Report: Melvin Gordon has no offers close to the one he turned down in 2019

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Free agent running back Melvin Gordon may be feeling some regret right now.

Gordon held out from the first four games of the regular season last year in search of a better contract, but the Chargers never gave him the kind of offer he wanted. Now he’s a free agent, and not only is he still not getting the offer he wants, but he’s not even getting an offer as good as what the Chargers offered last year.

Mike Garafolo said on NFL Network that Gordon hasn’t received “anything remotely close” to the offer he could have had with the Chargers last year, which Garafolo reports was worth around $10 million a year.

It’s not surprising that Gordon isn’t getting many big offers, given that he finished last season with a career-low 612 rushing yards, and an average of just 3.8 yards per carry. NFL teams are increasingly deciding that running backs just aren’t worth a lot of money, and the few who get big contracts are coming off much better years than Gordon had in 2019.

The Chargers, meanwhile, have invested a long-term deal in running back Austin Ekeler, so staying with the Chargers is probably not an option for Gordon.

There may be a lesson here for Gordon and other players in understanding their own value. If your market value isn’t high, testing the free market isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

81 responses to “Report: Melvin Gordon has no offers close to the one he turned down in 2019

  1. He’s a top RB, but it’s a QB league. The forward pass sells. That’s the bottom line.

  2. This is going to be a painful lesson for Gordon and a great bargain for some RB needy team.

  3. raiderbri100 says:

    March 19, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    See Todd Gurley, buyer beware
    Soon Ezekial Elliott will be buyer beware (part 2).

  4. We need another RB in GB, but I would never trust a guy who sat out 4 games. One year prove it contract for $6M.

  5. Congratulations, you played yourself. RBs are a dime a dozen in today’s pass happy NFL. Sorry to say but the days of RBs getting megadeals are probably over this decade.

  6. For a RB to be paid top dollar the deciding factor is consistency. And the only back who has been to this day is Zeke. Bell hurt himself holding out, Gurley has arthritis and is a shell of himself, McCaffery is gonna be a vegetable the way he is overused, and Henry has only had 1 really good year. Yea he rushed for over 1000 yards 2 years ago, but barely. Zeke didnt reset the market, he is his own market. I’d say about 10 mil a year is a fair market for everyone else.

  7. well, can you blame him? How is a man supposed to function on $10 million a year? lol. RBs are just going to have accept that with salaries way, way up across positions, theirs will be the position that suffers because they are largely replaceable and the risk of rapid decline in production is too high.

  8. Turning down that contract was ill-advised. You could have e written this post on the day he did.

  9. Blame that one on his agent those are the people that are SUPPOSED to be giving their client the best advice, and if his agent was looking out for HIS clients best interests than this wouldn’t have happened, but unfortunately for Gordon he has the WRONG agent. Go look up Damarius Bilbo’s shady record and you’ll see what I’m talking about

  10. Chris Carson is better than Melvin Gordon and Seattle won’t commit to him at all. The only position in football that takes a constant beating is RB. 15-25 collisions a game. Yet the league undervalues them.

  11. Like it or not the league has changed in that the days of having an every down ultra expensive RB superstar are just about over. Most teams have moved to a RB by committee approach and continually draft fresh RB’s to replace those that are not producing or injury prone. The big money goes to the QB’s where the rules have made having a good one a priority for all teams which is why even mediocre ones pull in big bucks.

  12. As that Great Philosopher Harry Callahan once said ” A Man’s got to know his limitations”

  13. He should be reaching out to T.B. for a short 1-2 yr deal and hope for a solid healthy year with a deep playoff run. Then try again next year. But he is not getting more than a deal like Howard signed with Miami. Times have changed and the RB is not a focal point of your offense.

  14. There are some days when I shake my head at humanity. Its not expressly stated as obvious as Sprewell’s infamous “feed my family” quote, but some of these players simultaneously think:
    -$10 million is not long-term security

    -Take up a huge percentage of the team’s salary cap, yet want to win consistently

    -Sign a multi-year “long-term security” type of deal……then want to change it 2 years later when some other dude who they think they are better than….”is now making more.”
    …Okay, we only math-out now + future, we never consider the past?

    -Invest zero financial capital & yet expect some kind of capital gains.

    I tune in to watch Chess & have little interest in the opinions of the Chess-pieces.

