Giants to sign Nate Ebner

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New Giants coach Joe Judge is signing one of his favorite players.

Nate Ebner, who was a core special teams player in New England the last eight years while Judge was coaching the Patriots’ special teams, is signing with the Giants, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The 31-year-old Ebner was on the U.S. Olympic rugby team in 2016 and has considered attempting to make the team again this year, although at this point no one can predict what the coronavirus pandemic will do to the Olympics, which are slated to begin in July in Tokyo.

Although Ebner’s listed position is defensive back, last season he did not play a single snap on defense. He played 71 percent of the Patriots’ special teams plays.

8 responses to “Giants to sign Nate Ebner

  1. I couldn’t figure out why BB was still carrying him. Not to be mean. Good STs player, but he’s nothing fantastic.

    This Malik Gant guy from Marshall is supposed to be a tackling machine. With JoeJuan Williams possibly moving to Safety, Brooks being groomed as Chung Jr, etc, it was overdue. Great story and everything, but keeping costs down by etting cheaper with STs players is the play here.

    My guess is Gant being a great tackler like Ebner is the reasoning. Another 2019 redshirted draft pick by BB.

    NE will be young, fast and loaded in 2020. People will be stunned like they were off the Lockout in 2011.

    This time, though, continuity is stronger.

  2. daddeeo says:
    March 19, 2020 at 10:24 am
    The league finally figured out how to beat the PATS. Pull them apart player by player.

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    We’ve heard that for 20 years. You just don’t get it.

    I used to say “no worse than 12-4 with Brady” for 10 years and I was right all along except for 2018 when they went 11-5, ironically due to a horrible start by Brady after skipping OTAs, but he got it together late, they used the run to help him and the D won the SB for the team.

    Now, I will say, assuming the progress info on Stidham is accurate, a proper run game, the great O Line NE has, good WRs, a very good/great D and STs, and a youth infusion coming in, no worse than 10-6 next year.

    I always calculated that BB would steal 2 games a year and so would Brady. Shave off 2 wins and bring it down to no worse than 10-6 in 2020.


    Wagers open.

  3. @daddeeo, it is worth noting that “the league” hasn’t beaten the Patriots yet… the season starts in September. Let’s wait and see how they fare then.

  4. I think @daddeo and @Tlylawpick6 are really starting to sweat. You forget the while you defend the Pats and come up with statements about 2 less wins without Brady. Your team was dismantled and let’s just say for a second that Belichek can fill these holes. You lost continuity and moreover the Dolphins, Bills and Jets all got much better. In the case of the Dolphins; they consistently beat your team with scrubs. Now they have a very improved roster and solid coaching. You are doomed. If you don’t believe it. Look at cyclic history. Buh Bye!

  5. Willy Sutton lost his best yegg to Tampa. He has to break in a new master cheater. Hard work.

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