Josh Gordon hopes to play this year

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Josh Gordon, the talented wide receiver whose career has been derailed by repeated violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy, wants to return.

Gordon is hoping to play this season, ESPN reports.

Whether he can or not depends on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who will make the decision on whether Gordon is reinstated from his current indefinite suspension. Although the new Collective Bargaining Agreement ends the policy of suspending players for positive marijuana tests, it does not provide amnesty for players like Gordon who were serving suspensions at the time the new CBA was adopted. Gordon will have to demonstrate that he’s committed to staying sober to convince Goodell to reinstate him.

The other question facing Gordon is whether any team will want him. Although he had an outstanding season for the Browns in 2013, and a pretty good season for the Patriots in 2018, he didn’t play particularly well in 2019, getting cut by the Patriots midway through the season and then managing just seven catches in five games with the Seahawks before he was suspended.

For his part, Gordon hinted that if he can play, he’d like to return to Seattle.

“Idk if I’m allowed to be a free agent, but if I was; I like those bright green uni’s,” Gordon wrote on Twitter.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll spoke favorably of Gordon after he was suspended, so Seattle might be the right place for him. But he can’t play anywhere without permission from Goodell.

20 responses to “Josh Gordon hopes to play this year

  1. Your ship has sailed man. I understand addiction. I have several family members who’ve battled it. But even they weren’t given 4,5,6 chances.
    Enough is enough. If you can’t chill you don’t deserve to be a millionaire playing ball

  2. He’s officially done playing in the NFL.I understand how Addiction can destroy a person life but you can only get so many chances and playing with Brady was literally a Gift and last Chance.He Blew it now he needs to find another path in his life.

  3. This cat used up all 9 lives. How could any team trust him? Hope he gets help.

  4. Thank you Michael David Smith for your relentless efforts posting this story at 3:58 EDT. Catch a nap.

  5. He was reasonably successful with Seattle last year. Wilson throws to receivers who get to where they are supposed to be on schedule (obviously before scramble-drill begins). He’s like Brady in that way, reading the defense and not the receiver. That means developing a deep trust relationship, and knowing plays cold. Coming in midseason, Gordon learned a handful of plays, and was the first time Wilson has had anyone who can run a “Patriots slant.” So Gordon was often used as a decoy, and drew tight coverage, giving other receivers just a bit more room.

    That said, they may not have much preseason learning time this year either, for other reasons.

    For comparison, look at the last pass of Brady’s Patriots career, the pick-6 against the Titans from deep in their own end. Sanu was a midseason pickup, never really learned the routes, and wasn’t where Brady expected him on that play. Look at the play and you’ll see Sanu doesn’t come back for the ball (and tips the route, too, with a crappy pivot, but that’s beside the point).

    That’s why QBs like Brady and Wilson make “pedestrian” receivers look good. They don’t need to watch the receiver come open. They know where the receiver will be when they look as part of the progression, and if the defense is doing certain things, then they already know the receiver will have enough of a window to catch a good ball. And they deliver good balls far more often than not.

  6. He just doesn’t get it. If you follow him on social, the guy is a gamer and he keeps hanging in the grey area. Highly doubt he will ever be able to stay clear of the substance that really keeps him down.

  7. kwjsb says:
    March 19, 2020 at 7:17 am
    Any team in a “Legal Pot State”?

    23 1 Rate This

    seattle is in Washington, or a legal pot state

  8. Your ship has sailed man. I understand addiction. I have several family members who’ve battled it.


    Battled what now? You don’t get addicted to weed it becomes a HABIT but it is not a physical addiction. Your body gets addicted to heroin and meth, cigs and alcohol…not weed.

    All you need is something to focus on and you can stop smoking weed easier than you can stop drinking coffee.

    There is no “addiction” to blame his positive tests on. Those are just life-choices.

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