  15. If I’m the Bucs, I try and bring in both Gordon and AB (pending reinstatement) on cheap 1 year prove it deals. Why not go for it? If you could get these 2 guys for a combined $12-15 million, you’d field a potentially top 5 offense. Evans and AB on the outside with Godwin and Howard over the middle and MGIII underneath. Sounds fun to me.

  16. Bucs already have a top 5 offense, but yes, adding Gordon and Brown (cheap) would be terrifying for opposing defenses.

  17. Not once did I ever the hear the Chargers Organization state in fact they offered Mel $10 mil. It was always sources. Doubt the Chargers even offered $8 million per at that time….

  18. He deserves all the silence. It is one thing to act like a man and to do the right thing – it is another to actively to extort a team. And that is what he did. He deserves every dollar that he’ll end up losing because of his actions! Let this be a notice – extort a team and you will pay dearly.

    I am not saying he shouldn’t get a job – but he should be lowballed so that he can prove himself as being a man worth dealing with.

  19. I’ll bet anyone $100,…. he ends up in Indianapolis with Rivers.
    Indy has over $47 mil in cap space remaining. And they need a versatile back. It makes sense.

    Cleveland, Miami, Tampa Bay,and Houston have lots of room in their cap space too.
    I can see Gordon being forced into a 1 year deal with around $6 mil to $7 mil,….
    a show me deal.

  20. ringheadcrusher says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:53 pm
    Dak needs to take notice.

    Dak plays QB last I checked. He’ll do just fine if he ever reaches the open market.

  21. Damarius Bilbo is the worst agent in the history of the NFL. And this isn’t hindsight, everyone with a triple-digit IQ knew this holdout was moronic as it was happening. How dumb do Gordon and Bilbo have to be not to have realized this? You can blame an incompetent agent – and he should be blamed – but the bottom line is a man needs to be able to handle his own business, and Melvin Gordon either isn’t capable of it or he was too lazy and gave the responsibility to someone else.

  22. jackedupboonie says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:30 pm
    Chris Carson is better than Melvin Gordon and Seattle won’t commit to him at all. The only position in football that takes a constant beating is RB. 15-25 collisions a game. Yet the league undervalues them.

    Carson fumbles too much, but he is good. Seattle might lowball Gordon, after all of the injuries.

    Can’t get a read on Washington, but AP should be a tandem back, and Guice is rehabbing again. They should make a run at him.

  23. Welcome to NE. 3.5 mil for 1 season.
    Speaking of days that are over, the days of players going to NE to play for less than they are worth are also over.

  24. Chris Harris Jr cost himself money too by not accepting Denver’s 3 year, $36,000,000 offer.

  25. For someone who was raised by a lady that wouldn’t wear her son’s jersey until he proved himself, he sure is greedy.

  26. Hope he remembers who gave him that advice in the first place. Possible it was just him though deciding to bet on himself, in which he case most definitely lost.

  27. That has to be the worst holdout in recent memory. The Chargers are the cheapest and most “letter of the contract” team in the league so no way were they ever going to cave. Plus they’d went 5-0 the previous season when he was hurt. Who was giving him advice?

  28. Everyone except Melvin Gordon knew it was a mistake to demand $15M and turn down $10M when he was only originally going to get $5M. Now he may be lucky to get $5M. Talk about how to flush a bunch of money down the toilet because you overplayed your hand. Congratulations Melvin. Maybe teams don’t want anything to do with you because you’ll start whining about money the second they sign you. Good luck working at a grocery store in Madison, Wisconsin.

  29. tqaztec says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:44 pm
    Dalvin Cook is still going to cash in

    6 18 Rate This

    Right, RBs are gonna be lucky to make 5-6 mil from now on but he’s the lucky one who is gonna reset the market and get 6.01 XD

  30. Guys have to maximize their earnings, and I don’t blame him for wanting a market contract. But the market was thrown out of whack by the Gurley contract. It corrected and guys like Bell (who should have had more value than Gurley) had to settle for what was out there.
    Gordon definitely didn’t do a lot to help his value last season either.

  31. You just can’t find a GM as dumb as Jerry Jones anywhere. The Cowboys will rue the day they gave Zeke Elliot all that money and years.

  32. Any GM dealing with a running back who is threatening a holdout only needs to remember two words:

    BUH and BYE

    Sorry guys, but you’re an expendable commodity – the least valuable, most often injured and most easily replaced skill position on offense. Some of you are better than others, but that alone isn’t enough to justify the order of magnitude higher salary that some of you are looking for.

