Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila arrested, tasered after courtroom incident

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Former Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila was used to being double-teamed in his playing days.

Earlier this week, he was surrounded by 10 cops and subdued with a taser, after he refused a judge’s order to sign documents in court.

According to Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Gbaja-Biamila was arrested for contempt of court and resisting arrest after the incident Tuesday, which came during a hearing in his divorce case.

After Gbaja-Biamila refused to sign the paperwork, Judge Donald Zuidmulder sentenced him to six months in county jail for contempt. At that point Zuidmulder left the room and 10 Brown County sheriff’s deputies circled around Gbaja-Biamila, trying to get him to comply.

After being tasered and handcuffed, he eventually agreed to sign the paperwork, and Zuidmulder dropped the contempt charge, leaving the resisting arrest.

The 42-year-old Gbaja-Biamila, who played nine years with the Packers and finished with 74.5 sacks, was representing himself in court. He has argued in court that his religious beliefs were above civil law, and declared that even though he was born in California, “I am not a citizen of the republic.”

“I have to tell you, the law doesn’t operate that way,” the judge told him, before ordering him to sign the paperwork, which required a team of cops and a stun gun, after which Gbaja-Biamila was strapped to a chair for transport.

Gbaja-Biamila was released on bond later in the afternoon.

26 responses to “Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila arrested, tasered after courtroom incident

  1. What a fool; maybe the NFL should teach civics at the rookie symposium…

  2. I’m siding with the guy that guy tasered. He probably got fleeced in his divorce. Now she gets a free ride for doing and earning NOTHING. Equality indeed..

  3. Ugh… just another ex football player who thinks he’s a Cyberdyne systems model sent here to save John Connor.

  4. Refuse to sign a document or you’ll be surrounded by 10 cops, tased and thrown into a restraint chair lol. Talk about overkill.

  5. Wow. It’s unclear as to what the specific details of the paperwork was and the level of contempt kgb displayed.
    Either way, physically forcing someone to act in a court room environment is something of a solialist/commie move.
    If kgb was violent, he should’ve immediately been hauled off to a cell and given his right to a lawyer… which he should’ve gotten in the first place.

  6. This judge sounds more like like a mobster forcing the sale of a business, making him “…an offer he can’t refuse.”

    There’s no way that signing any paper is *that* important.

  7. He sounds like a nut case.

    But 6 months for refusing to sign a document?
    That seems way way too much considering what other people get for serious crimes.

  8. This has been an ongoing situation, a divorce, a contentious child custody battle, overshadowed with strong religious overtones, have led to several alarming incidents recently.

    A disagreement over which church the couple’s children should attend led to the arrest of two followers of Gbaja-Biamila’s church for possessing handguns and a knife to a Christmas concert.

    Gbaja-Biamila’s refusal to acknowledge the authority and laws of this country has been at the center of these issues too.
    I fear he is somewhat unbalanced, mentally.
    This has been a scary situation, and I hope for the safety for all involved.

  9. LOL, nutjob sovereign citizen act gonna get you tazed bro.

    Not a citizen of the republic? Good luck with that…

  10. KGB had agreed to sign over some investments in his divorce proceedings. He shows up in this court and says, “nope, not singing it. I’m a sovereign citizen and your laws do not apply to me.”

    He had previously agreed in court to the terms. No going back after you do that. No quoting of scripture or claims of immunity will change what he agreed to.

    KGB is a freak show. He actually needs mental health checks because he has gone off the deep end and he cannot swim.

  11. Most of these commentors dont know what really has been going down. KGB sent 2 of his cronnie nut job religious sidekicks to a church play that he didnt approve of with guns. This is just another article about how much KGB has been a menace to society in th epast 6 months. The judge has been very patient with him but KGB has not listened in any of his multiple court cases. Find the full article and it will amaze you how far this guy has slid into a “spiritual” dark place.

  12. Two of his poor white trash wack-job religious followers showed up at a Christmas program involving his children, wearing side arms, trying to intimidate school administrators during his child custody hearings. Ten guys surrounding this nut does not sound like too many.

  13. Mental illness for sure but the bigger lesson here is DON’T GET MARRIED.

    Men have no rights in family law.

  14. Not sure how an agreement signed under the duress described could possibly be considered binding. Florio?

  15. Viking fans please no comments about Biamila’s condition. You are not Packer fans. Leave them in the gutter themselves.

  16. cheeseisfattening says:
    March 20, 2020 at 11:56 am
    Viking fans please no comments about Biamila’s condition. You are not Packer fans. Leave them in the gutter themselves.

    And just what is his “condition,” Dr. Sanctimonious Cheese?

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