Jaelen Strong chimes in on Bill O’Brien

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The news that the Texans were trading receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals for a running back Arizona wanted to unload and a second-round pick was confusing. The subsequent claim that Texans coach Bill O’Brien and Hopkins had a contentious relationship helped make the move a bit more understandable.

And even though Hopkins (on Twitter) and the Texans (via leak) tried to throw water on the perception created by Michael Irvin’s characterization of a conversation with Hopkins, former Texans receiver Jaelen Strong chimed in to take aim at O’Brien.

This is who Bill O Brien is,” Strong tweeted with a link to the initial stories regarding Irvin’s inflammatory remarks. “Y’all thought it was my fault I wasn’t seeing the field. The man simply didn’t like me because I was a product of my environment. PERFORMANCE means nothing. He wasted my first 3 years ultimately ruining my NFL career. I never knew how to kiss ass.”

It’s unclear whether Strong, a third-round pick of the Texans in 2015, ever would have or could have become a high-level performer. He had 14 catches as a rookie and 14 catches the next year. The Texans released Strong in September 2017, one game after he was suspended for Week One due to a substance-abuse policy violation.

Still only 27, Strong thereafter spent time with the Jaguars and Browns and currently is out of football.

16 responses to “Jaelen Strong chimes in on Bill O’Brien

  1. There are 31 other teams and they all love talented players. Two other teams (that are starved for WR talent btw) didn’t see anything in you either. Deal with it Jaelen.

  2. In reality, this is who Strong is. Gee, did he have a substance abuse violation? Really? In my book,he is just another “hater” mouthing off.

  3. “I never knew how to kiss ass” says it all. In other words you didn’t want to do what your coaches told you to do.
    Are you knowing when to run a hot route ? Blocking down field ? Running crisp routes to where you are supposed to be even when you are not the first option ? Hustling in practice ?
    Pushing yourself every day ? Giving max effort all the time ? Studying your playbook ?
    Strong was with 3 different teams and the results were the same. Your argument would hold a lot more water if you went elsewhere and lit it up.

  4. Sounds like he ruined his own career. However, he’s right about O’Brien. That man has the arrogance of Belichick and the brains of a donkey. He’s totally destroying that franchise in Houston.

  5. Even given the limited information in the piece to go along with the same old tired “oh I’ve been victimized by the man” rhetoric, I’d say Strong is more a victim of his own lack of ability coupled with a double dose of stupidity than his “own environment.”

  6. Ha! What a moron. Trying to chime on on a story because he was to stupid to get his act together.

  7. All the likely suspects, none of whom have ever met O’Brien, are here to defend him. Ha!

  8. So Strong is blaming O’Brien for washing out in the league. It’s hard to take anything he says serious. It also may explain why he’s no longer in the league.

  9. Dropping passes in preseason for Cleveland was last time we saw him play. He tore ACL with Jags before that, which ended that attempt. The Texans has the longest and best look at him. He started opposite Hopkins for numerous games, with minimal success. Going back and looking at his short career, I definitely see that he got a chance to show raw, developmental talent. It’s on him, this lack of success.

    Hope he matures enough to own it and move forward in a positive manner.

  10. So I guess in some people’s mind, this makes Bill O’Brien justified in trading players he doesn’t like? The point is Bill O’Brien and his attitude, not Jaelen Strong. Does anyone actually care what Jaelen Strong says? What’s important is Bill O’Brein being the face of the Texans.

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