Rams are in Todd Gurley trade talks

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The chickens have come home to roost on a contract that, in hindsight, the Rams never should have given to running back Todd Gurley.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Rams currently are in discussions regarding a possible Gurley trade.

It won’t be easy. He gets a $7.55 million roster bonus that became fully guaranteed last year. His $5.5 million base salary for 2020 becomes fully guaranteed soon, as does a $5 million 2021 roster bonus.

So the Rams, who already have guaranteed Gurley $34.5 million for only two seasons with Gurley under this deal, now face another $10.5 million becoming fully guaranteed.

Trading or cutting Gurley would trigger a $12.6 million cap charge. That number could be reduced to $4.2 million this year and $8.4 million next year by cutting Gurley with a post-June 1 designation.

Keeping him entails a cap charge of $17.25 million for 2020.

Complicating the situation is Gurley’s knee. He’s not the workhorse he was when he signed the contract in June 2018, and his performance simply doesn’t justify his compensation. Thus, the Rams likely will have to pay part of his contract or send net draft-pick compensation to Gurley’s new team (like the Brock Osweiler hot-potato trade) in order to make a deal happen.

Also, it won’t be easy to get a physical conducted in the COVID-19 environment, and no team will want to trust a stranger to the organization to inspect Gurley’s knee properly before giving him a thumb’s up or a thumb’s down.

For Gurley, the deal represents two thumb’s up. If he’d waited one more year, he never would have gotten the money. For the Rams, it’s a deal they surely regret — and there’s likely no good way out of the corner into which the Rams have painted themselves.

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  1. Too bad about his knee, the guy was amazing and getting better before the knee flared up.

  2. Terrible contract for the organization. Whom ever consummated this deal should be tarred and feathered.

  3. It shows why teams are hesitant to give RBs huge contracts as most have very short careers due to injury.

  4. The Rams front office is not very good. They struck gold on a couple of players but they have really made a lot of mistakes since.

  5. So wait, now you are about to have 2 crappy teams move into a new $7 billion stadium? nice

  6. It seems like yesterday the Rams were in the Superbowl, could do no wrong and they had the greatest young coach ever. And now…

  7. phinsrebuild says:
    March 19, 2020 at 12:01 pm
    Terrible contract for the organization. Whom ever consummated this deal should be tarred and feathered.

    More likely they were rewarded…

  8. Given the structure of that contract, unless Gurley agrees to some sort of restructuring, there is no sane team in the league (I think…) that touches it with those guarantees. They have to cut him with a post-June 1 designation. They’re stuck.

  9. Oh, I bet they’re in trade talks. They’re probably calling every team in the league.

    This was a bad contract from day 1. No need for hindsight. No disrespect meant to Gurley, but running backs are always a risky investment.

  10. Buffoon Snead put the franchise future win total in jeopardy when he signed Gurley as well as Goof to high paid contracts.

  11. You guys asking why don’t realize the Rams will have to compensate whatever team acquires him.

    The Rams won’t be reasoning draft picks, they will have to include them.


  12. For what a case of hand sanitizer and TP with the Rams paying most of his salary. Sneed and McVay went all in for a Superbowl found out boy genius wasn’t so genius by the end of the season now it is going to be a few years of cap-hell and bad contracts, cough cough Goff. Hopefully Silent Stan sold enough PSL’s before the nose dive.

  13. I remember when the media people basically shamed the Rams into offering Gurley this ridiculous contract.

  14. if memory serves I don’t THINK he was injured when the deal was signed.
    Not sure though..

  15. Running Backs take a beating. Moreso than at other positions.
    Big contract extensions for RB’s are a big gamble.
    Some of the most contentious contract negotiations are with RB’s.

  16. I thought Ryan ‘teflon’ Pace was the only GM dumb enough to trade for Gurley. He doesn’t have the cap space, though, so who could it be!?

  17. Hell NO

    And, I don’t even need to see a physical exam results to reach that conclusion.

    We saw live that his situation is game to game….

  18. “Trade” meaning they would literally give him to anybody willing to take on his contract.

