Emmanuel Sanders signing with the Saints

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Drew Brees has another weapon.

And the NFC South now has some of the best receiving corps in the NFL. The Bucs and new quarterback Tom Brady have Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley play for the Falcons.

The Saints have Michael Thomas . . . and now Emmanuel Sanders.

Sanders, who ranks 64th on PFT’s list of top 100 free agents, has agreed to terms with the Saints. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports it’s a two-year, $16 million deal with a max value of $19 million.

Sanders, 33, had seven catches for 157 yards and a touchdown in the 49ers’ 48-46 win over the Saints in Week 14 last season.

The two-time Pro Bowler made 66 catches for 869 yards and five touchdowns in 2019 while splitting the season between Denver and San Francisco.

For his 10-year career, Sanders has 601 catches for 7,893 yards and 42 touchdowns.

39 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders signing with the Saints

  1. What a waste of money. 8 million a year for a 33 year old guy? Just wow. No wonder dey choke. Keep pilling up old players to choke with Brees. Lol

  2. Good, i didnt want an aging overpriced diva on the Patriots….. i like the youth movement we are in……the lower salaries of newly drafted players will allow the Pats to build a strong team around their new star QB….
    Go Pats!!!

  3. Thomas,Sanders,Cook,Kamera,and a dash of Taysom Hill.
    Sounds like a recipe for coverage nightmares to me.

  4. I love it, every year I read the criticism in regards to how awful the Saints front office is. How they will not be able to sign anyone because of dead money and some people write these long and supposed accurately detailed comments as if they are smarter than the actual GM who makes an incredible amount of money to do this for a living. And here we are, the Saints continue to do it year after year. I’m not saying the players always work out, but they manage to give it a shot. NO ONE….NO ONE thought Jarius Byrd would play like crap, that’s just an example, they signed him that year with roughly a 2mil cap for 40 mil, roughly. And I’d bet they arent done!

  5. Yes. The Saints needs #2 receiver to take the pressure off Michael Thomas. He’s 33, but I believe he can still contribute with a QB like Drew Brees.

  6. Seven catches for 157 and a TD is a solid tryout, but the Saints’ secondary is horrible and gave up a lot of catches and TDs in that game.

  7. A run at the NFC South title is going to be fun and exciting to watch between these 3…

  8. That’s too much. I’m glad Niners did not go there. Nothing bad to say about ES except good luck in NOLA

    That $19 mil SF saved will hopefully be spent wisely on other needs… ie. signing Kittle, a CB, etc

  9. This is a great signing for the Saints and Drew Brees… Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Alvin Kamara, and Jared Cook give Drew the best target in the NFL… Drew needs to play better at the end of the season and the playoffs because he played like he was old and tired. The Saints should have kept Teddy because the offense looked hand made for him at QB. HC Payton is taking a huge gamble with Taysom Hill at QB if anything should happen to Drew.

  10. If Sanders remains healthy, the Saints are one scary team. Getting to see Brady vs. Brees at least twice is going to make for some fun watching. Take the over!

  11. So glad to know that he didnt sign with the over rated Dallas Cowboys!!!

  12. Good move by the Saints – was hoping he would go to the Star, but another miss by the Boys.

  13. Packers had some interest, but the Saints overpaid and I am glad the Packers walked away. Sanders is 33 yrs old and his best 2 seasons are over 5 years ago.

    So many good WR’s in the draft that I know Gute is looking that direction, but I still would not rule out the Packers signing Robby Anderson who is only 26 and just now going into prime of his career. His money demands also become less with each day that passes. Could be a steal to sign Anderson for half off what Sanders got.


  14. Sanders has had a decent career. Started with Roethlisberger, then with Manning for a couple of years, now near the end of his career with Brees. He has played in 3 Super Bowls. Hard to believe he has “only” 601 receptions.

  15. But pat’s fans thought he was going to sign for a bargain basement price. Maybe the soon to be signed in New England Drew Bledsoe, was not appealing to him.

  16. Between Kamara and the possession receiver Mike Thomas, does Manny think he will get the ball? Brees likes to throw his 5 yard passes to those 2 guys.

  17. Manny will get his catches. Brees throws to whomever is open. He will distribute to all his weapons.

  18. Sanders is very underrated and I was so disappointed to see him leave Denver.. I do not get all the hate for Sanders cuz he is playing like he is 25 years old believe me he can go deep with the best of them!

  19. E Sanders is a great player. Really looking forward to these Saints-Bucs games

  20. I like how Saints fans are acting like a WR who is 33 yrs old and had 36 receptions for 500 yards last year is Jerry Rice.

    8 million a year minimum. Could receive as much as 19 million over the 2 years of the contract.

  21. freefromwhatyouare says:
    March 21, 2020 at 3:29 pm
    I like how Saints fans are acting like a WR who is 33 yrs old and had 36 receptions for 500 yards last year is Jerry Rice.

    8 million a year minimum. Could receive as much as 19 million over the 2 years of the contract.


    He had a split season between teams last year but played very well when he did. I like that you think the Saints didn’t do any research or realize he was 33 or that you know better. lol

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