  33. He will be a Buffalo Bill by weekend. Watch out boys. Its like a new dawn here. McBeane built a monster

  34. collectordude says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    “Hindsight is 20-20.”

    And Le’veon Bell vision is 20-19.

  35. collectordude says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:20 pm
    Hindsight is 20-20.

    In this case, so what the foresight by everyone other than Melvin Gordon and whoever the hell else he was listening to.

  36. Holdout was dumb no doubt. But a one-year deal for $4mill is good for him and the club. If he outperforms it maybe he can get something like $18mill three years. Play two years and then be toast and get cut. But $16mill for three more years of work isn’t so bad.

  37. No way in the WORLD am I going to cry for anyone that will likely be making 5 – 6 million next year.

    But to have left 4 – 5 million more on the table when a pet rock could have told you the RB market was crashing?


  38. spiritanimalchicagobears says:
    March 19, 2020 at 3:57 pm
    And he won’t now that Gurley is on the street.


    I don’t think Gurley’s availability changes much. He’s pretty much cooked.

  39. captainslapnuts says:

    March 19, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    He should fire his agent.
    Well that’s an uninformed statement. Did the agent tell him to holdout? Did the agent then tell him not to take the deals offered? Did he tell him he could get more in free agency? No is the likely answer to all 3, you can be the best agent in the world but if your client doesnt heed your advice it means nothing.

  40. tylawspick6 says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:37 pm
    Welcome to NE. 3.5 mil for 1 season.


    With Brady gone nobody wants to go “to” NE…. Those there are fleeing a sinking ship. How do you think Julian Edelman is feeling about playing in NE this season? He is probably considering retirement.

  41. Oh nelly!!! He will sign a one year deal for 7-8mil. I am curious if he can get more than Jordan Howard who received roughly a $5/yr deal. WOW!!

  42. In Today’s game, running backs have to be the type that also are very good receivers, with great RAC capability and also block well.

    If not, their market value is limited.

    It’s AMAZING how it has changed from even about 5 years ago, but that’s the way it is now with the passing rules.

  43. tqaztec says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:44 pm
    Dalvin Cook is still going to cash in
    I don’t think he will, because of heath issues. If he does, it will only be because he will be dealing with the Vikings.

  44. charliecharger says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:11 pm
    He’s a top RB, but it’s a QB league. The forward pass sells. That’s the bottom line.


    He’s also not a top RB, so there’s that. May have looked like he was trending that way at one point, but he’s not a special enough talent to warrant top $ as he’s now found out two offseasons in a row.

    Gimme Ekeler all day every day.

  45. charliecharger says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:11 pm
    He’s a top RB, but it’s a QB league. The forward pass sells. That’s the bottom line.


    He is not a top RB. He may have looked as if he was trending in that direction at one point, but he isn’t a special enough talent to warrant big $$…a fact he is now finding out for the second off-season in a row.

    Gimme Ekeler all day every day.

  46. If he’d just taken that 10 million last year and invested it in the stock market……………………………….

  47. Said at the time of there was an offer for 10 million a year on the table he was nuts not to take it.

  48. Greed kills so many people. If he would have humbled himself and understood that with last year’s offer, he would be making more $$& than 99.999% of humans on this earth. He could have already had a great retirement set up. But these guys are always looking at other people’s pile instead of understanding their own riches and being thankful. This technique to make you want others same riches is used over and over in history.

  49. You can’t always blame the agent. Leveon Bell’s agent told him to take the deal offered before the first tagging AND the one offered before the second tagging, but LB wasn’t happy (especially after the big Gurley contract), so he gave up one year of playing, around $14 million, and took a deal with less total money than what the Steelers offered.

  50. aztec says:
    March 19, 2020 at 2:44 pm
    Dalvin Cook is still going to cash in
    Of course he will. Any team that pays Cousins $84 million guaranteed will pay Cook whatever he asks for.

  51. You guys agree RBs shouldn’t be paid and QBs are getting paid, but you slam Dak for trying to get economic QB money. You can’t have it both ways. And yes, Dak will get paid handsomely.

  52. Melvin must be taking the same advise as Clowney. Their agent is making them think they’re a lot better then they are.

  53. joeltoronto says:
    March 19, 2020 at 4:51 pm
    I could see him or Gurley as a compliment to Singletary in Buffalo.

    Gordon next to Singtetary, Gurley on IR.

  54. Good God…..Melvin Gordon please sign with a Buffalo. The Bills can throw him a 3 year deal $24million with what….$18million guaranteed? MUST. DO.

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