Panthers owner donates $1 million to area hospitals

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Panthers owner David Tepper has made a $1 million donation to help area hospitals dealing with COVID-19.

Officially, the David A.Tepper Charitable Foundation has split the donation among the two major hospital groups in Charlotte, with Atrium Health Foundation receiving $650,000, and Novant Health Foundation receiving $350,000.

The donations are targeted to support efforts to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

A number of NFL teams, owners, and players are stepping up in a number of ways, supporting their communities in trying times.

3 responses to “Panthers owner donates $1 million to area hospitals

  1. A drop in the bucket for this guy. plus he gets most of it back as a tax write-off.

    That said, good on him. Would be nice if all the other owners did the same. (I know that Gayle Benson already has, and maybe a few others)

  2. One million dollars is a lot of money & it’s great that the owners are helping with COVID-19 but let’s put things into perspective.
    Tepper’s net worth is $12 Billion – his donation is $1,000,000
    Let’s say for simplicity that the average American family has a net worth of $500,000 – the equivalent donation from the average family would therefor be $41.67.
    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary acts of humanity, kindness and compassion, I think the “HAVES” of the world can do a little better.

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