Broncos sign Melvin Gordon

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The Chargers signed former Broncos cornerback Chris Harris as a free agent earlier this month and the Broncos signed a former member of the Chargers on Friday.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that running back Melvin Gordon has agreed to a two-year deal with his former AFC West rivals. Gordon and Harris each wore No. 25 for their former clubs, should anyone be in the market for more symmetry.

The deal is worth $16 million with $13.5 million in guaranteed money.

Gordon reportedly turned down a deal with the Chargers last year in the neighborhood of $10 million per season before holding out through the first four weeks of the regular season. Gordon ran 162 times for 612 yards and eight touchdowns while catching 42 passes once he did report for duty.

The Broncos said before free agency that they’d see about an extension for running back Phillip Lindsay after free agency. Gordon’s deal may make that less likely, but it will be some time before we know which way things break for the Broncos’ leading rusher in the last two seasons.

48 responses to “Broncos sign Melvin Gordon

  1. Why? You already have a stud in Lindsey and Gordon has proven he can’t be effective unless he’s getting all the touches and get into a rhythm (See, Eckler)

  2. Great idea with that holdout! His agent is a genius. How do they not understand their market value?

  3. As a long time Bronco fan I’m ok with this as now we have a 1-2 punch. Sad we thought we had a pass catching running back in Theo Riddick. But like a lot of our recent pickup they sit on the bench for a year or 2 with nagging injuries which is no help at all.

  4. If they fix their line (that’s a big if), this could turn into a good offensive move. Lock, Lindsey, and Gordon may work well.

  5. kurdishpats1 says:
    March 20, 2020 at 1:55 pm
    Why? You already have a stud in Lindsey and Gordon has proven he can’t be effective unless he’s getting all the touches and get into a rhythm (See, Eckler)


    I love Lindsay. But he’s not built to be a workhorse. That’s asking for trouble, and he’s electric the second he’s on the field so hes not a guy that needs 30 carries to get going

  6. Lindsay is a homegrown player and went to the pro bowl as a rookie. Last year in his second season, he was average 4.5 yards per carry, but his career average is 4.9 yards per carry.

    Meanwhile, they’re trying to replace Lindsay with a guy who averages 4.0 yards per carry, had half as many yards, and who was a holdout last year.

    No wonder Chris Harris and Emanuel Sanders couldn’t wait to get out of Denver.

  7. Dumb move by elway. Pay your own first! This is not an upgrade at the position And now you’ve alienated Lindsay for a RB that may not even work out!

  8. Like the signing. They will have a good running game and Fangio can focus on the defense. Running the ball and good defense wins games.

  9. Big contracts for RBs are just bad business if you’re a GM. Chargers were smart with how they handled Gordon. I’m afraid the Cowboys are going to learn that the hard way.

  10. This is a good move for Denver. Gordon gets receiving duties and Lindsey gets the short yardage touches. Freeman may become trade bait. Works well for Flacco, see Ray Rice.

  11. pooman420 says:
    March 20, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    Phillip Lindsay never gets any respect

    Yeah I dont understand either – whenever i’ve watched Denver play, it seems he’s one of the best players on the field. Super quick and tough. Maybe since he’s only about a buck 90, they want to limit his carries to around 15/game

  12. Well, it seems strange but because of Lindsay, who was splitting carries to begin with. He’ll be retained, he just can’t handle every carry. The reason that it’s strange is because I’m not sure that the Broncos get more from Gordon than they do from Freeman, who is the odd man out here. I do wonder when that money is guaranteed-all for the first year, or both years? I’d wager that most of it is for year one, so they can cut him after if they want to. Freeman to me is the same type of back, but already is used to splitting carries (unlike Gordon) and is younger without a holdout or injury history in the pros.

    Lindsay will get play time, but I hope that he’s not pushed out too much by Gordon. The Broncos improved their line but will need more up front to suit Melvin Gordon’s style of running if they are planning to hand it to him every tote.

  13. John elway is a top 5 worst GM in the nfl. 13 mil guaranteed to Melvin?!?!?!?!!

  14. If Denver’s owner situation were more stable we’d be talking about whose gonna be the next GM not whose gonna be their running back

  15. Hope that Melvin treats this move as a serious business trip/adventure and leaves everyone including the family in L.A. Would like to see how he does with his solo focus & dedication. His old back-up just received more guaranteed $$ in his new deal. That should send a message……

  16. I don’t get that signing, really. Gordon is a back that can’t alternate touches. He’s unable to come into the game and be productive without getting into a rhythm. He struggled with it in LA, and he’ll struggle with it in Denver too.

  17. John Elway was a great NFL player. A Hall of Famer.
    But he’s a horrible GM. I can’t believe he’s still in that seat.
    This signing doesn’t make a lot of sense.
    Lindsey is doing very well at RB and is cheap right now,… $655K. And he’s a Restricted FA next year,… so if they tender him they have the right of first refusal.
    Denver has bigger fish to fry than at RB.

