Texans claim DeAndre Hopkins trade was only about money

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At a time when the country fails to agree on pretty much anything, the United States have become unified regarding the perception that the Texans are getting screwed in the DeAndre Hopkins trade. After two days of being the NFL’s collective pin cushion, the Texans are pushing back.

Ed Werder of ESPN, citing an unnamed Texans source, reports that the trade happened because Hopkins wants a new deal in the range of $18 million to $20 million per year, and that the relationship between O’Brien and Hopkins was “not an issue or a factor.” The unnamed Texans source also pointed to the team’s plan to extend contracts for both tackle Laremy Tunsil and quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The unnamed Texans source also contends that the trade offer received from the Cardinals was the “best by far.”

As with any trade, the team acquiring the player must balance the compensation to the team and the compensation to the player. The more the Cardinals are willing to pay Hopkins (and they will be talking about a new deal), then the less willing they are to give the Texans.

If these various claims and explanations are accurate, they should have been leaked on Monday. And they shouldn’t be leaked at all; someone from the Texans should be saying it on the record.

Bill O’Brien, now the coach and the G.M. of the Texans, may not care about the P.R. But he should. Only Patriots coach Bill Belichick is immune to criticism for personnel gaffes, because he has six pelts on the wall. Any other coach needs to be concerned about the connection between perception and reality — and about the reality that the failure to provide a prompt and persuasive explanation allows a perception to harden like cement, making it the kind of thing to which fans, media, and ultimately owners point when the question arises as to whether a coaching change is needed.

29 responses to “Texans claim DeAndre Hopkins trade was only about money

  1. Trade offer was the best by far? Did they even contact the Bills who gave up 4 picks including a 1st rounder for a lesser WR GEEZ.

  2. Come on. It’s never “only about money.” It’s about winning.

    Money may be factored into winning, and you use money as a means to winning, along with everything else.

    But to say it’s “only about money” shows how ownership in Houston is doing a colossal disservice to the fans, if that’s how they see it.

  3. This just proves you don’t need to be very smart to be a HC in the NFL. Pound for pound, arguably the best WR in the league and you blow it. Why don’t you run another Run play of RT on 3rd and 12 at mid-field, Bill?
    This catastrophe stinks of the Bill Belichick arrogance effect. You can’t fix stupid

  4. So what was a bigger O’Brien blunder? the fake punt against the Chiefs in the playoffs, or trading away Hopkins?

  5. Fans and media don’t write the paychecks. The only opinion that should matter to Bill O’Brien is that of the owner of the Texans.

  6. My perception is O’Brien is not a good coach/gm.

    Reality is O’Brien is not a good coach/gm.

  7. You barely got more for him than the Steelers got for AB, and that was during a fire sale.

    Terrible trade. Just own up to it.

  8. Should’ve traded him to the Bill’s and you’d have all kinds of picks

  9. Bufalo wasn’t going to pay Hopkins the money he wanted, plus give up what they gave for Diggs. Have people already forgotten that they said forget it when Antonio Brown wanted a lot of money? Remember, the Raiders didn’t give up a whole lot for Brown, but they paid him the money he wanted.

  10. If it was about money, then why did they take on another bad contract with David Johnson? A RB making that much money is another bad contract. Did O’Brien take lessons from Jerry Jones on how to be really bad at being an NFL GM? O’Brien was mediocre as a coach, now he is showing he is a really bad GM. Does he have pictures of the Texans owner being intimate with a goat or something?

  11. I wonder if Deshaun Watson will look more like Mitchell Trubisky with out Hopkins.

  12. As Maximus says to Commodus in Gladiator- The time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end. Pretty much what Texans fans will be telling O’Brien soon enough.

  13. Bill’s inability to control his emotions with his players have crippled the talent pool of this team. No way you can’t get a 1st round pick for Hopkins. The fact that he has the pr team attempt to explain his decision says it all.

  14. Bill Obriens next move is to trade Deshaun Watson to the Patriots for a handful of magic beans.
    He will then be fired and promptly hired by Belichick.

    “Welcome back BOB” says Bill.
    “Good to be back” says BOB.

  15. Speaking of Belichick, he never broke the bank for a WR. It’s a QB league. If we learned anything from Bill and those 6 pelts, it’s that you don’t win by paying WR’s a ton of money. We did learn that right? We do respect Belichick’s wisdom, right?

  16. “…Hopkins wants a new deal in the range of $18 million to $20 million per year…”

    Hell, even if that’s true HE’S WORTH IT! And you cannot say that about too many NFL players.

  17. I’m not a Johnson believer. But after the Texans resuscitated the career of Carlos Hyde, I’m changing my tune on the trade.
    But I still think O’Brien wears 2 too many hats as GM, HC, OC, play caller… no matter who he hires or what he says.
    On another note, they did get beaten handily by the Super Bowl Champs. So if he proves he can beat KC then maybe…

  18. Taking Hopkins away from Watson is crazy. Remove Hopkins in the Chiefs/Texans playoff game and KC might win by 40. In fact, take Hopkins off their roster and Houston isn’t even in the playoffs.

    Maybe adding a better RB creates more balance, but Houston scares no one now.

  19. This trade, and Clowney last year are all about B’OB’s inability to control his emotions.
    This guy also loses his ability to think clearly during big game after big game.
    I cannot think of one ‘big game’ he’s coached for the Texans where he has shined, its always a lopsided breakdown.

    He cannot handle the mental part of being a HC or GM, much less BOTH…

    -Texans Fans

  20. So it’s okay to absorb a bad contract on a lousy RB and go out and hire Randall Cobb from Dallas. Pay him $27M for three years. From what I’m hearing more than DeAndre. Let’s face Randall Cobb is no DeAndre Hopkins. He doesn’t even come close. A much better choice would have been Stefon Diggs. O’Brien has blown his chances for the playoffs. I just can’t believe the owner is just sitting back and allowing O’Brien to destroy this team. I won’t be surprised if more good players leave.

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