Report: Dolphins, Falcons showed most interest in a Todd Gurley trade

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The Rams cut running back Todd Gurley on Thursday. Before they did it, they tried to trade him.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Dolphins and Falcons showed the most interest in trading for Gurley, in recent weeks.

Ultimately (obviously) a deal wasn’t done. And now that Gurley has been released, he’s free to sign with any team, at any time. And of his $34.5 million in fully-guaranteed money, offsets apply to only $2.55 million of the compensation he earns elsewhere.

So now the question becomes whether and to what extent he’ll earn significant dollars with a new team. He’s no longer a workhorse tailback, and he’ll be paid accordingly.

There’s another angle to this that merits consideration, and on which no light has been shed. Although Gurley was not released with a failed physical designation, Gurley may argue that he’s not healthy — which would trigger $10.5 million in additional guarantees for 2020 and 2021. While pursuing a new job, he’ll need to consider whether he’ll make more money by taking the position that he’s not healthy enough to pass a physical.

7 responses to “Report: Dolphins, Falcons showed most interest in a Todd Gurley trade

  1. Showed most interest? You mean they actually returned Rams’ call and wanted to know how high a pick(s) Rams would throw in with Knee-Boy to sweeten taking him off Rams’ books?

  2. Hell I would have taken a soda and a bag of chips to get him off the books.

    Hell what were they thinking.

  3. Uh, so by self declaring himself as not healthy, that will then trigger a 10 mil bonus huh? Lol yeah no – that’s not how that’s gnna go down. This will be contingent upon a pass/fail of an actual physical. They’re aren’t going to invoke an accelerator like that just by taking his word for it

  4. The Falcons already have an overpaid running back.
    The Dolphins are in a position to draft whoever they want, and get him cheap for 4 years. Chasing RBs in the FA or by trade rarely works out.

  5. Why in the WORLD would the Falcons be in trade talks? They have zero cap room and just cut Devonta Freeman. Like, if you’re going to take on Gurley and his boat anchor of a contract, why wouldn’t you just keep Freeman? At least Freeman can still play.

  6. After seeing how mediocre LeVeon Bell was for the Jets, no wonder Miami didn’t go after another RB whose time has passed. And why a team with little cap space like the Falcons would go after this overpaid dude is beyond me.

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