  18. Dumb. Why pay so much for them when they already have a good RB. I’d rather have Lindsey than Gordon. It’s beginning to look like the Broncos need a new GM.

  19. Before I get fried, I saw right after my previous post that Flacco was released.

  20. Jimmy McGill says:
    March 20, 2020 at 2:13 pm
    Dumb, dumb, dumb. Elway just grasping at straws at this point.


    Huh? Grasping at straws? One of the best running backs in the game. Please explain?

  21. Pats stay active and sign a backup punter for 25k with 7k guaranteed and the rest performance-based. 😮

  22. Dumb move. Another player that thinks he is better than he is. Enjoy Broncos fans, he won’t make a full season!

  23. These comments show how most of you dont know much about football. This signing has nothing to do with replacing Phillip Lindsey. Lindsey is a small back who should not get 30 carries a game. The Broncos are taking a 1-2 approach at RB which is a good move.

    I like this move. Elway has made some great moves this off-season and the future is looking good for the Broncos. Of course the haters will dislike this post.

  24. Phillip Lindsay did have surgery on his wrist. It didn’t seem that serious though…
    Seems like a waste of money to sign Gordon.

  25. To the people saying why get another rb when you have Lindsey? Really? What’s wrong with having 2 good rbs for a total of about 9 mil per yr? Do you really trust the young qb to lead that offense all by himself? I think it’s a great idea to have 2 solid backs to help that offense.

  26. Smart move. Many Broncos fans know Lindsay isn’t built to be a workhorse. With his small frame and brusing running style, it’s only a matter of time until he breaks down. Gordon allows Denver to play the matchups and go with the most productive back on a per game basis. It’s a 2 year deal, so even if things don’t work out, it’s not some albatross that will ruin the cap.

  27. The players have to understand trading 40% of a watermelon is not better than 100% of a grape. Bell learned this and now Melvin. I believe Dak will learn it as well turning town 100 million.

  28. Guaranteed money is Out of Control! Did NFL owners just apply for a bunch of credit cards?

  29. This isn’t an indictment on Phillip Lindsay, it’s more about what Royce Freeman hasn’t been able to accomplish. Freeman was given every opportunity to be the starter in his first 2 seasons but he has failed to be the thunder the Broncos were looking for. Hopefully they’ve found a good 1-2 punch with Gordon and Freeman can fill in if there’s an injury.

  30. I don’t get why people don’t get this signing. Lindsay is set as 1A but he’s not a workhorse. And This isn’t about Freeman either so much. Gordon is coming in to fill the slot opened by the release of Devontae Booker and Theo Riddick. It’s a prove it deal for both Freeman and Gordon. Which ever one steps up stays. Gordon has potential as short yardage and receiver but even if he doesn’t step up, his contract isn’t a cap buster. And he was seriously humbled last year so I don’t think attitude will be an issue. Even with this signing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a third day RB added to the mix.

  31. As a die hard Bills fan Gordon would’ve been a perfect fit here with Singletary. Jordan Howard as well. Both very affordable contracts that would’ve complemented Singletary nicely. Buffalo better not sign Devonta Freeman. I wouldn’t hate Dion Lewis or taking another swing on Jonathan Williams. Damn Bills not signing any difference makers & giving up entirely too much for an aloof, diva #2 WR. Without Thielen across from Diggs, Diggs will suffer. Reminds me of when Buffalo fleeced Atlanta & got a #1 for PEERLESS PRICE LMFAO.

  32. Do people seriously not understand that Gordon is intended to COMPLIMENT Philip Lindsay, not REPLACE him? Do you guys not realize that modern NFL teams like to have at least 2 reliable running backs to consistently lean on? Generally a combination of a shifty speed guy and a bigger downhill type?

    Now whether Melvin Gordon is actually gonna be able to ever get in rhythm, that’s one thing.

    But if anything, he’s replacing Royce Freeman, not Lindsay.

    Pretty obvious…..

  33. “The players have to understand trading 40% of a watermelon is not better than 100% of a grape. Bell learned this and now Melvin. I believe Dak will learn it as well turning town 100 million.”

    This doesn’t make sense. 40% of a watermelon is still bigger than any grape I’ve ever seen

  34. 1 RB is never enough. Lindsay needs someone else, the Broncos need someone else …

  35. Gordon is getting $16 million from Broncos for two years, which averages out to $8 million a year. Chargers offered him $10 million a year. How is the Broncos’ deal more money? His holdout was simply a publicity stunt.

  36. To everyone insisting that nobody understands what a complemtary back is: we do. The Broncos, in fact, have had that for years now. The last back they had who wasn’t sharing carries was probably Knowshon Moreno. Anderson to Lindsay, they’ve been doing that for years now.

    The thing is, Gordon is not a complementary back. In my opinion, I don’t think that the increase in production from him as compared to Freeman is worth the large increase in price. The better players on the inside of the O-line should help with that, so we’ll see.

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