Vikings release guard Josh Kline

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Another team is erasing last year’s free agency mistake on the first day of free agency.

The Vikings announced the release of right guard Josh Kline.

Last March, he signed a three-year, $15.5 million contract.

He started 13 games, missing three with injuries, after joining them from the Titans. He spent his first three seasons with the Patriots, so he’ll probably end up in either Miami or Detroit any day now.

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  1. Interesting. If my numbers are correct, Kline has a $4.466 million dead cap hit so the Vikings will only gain about $1.6 million in cap space. I thought that would keep him here but they apparently weren’t satisfied with what he gave them. I’m hoping Dru Samia is ready to start this year and they replace Elflein with a low-cost free agent.

  2. Kline was terrible and he was still the Vikings best guard last year. Barring a trade for Trent Williams or Joe Thuney they might have the worst offensive line in football next year.

  3. I must have misunderstood. I thought he played very well according to the announcers but had multiple concussions. I suspect that the injuries were the problem because I thought he came with a modest price tag for a starter. I always heard Elflein was the problem inside with Bradbury needing to bulk up a little. I don’t hear much bad about him specifically although now that I think of it the inside Of the line got a lot of criticism and maybe he was lumped in there. Either way he is gone now.

  4. The Vikings remind me of the Falcons of a few years ago, just so close! But the Falcons actually got a LOT closer before they returned to the sewer

  5. My guess this move was made because the trust Samia and though the cap space is not a huge savings they likely needed this little extra for a potential signing we are not yet aware of.. juat speculating

  6. Wow, Rick Spielman can’t identify offensive line talent. His track record is absolutely abysmal. Brian O’Neil is the only quality olineman that Spielman has drafted since 2012. Riley Reiff is the only decent free agent acquisition I can think of and he’s nothing special.

  7. $22 million in dead money in 2020. 2 playoff wins in 6 years. Captain Kirk extended.

    “world-class” doesn’t describe what it used to, I guess.

  8. This move makes LESS SENSE than trading Diggs!
    Releasing Kline only gives MN less than $2M in cap space, yet hits them with nearly $5M in dead cap space

    What sense does that make??
    Even if they believe Kline is not starter worthy anymore, keep him for depth
    The $1.4-$1.6 cap space they get from this is very minimal!

  9. Baffled by this move. Relatively speaking he was our best interior lineman last year (I know, I know), but then there is all that dead money. He was clearly better than Elflein, so they must play on using their 2 #1’s on OG??

  10. Codylaws says:
    March 18, 2020 at 5:51 pm
    Every move Rick has made are only for the better, in Rick we trust.
    I hope he’s still around to pick the next QB & Oline for the Vikes!!!

  11. Winfield jr!!!If he becomes a viking…no matter what transpires in this offseason..draft etc…Its a win..

  12. What is with the talk about Trent Williams with some Vikings fans? The guy said he wants to be the highest paid OT in the NFL. That alone is enough to stay away from the guy. And he is 31 years old. Not an attractive combination. Why would the Vikings bother picking that guy up. Draft a starting OT in the first round.

  13. Kline is 30 years old, the Vikings are trying to get a younger team this year. He was just serviceable player for the Vikings last year.

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