind of guy that misses 2 games after getting shampoo in is eye (shout out to John McClain) but even worse (2) you can go 5-6 games with Clowney playing the entire time and he just disappears and you forget about him. Good, not great and damn sure not worth major bucks!!!

  15. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen him play. He takes off more plays than anyone I can remember. And if he’s not taking plays off he has yet another injury. No team is going to pay an egotistical, unmotivated, oft-injured player like him. Any deal should have per-game roster bonuses and incentive clauses. Maybe then he’ll start producing and live up to all that promise he had when he was in college.

    It seems to me I remember someone saying he was going to be better than Bruce Smith. Whoever said that owes Bruce Smith an apology. Clowney isn’t even worthy to carry Smith’s water bottle. Smith showed up every day and on every play and played hard. That’s not anything like what Clowney has become.

  16. Turns out, the Seahawks May have a legitimate shot at keeping him. That would be awesome. He is an elite player whose Sack numbers would have been much better if the DLine was better. Teams only had to worry about him. If a second big time disruptor was on the line, it would have been better.

    Fingers crossed.

  17. Seattle says they want him back but I think that is just someone being kind or hoping for a very deep discount. The Ansah-Clowney era was not a good one, and we are all looking to move on. Definitely not a repeat of the Bennet-Avril experiment

  18. I’m glad to hear the Seahawks won’t break the bank for him. He’s the most over rated player on defense I’ve ever seen. I thought Carroll could turn him around but I was wrong.

  19. He’s been offered over $1 million per game. As long as he shows up for that game. So, let me count, yep, that’s about $3.5 million a year. So, sure, I get why he’s annoyed, but the dude just flat out disappears at times.

  20. chawk12thman says:
    He is an elite player whose Sack numbers would have been much better if the DLine was better. Teams only had to worry about him. If a second big time disruptor was on the line, it would have been better.
    If an “elite” player needs a second “big time” player to make him “elite”, is he really “elite” in the first place???

    Asking for a friend

  21. Last season was the best effort anyone will ever get from him. It was a season long audition going into a 100% guaranteed free agency market. Clowney knows his own body, he probably also knows quite well he is injury prone hence why he takes plays off. He was healthy and balled out hard in the Monday Night Clara game and he wrecked it all night…along with giving himself a hernia. Buyer beware-

  22. If Bennett comes back and Clowney resigns, the Seahawks will potentially have a strong pass rush again.

  23. He will be signing a 1 year deal with someone. As the days go by in free agency the less likely that he will sign a long term deal.

  24. Why don’t you go drill another player with the crown of your helmet, JC?

  25. Two things, he is a better run stopper then passrusher, and he is often hurt. He doesn’t deserve a top money contract. I wish the Texans would have gotten more for him but I wasn’t sad to see him go.

  26. Clowney was already on the Seahawks last season 12thman so adding Bennett while losing Jefferson will somehow make a horrible pass rushing unit strong?

  27. I’m disappointed that no NFL teams have called me offering me a job too.
    Me and Jadeveon, both of us are sad.

    Poor guy, I hope he doesn’t starve if he has to settle for a $10MM contract.

  28. Clowney was injured with serious limitations last season. He played through it and I think many close to the situation know and appreciate it. Bennett is a difference maker that plays much more aggressively than Jefferson (jackedup) and would so much better than ziggy was able to produce. So yes; Bennett/Clowney would make for strong pass rush combo. Doesn’t mean you don’t need other D-Linemen to push and stop run, but the pass rush will be improved.

  29. In a perfect world Will Dissly would play 16 games and be 100% healthy and be an All Pro TE in 2020. Saying Clowney was playing hurt last year but will be 100% for 16 games next season meaning he will be twice the player he was in 2019 is a classic 12thman thought.

  30. I love hearing all the negative comments. Please make sure all the GM’s hear this too. Drive his price down under $20 for Seattle. Please!

  31. He is definitely a talent, but not worth 20 million plus, he doesn’t impact the game enough with the pass rush to command that contract! 3 Sacks and good against the run is solid but not break the bank worthy!

  32. There’s a solid reason why Seattle got Clowney for a year just giving up a 3rd and Houston paying half his 16 mil. The more I read the repetitive comments from Texan fans about how he gets dinged up and doesn’t play hurt starts to remind me of CJ Prosise. Sure, he fought hard last year because it was his lottery season to show out before his big contract but this guy has never had a double digit sack season. The top defenders are so good, they get sacks while they wreck plays in their sleep. I hope JC ends up signing somewhere else now and the Seahawks make a trade for a DE.

  33. Dude is still living off of his Draft Day highlight reel. He only shines when his supporting cast is strong, but he is ALWAYS getting hurt.

  34. This is the guy they said would become another Lawrence Taylor. Instead he’s more like Lawrence Welk.

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