Jameis Winston watches and waits

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Quarterback Jameis Winston had wanted to return to the Buccaneers. With the arrival of Tom Brady, that’s not happening.

So what’s next for the first overall pick in the 2015 draft?

For now, crickets. Despite some chatter linking Winston to Washington, John Keim of ESPN.com has reported that there’s “no chance” of a D.C. destination.

Most other teams know who their starting quarterback will be, or at a minimum they have candidates on the roster who’ll compete. The Chargers, who tried to get Tom Brady, could decide Winston represents an upgrade over Tyrod Taylor. The Patriots need a starter, but they’re keeping their cards close to the vest.

Unless he wants to wait for someone to be injured, Winston likely will have to settle for a backup job. Some have pushed the notion of Winston serving as the No. 2 behind Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. With Teddy Bridgewater leaving New Orleans, the Saints need a game-day backup for Drew Brees. And Winston would benefit greatly from watching and learning from Brees and coach Sean Payton, both in the short term and potentially over the long haul.

So would Winston welcome an opportunity to serve as someone’s understudy? After earning $45 million over the past five years, maybe he’ll decide to finally revisit his baseball ambitions.

It is one of my dreams,” Winston told Peter King last year regarding the prospect of playing baseball again. “It is something I would definitely look forward to.”

Still only 26, Winston could indeed launch a baseball career if he decides that the time is now to pursue that dream. Based on the offers he eventually receives, if any, he may have no choice but to choose baseball.

30 responses to “Jameis Winston watches and waits

  1. Jameis better get used to the waiting cuz it’s gonna be long one, and when the waiting is over it’s going to be an offer as a backup, and the money will probably be around 2-3 Million a year tops. NOBODY is paying that guy any serious money

  2. It would be crazy if he left to play baseball. I’ve never seen such an enigma. Off the charts Hall of Fame talent EXCEPT for the turnovers. But turnovers lose games!

    It would be like a pitcher that averages 12 strikeouts a game but, oh, he also gives up four homeruns, all at the worst times. Or the greatest Chef in the world, but oh, every tenth dish has e.Coli. It’s useless!

  3. Offer yourself to belichick on the cheap and rebuild your career! I think the flying elvis would look good on him .

  4. Camstinks,

    You’ll be surprised. Brian Hoyer makes 4mill a year. Keenum just signed for 6mill per.

    Jameis is going to get a decent deal, even as a backup QB. Teams pay backups. He comes with a little untapped upside.

    Pittsburg probably makes the most sense as long as he truly understands hes going in as the backup and has some things to learn.

  5. Winston would not survive a Bill Beli”chip” film session. I think it’s safe to rule out NE as a destination.

  6. It’s insane to me that he should quit football. Guy threw for over 5,000 yards & over 30 TDs. He’s big, athletic, & YOUNG. Coach told him to gamble, which caused him to throw 30 INTs…double what he averaged in his career.

    Gotta believe another coach can put him on the path to be a Top 10 QB in this league.

  7. He is not a complete bust and he arguably outplayed Marcus Mariota. If Mariota can get a backup job than Winston should be able to. Maybe New England. Maybe Miami. Hell maybe Jacksonville.

    Or Denver, where John Elway never met a 1st round QB he wouldn’t kick the tires on. Not like Drew Lock has proven anything yet.

  8. Winston isn’t an upgrade over any QB right now. This is a “take care of it” league. At best he is a 1-3 game a year option for when a team’s starter gets hurt.

  9. People still seem to forget that Washington still has Alex Smith rehabbing and supposedly close to full health. They take a $32M dead cap hit if he’s cut, and there really aren’t many destinations left out there if they’re looking to trade him. Especially in this climate, where just getting a physical is a challenge.

  10. No smart team would touch him. He’s been in the league five years and every year or two the Bucs thought a new coach could turn Winston into a good QB. It never happened. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and always expecting a different result.

    Also, those 5,000 yards don’t mean squat. Any NFL QB could rack up that many yards with those Tampa receivers IF interceptions didn’t matter. But interceptions do matter–they matter a lot.

  11. tedmurph says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:40 pm
    Pats starter on a cheap 1 yr prove it deal.



  12. He definitely could play in Washington next year…I hear the Defenders may be looking for a new QB!

  13. Outplaying Mariota is not a high standard. Based on wins, neither did well. Maybe Cam Cheating and the Rapist Winston can get on the same team and fumble the ball and watch someone else recover it. And on the next possession throw a pick six. These two would make wonderful football follies footage.

    You can’t make a bottom 10 QB into a winner. This clown has more tries at salvation than even Jesus could offer.

  14. If he ever wants to start again he needs to take a backup job and wait for injury or the starter to stink things up. If he could ever cut down on the INTs he could be a starter again. He does everything else except avoid turnovers but that is a huge “except” in the NFL.

  15. Jameis may be the only QB in history to have his first pass attempt and his last attempt ever for a team to be returned for pic sixes!

  16. Winston hasn’t shown any ability to get better since he’s been in the league. It wouldn’t surprise me if nobody is interested in him at any price. Better off taking chances with a journeyman instead of a guy who turns the ball over so much.

  17. After months of hearing reports that the Raiders weren’t sold on Carr and looking to bring in another QB, while both Mariota and Winston were both available, Mayock, Gruden and the Raiders on day 1 quickly snatched up Mariota…
    Mayock really liked MM coming into the draft and when he eventually had his pick between them, Winston wasn’t the better option…
    Winston still waiting like the last kid picked in elementery gym class…
    But he may even be left out of the league..

  18. You know who else was a turnover machine as a young NFL QB? Payton Manning! It’s true. Google it.

    I would sign Winston as a backup and have him learn from the sidelines. We know the arm talent is there. He just has to be safer with the football and make better decisions.

  19. Jamis will sign for a team that offers him the opportunity to start, or at least for the opportunity to fight for a start, You can’t argue with his yardage and TD success. It’s his interception that brings him down. Some team will take a chance. It could be the Chargers who need a QB.

  20. Another thing not being mentioned much is the off the field stuff. Besides the 30 INTs, the guy has been accused of rape, got caught stealing, sexually assaulted a Uber driver, etc. While he’s been clean the last 2 or 3 years that has to also scare teams away. The Bucs could never market him here because of that stuff.

  21. but but, he said he was balling and to check the sheet.
    figment of his imagination and con artist 1st class

  22. Why wouldn’t he just resign with us, learn how to read a defense from the goat. Learn how to be a professional starting QB from the goat. He can stay in his home state and he knows the system. Even JW knows that if you can get the goat you get the goat, it’s a business. He should sign a backup deal with the Bucs and sit and learn. Why go to Miami or Pittsburgh and throw another 30 picks for the year with half the talent around him??

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