  19. So that explains the crappy new logo! Gurley got all the money so they had to hire a c-list marketing company!!!!

  20. The only team the Seahawks own in this division is Clara. The Rams and the Cards beat them atleast once every season and it’s annoying. Hopefully Wilson can keep up his one man band wizardry because Seattle would be a 5 win team without him.

  21. “Why would anyone trade for this guy?”

    Fair question, but there may be some takers on his contract if the Rams serve up a 2nd round pick and cash in return. Teams like the Bucs can pay while addressing a need, and address more needs on the cheap via the draft. My guess anyway

  22. Same happened to the Falcons. Win or lose the Super Bowl, the Parity Era gives you quite a hangover – in part because you still need to give your guys paydays, and getting headhunted, schedules etc. But also because in the Parity Era there’s less difference between teams so luck becomes a bigger factor. The best team overall might not win on the day and when the hangover hits a not-best team, they’re hamstrung even harder – see the Eagles most recently. This is why what the Pats’ve managed so amazing, and why salty teams invented deflategate.

  23. I’d contact the Texans. You could probably get Watson and a high draft pick for Gurley.

  24. He was damaged goods coming out of Georgia. Everybody knew his career would be short.

  25. The only way they can trade him is to eat some of the money he’s owed this year. Then his new team can just cut him next year before the roster bonuses are due. I can’t see some team spending nearly $10M in 2021-2023 for a RB with a degenerative knee. Most likely they will have to cut him and eat the $20M cap hit.

  26. Call Bill O’Brien, he’ll give you two 2nd rounders for him so he can pair him with David Johnson in the same unstoppable backfield.

  27. Umm, I think you’re mistaken. He and the Rams have consistently insisted there is nothing wrong with his knee. I honestly don’t know why you can’t just believe them. I mean, why would they lie?

  28. The cba and the rookie wage scale killed running backs the most !!!! These qbs take all the money and stay around forever

  29. I’m happy for his sake, because he’s set for life, but otherwise maybe the worst contract in NFL history.

    RBs do seem to have it somewhat worse. Seems reasonable to put them at a higher pay scale and to start seeing contracts with shorter time frames but more guaranteed money.

  30. why does anybody pay a rb anymore…they hit the holes harder when poor anyway

  31. If Todd’s Knee had held up, you are looking at a Hall of Famer.

    He could flat out play.

    But the knee is Chronic and his best days are likely behind him.

    I am a big time Gurley fan from his UGA days.

    But this is one of the things about the SPORT everyone here loves.

    The reality is the game is brutal, and having a sustained career, especially at RB is VERY difficult.

    Hopefully Todd can get that knee healthy and put a little run together here.

  32. Some RBs are harder to replace than others. Gurley was the best player on his team’s offense.

    Whatever you think about Goff as a QB it’s hard to argue he would’ve been better off if Gurley wasn’t there.

  33. Few front offices have 1) drafted better 2) done a better job at identifying talented undrafted free agents and 3) known when to let veterans walk. I’ll give them a pass on this one contract. They really had little choice.

  34. It’s a QB league and the Rams have a good QB. They’ll be fine. Gurley was a product of the system, so they will just plug in another RB. I feel bad for Gurley, but he’s set for life financially.

  35. I wouldn’t give up anything for Gurley.
    In fact I’d ask for a draft pick in addition.
    Or trade an unwanted player with a guaranteed contract.

  36. This will need to get done with the Rams including a sweetener (a la Osweiler to Clev). Although that involved the Texans and we know how good they are at trades. I can see Gurley going to a Team w/ a 2 to 4 end pick for a mid to late round pick. If they go to a Team in win now mode (T.B.) they may be able to massage that a little. Gurley would be OK for a year or two, but unfortunately I think when he is done it will be immediately … Not a slow down in production.

  37. Dont worry Los Angeles, the Seahawk, Cardinal, Cowboy, Steeler, Packer, Bronco, Chief, Jets, Patriots fans will love the extra home game and fill So Fool stadium

  38. The Rams’ leverage must be significantly limited here with the contract situation and the fact that Melvin Gordon is unsigned and will almost certainly be cheaper than Gurley from a contract standpoint.

  39. Another terrible contract they rewarded was to Jared Goff. They have or will soon regret that signing as well.

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