Report: “Framework” of deal in place to send Darius Slay to Eagles with extension

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Darius Slay expressed a desire through his Twitter account on Wednesday evening that he hoped a trade to a new would be coming in the near future.

That hope apparently is becoming a reality just a few hours later. According to Josina Anderson of, the framework for a deal is in place that would send Slay from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles. The trade would also come with a new three-year contract extension for Slay as well.

Slay has been seeking a front line deal in a new contract and skipped offseason workouts last year in a display of his discontent. The Lions had reportedly been exploring trade opportunities for Slay recently and appear to have determined they’ve gotten the best offers they would get at this point.

Slay, a three-time Pro Bowler, would immediately provide a big boost for an Eagles secondary that had significant issues last season.

24 responses to “Report: “Framework” of deal in place to send Darius Slay to Eagles with extension

  1. Yeah, I also hear the Raiders got the same thing going on with Slay, but of course no mention of that here on this site?

  2. Pick 53+ one of the 4th rounders should be worst case for Lions. Maybe swap 21 for 35 plus a 3rd?

  3. Sorry Phila

    Hope it works out because I like the city of Philadelphia (continental congress, Rocky, actual Joe Louis, The Fresh Prince, the marky mark movie, and I worked there in the summers of 2000 and 2001)

    Division is wide open, go get it

  4. Thank you Philly. He might have been Detroit best, even solid but not stud. How he was a pro bowler last season is laughable.

  5. Incredible move! Go Eagles! The revamped secondary will now be a strength instead of a huge weakness!

  6. Trade Slay and then sign a practice squad corner from New England so that Patricia’s quest to become the Patriots’ JV squad continues? Check.

  7. As long as the compensation is low. He is going to be 30 in less than a year and not a long term answer at the position.

  8. This is a nice piece, but honestly, they have more talent in that secondary than people realize. Jones, Mills, Douglas, Maddox…only LeBlanc wasn’t regarded as high-grade talents who could play more than a little bit when the Eagles got him; and he has shown that he can indeed play.

    The idea that all that talent was suddenly “never all that good” is a popular one in Philly right now, but it doesn’t make sense. The common denominator with the “significant issues” that secondary has faced over the last two seasons (and the terrible secondary play going back more than a few years), was Corey Undlin.

    Therefore, for my money, the biggest transaction for the Eagles’ secondary was the sacking of Undlin and the hiring of Marquand Manuel.

  9. It’d be huge if Philly nails this, Slay would easily be the best CB they’ve had since probably Troy Vincent. If Detroit settles for anything less than a 1st round pick they’re losing this trade.

  10. I’ll miss Slay. Big mouth, but man is he entertaining. Great citizen too. He’s not a perfect CB, I feel like last year his performance dipped a little bit and it felt like he was giving up the big play more than he was making it. But that whole defense dipped so who knows.

    Enjoy Philly fans, you’re getting a good one!

  11. Slay wasn’t very good last year and seemed to be slowed by nagging injuries that come with being 30 yrs old . Not paying him big money is a smart move by the Lions . Below is the grade and comments from PFF .
    In every season from 2014 to 2018, Slay produced a PFF coverage grade above 70.0, ranking among the 20 best corners in the NFL in four of those five seasons. In 2019, he managed a coverage grade of just 56.9, which ranked 92nd in the NFL and was barely better than his 2013 rookie season.Feb 20, 2020

  12. Of course trade your best defensive player in his prime…another Quinn special WTH??? Please trade Stafford!!!

  13. No, I disagree about the “boost.” If Slay actually plays and leads just like the departed Malcolm Jenkins, that’s just a swap out. And that’s not a given. This deal replaces a missing cog, but doesn’t improve things overall in the secondary.

  14. AB may have psychologically impacted Mayock’s ability to complete any more future trades. wr Hopkins, wr Diggs, cb Slay. Granted all three may have some form of personality issues…they all were significant upgrades with positions of need for the Raiders

  15. Darius Slay is a perfect example of what it is to be a dysfunctional member of the 63 year failing and rebuilding Lions organization.

    In his prime???…..overrated Slay averages 2.5 INTs a season. He’s the most overrated CB in the game with a terrible attitude ta boot.


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