Emmanuel Sanders hoping for 49ers return, but looking for “right fit”

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As noted by MDS earlier this morning, the wide receiver market has been slow to develop.

Few realize that the way the receivers themselves.

For 49ers free agent Emmanuel Sanders, there’s a hope that he can remain with the team which traded for him last year, but he’s unsure.

“Hopefully we can run it back, but we’ll see,” Sanders said on Facebook Live, via Brian Witt of NBCSportsBayArea.com.

“The hardest thing about free agency,” he added, “is sometimes you want it right away but you have to wait and see what happens. I’m trying not to rush the process, because I know what I want out of a team and I know what my goals are. I’m trying to find the best fit.”

Finances will dictate part of that fit for sure, and at the moment, the law of supply and demand isn’t working in their favor.

8 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders hoping for 49ers return, but looking for “right fit”

  1. Welcome back to Denver Emmanuel. Thank you for the fourth rounder we got for you and turned into AJ Bouye. Let’s let bygones be bygones and come back to the fold. At a discount, of course.

  2. More penny pinching mode by the 49ers. They are tanking in hopes to draft a QB and ditch the choke artist.

  3. If he was smart, he’d get with Melvin Gordon & try to sell their combined services to a place like Tampa Bay…..

  4. There’s usually an issue when a seemingly talented player keeps being shown the door by team after team after team. Maybe it’s just a coincidence in this case. But this will be team #4. If it’s just been money in every case, that’s a head scratcher because teams are usually very creative when they have the desire to hold onto key players.

  5. I wouldn’t be upset if ES returns to the Niners, IF he signs a fair contract, which in my mind is no more than $6-$8 mil per year

    He’s still productive and a good guy to help mentor the other young SF receivers

    If the money he wants is more than $6-$8, then hard pass, plenty of excellent receivers available in the draft at lower cost

  6. This is what happens when a skill position guy gets to be his age. Nobody looks at him as a long-term answer, and for good reason. So he has to wait for a team to figure out that he’s the right plug for whatever hole for next season.

    But first, of course, those teams are trying to find long-term answers. And with a draft loaded at WR, Sanders just might have to wait until afterwards to find his team.

  7. DeAndre Hopkins was available for a 4th round pick. I wonder why the 49ers did not pick him up, even if it is for just one season.

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