Rams release running back Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley
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The Rams couldn’t find anybody to take Todd Gurley off their hands.

(Presumably because Bill O’Brien already traded for a bad running back contract).

As a result, the team announced the release of their former workhorse running back.

Keeping him on the roster past 4 p.m. would have resulted in another $10.5 million in guarantees, and the Rams are clearly trying to cut their losses here.

Between knee problems and a general offensive malaise around him, he was no longer worth the four-year, $60 million contract they gave him less than two years ago, and now he’s on the open market.

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  1. I suggested this in an earlier post and got down-voted. The Rams really didn’t have a choice except to throw away more money on him.

  2. He signed a “dead weight” contract where if he didn’t really perform well the Rams would have have no choice but to cut him because nobody was going to make a trade for him since the day he signed it. I wish him health but he’ll never see a contract like that again.

  3. That’s sad … But even with his history there will be a handful of suitors looking to gain his services even if for a year or two on a part time basis … He’s probably received a call already from an 813 area code …

  4. Zeke thanks for Rams for messing up the RB market by grossly overpaying. Now the RB market should drop back down to around 10mil or so.

  5. The Rams obviously couldn’t fool anyone into thinking there were serious trade talks with anyone.

  6. I guess it’s a QB league. What round did Damien Williams get drafted? Melvin Gordon and Gurley were the top drafted RB’s that year. The top QB’s are the ones winning super bowls. This isn’t a big deal for the Rams. They have a great coach and a great QB.

  7. Him and David Johnson tore up the league over a 2 year span and just as fast as they took off they fell off. Sad

  8. Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be running backs. Kinda sad that a position that takes so much punishment, doesn’t get the paydays, contracts or respect like WRs.
    Gurley has had issues, but Henry was the driving force on Tennessee, but he gets tagged while TanneWho gets paid the big bucks.
    This pass-happy NFL has certainly devalued the RB and messed with game, much like three-pointers have practically removed the center and ruined the NBA.

  9. I wonder if the Rams know the stadium won’t be ready this year cause of the outbreak? Just makes no sense to go through this mild rebuild right before you move into a new stadium, it does make sense if your not moving into the new stadium though.

  10. They knew he had knee issues when they gave him the contract. Everyone knew he had issues. I am surprised they gave him that contract, I am not surprised that they want out.

  11. psst…Kansas City is already Super Bowl favorites.

    spiritanimalchicagobears says:
    March 19, 2020 at 3:55 pm

    Going to KC or Philly, who’ll instantly become super bowl favorites.

  12. I hope the Vikings are paying attention here. You can’t give Dalvin Cook a huge contract, especially with his injury history.

  13. Gurley, appearing on Lebron James talk show and bashing the NFL didn’t help your cause either!

  14. I’m amazed that the Texans didn’t trade JJ Watt and next years #1 for him. Rams obviously calling the wrong teams.

  15. Injuries robbed him of what could have been a very special career. He was absolutely electric when he was healthy.

  16. He should get $5-6.5M first year contract and likely tag on a second year at $8M, that is not guaranteed. Reported as a $13-14.5M, 2 year deal.

  17. spiritanimalchicagobears says:
    March 19, 2020 at 3:55 pm
    Going to KC or Philly, who’ll instantly become super bowl favorites.

    KC Already Super Bowl favorites..

  18. This just shows what a bad contract that Jerry Jones of the Cowboys gave to Zeke Elliot. Elliot had 2 more years on his rookie contract but Jerry gave him a new contract that made Elliot the highest paid RB in the NFL. But Jerry thought he was that close to the Super Bowl – and ended up 8-8. Jerry continues to show what a bad GM he is.

  19. Going to KC or Philly, who’ll instantly become super bowl favorites.
    spiritanimalchicagobears says:

    Maybe you should expand your online surfing since you will find the Vegas books does have the defending Champions Chiefs as the favorites.

    BTW.. i wish some would stop bringing up KC whenever a RB becomes available . the Chiefs currently has a Gun Slinging QB whose style and talent DOES NOT require a running back. He has hinted before going back to college that Running Backs GETS IN HIS WAY.

    They just won the Superbowl where in the 3 playoff games they score a 117 points with Mahomes being the leading rusher in 2 of them. Mahomes wants the ball where he decides PASS or RUN which creates hell for the defense.

    The Chiefs as long as Mahomes is on that franchise should NEVER pay any significant amount of money on a position that’s the least value especially on that team.

  20. I find it hard to believe all the negativity here and elsewhere. He is a young man, even by RB standards. He passes physicals shows up to play. Sure; his cap hit/salary caused his release. But give the man his due. He will play again and at a high level. I would pick him up in a heartbeat if I was in charge.

  21. To bad the Cardinals already beat him to Bill O’Brien. Could’ve traded Cooks and Gurley for Hopkins and ended up wayyyyyyy ahead of where they are now.

  22. He apparently did not want to restructure his contract or maybe he saw this as a way to get out of LA. The people who should be let go now is those that decided to give him this contract. He was damaged coming out of college and you had to figure it would catch up with him.
    He will probably catch on as an alternate back, probably on passing downs, but at a much, much smaller salary

  23. chawk12thman says:
    March 19, 2020 at 4:22 pm
    He should get $5-6.5M first year contract and likely tag on a second year at $8M, that is not guaranteed. Reported as a $13-14.5M, 2 year deal.
    OR, a team could just draft a RB with fresh legs in the 3rd round that would only cost about $1 million a year

  24. Todd should FIRE his agent. Anyone who gets a dead end contract should be fired. He was not some NO name special teams player. TODD G is a baller and someone with a decent O Line should sign him. Peace out ✌

  25. This must put Les in the driving seat as the stupidest GM in the league since none of the other moron GM’s (like Jerrah, Pace and O’Brien) took the opportunity to trade for a damaged goods RB thinking he is the missing piece to win the Super bowl.

  26. RBs love to overvalue themselves.

    Truth is, without good blocking you are not running anywhere.

  27. Using Trader Bill’s name in the same sentence as running backs is insulting to all running backs everywhere.

  28. Go to Tampa Bay. It’s actually a perfit fit, and not just because of Brady and the receivers. The Bucs have been searching for a running game and haven’t found one yet. Ronald Jones has upside and Peyton Barber isn’t terrible, but neither is a lead RB. Even with arthritis, Gurley is still better than both of them. Gurley could start and have Jones and/or Barber come in when he needs a breather.

  29. I hope the Bills snag him. Not a Bills fan but he would fit in well there and honestly Bills fans are cool 😎

  30. Didn’t see that one coming. Even with arthritis he’s still better then Melvin “not Todd Gurley” Gordon.

  31. I would rather see a good RB get paid than some retread QB that just lingers in the NFL for 10 years or more. That was never any good. The NFL needs to fix the QB situation,

  32. The Rams would have been far better off to keep him, bench him or IR him and cut him during the next off season. Cap hell and even poorer management it seems.

  33. It’s a shame, he was so good over a 2 years span before his knee pretty much gave out. He can still contribute, but will have to be a part of a backfield instead of the feature back.

  34. Falcons , Dolphins , Bronco , Colts ,Redskins , Bears all desperate for a RB !

    The Giants or Jets should look into this temptation and backup their current RB situations , Barkley and Bell !!! Days of the workhorses about DONE ! #2backBlastDays…

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