Several good wide receivers still available in free agency

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NFL free agency moves happened so quickly this week that a large majority of the top players have already been signed. But teams looking for a wide receiver still have several good ones to choose from.

On our list of the Top 100 free agents, wide receivers still available include Robby Anderson from the Jets, Breshad Perriman from the Buccaneers, Emmanuel Sanders from the 49ers, Demarcus Robinson from the Chiefs and Nelson Agholor from the Eagles.

Other wide receivers who are currently free agents but didn’t make our Top 100 include Devin Funchess from the Colts, Paul Richardson from Washington, Taylor Gabriel from the Bears, Travis Benjamin from the Chargers, Demaryius Thomas from the Jets, Tavon Austin from the Cowboys and Phillip Dorsett from the Patriots.

One problem facing the free agent wide receivers is that this year’s draft class is a very good one at the receiver position. Many teams may think they’re better off addressing other positions in free agency because they can wait until the draft to pick up a good receiver.

Although all the top receivers will eventually find a team, some of them are probably going to have to settle for a less lucrative contract than they were expecting. This isn’t the best year to be a free agent receiver.

14 responses to “Several good wide receivers still available in free agency

  1. Robby Anderson will get paid less with each day that passes. Someone will sign him soon and I wouldn’t be mad if it was Green Bay.

    Yes, Gute will be drafting a WR and this is a very good WR draft class, but Robby Anderson is a deep threat that you can play opposite Davante and then you draft a Justin Jefferson and put him in the slot. With Tae, Robby, Justin, Lazard, and EQ coming back too…yeah let’s let a few more days pass and then look into signing this dude.


  2. It’s also a bad year to have an overpaid broken down WR. Thanks for guaranteeing Jeffery’s 2020 salary last year Roseman.

    I don’t know if it’s possible from the Eagles cap stand point but they may need to do a Gurley on him and pick up at least one WR in the draft and one in FA if they can get him cheap.

  3. Of the WR that made the top100, only Sanders and Anderson are starters. No one is rushing to sign Perriman, Robinson or Agholor.

  4. Nelson Agholor… Good Receiver….. Hahahahahahahaha…. Hang on I’m catching my breath…. Hahahahha

  5. Good is certainly not the word I would use to describe anyone listed in this article

  6. “…yeah let’s let a few more days pass and then look into signing this dude.”

    He means the new crop of NFL officials and by “sign” he means extort.


  7. That they are still available should come as no surprise. Sanders is nearing the end of his career. Anderson is probably trying the Melvin Gordon strategy (ask for too much and sabotage your chances of even getting what you could have). Agholor drops everything. Etc.

    Why sign those guys when you can draft a good WR this year and pay them way less money. These guys may find themselves lucky to get a contract for the veteran minimum.

  8. These guys aren’t superstars but a lot of them would make solid #3 receivers. With the unprecedented draft depth at WR and a bunch of guys that will probably come cheap in free agency, this was the best time to trade Stefon Diggs.

  9. I just love people comments about receivers they didn’t watch during the season. It shows stupid people will always make comments regardless.

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