SoFi Stadium construction continues

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Initially, California’s “stay at home” order didn’t include an exception for construction. It now does, and construction at the new Rams and Chargers stadium in Inglewood will proceed.

“These are unprecedented times, and the health and safety of our workers and their families is of the utmost importance to us,” reads a statement issued by SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. “In accordance with the recently released directives by the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, and the City of Inglewood . . . the construction at Hollywood Park continues moving forward, with an increased emphasis on the already existing elevated health and safety protocols put in place last week.

“All non-essential workers are working from home. For those that wish to remain on site, we are working with our general contractors . . . to increase the health and safety measures we already have in place. . . .

“We are also in regular contact with the State Building & Construction Trades Council of California and the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council. . . . [T]he trade councils and Hollywood Park are committed to continuing to provide work at a safe job site for all construction workers who can remain onsite and wish to continue working.”

The venue is due to open later this year, and it is expected to host Super Bowl LVI in early 2022.

12 responses to “SoFi Stadium construction continues

  1. Money opens doors I guess. Glad Mr. Kroenke’s deadline is more important than anyone else’s business in California.

  2. Power of the NFL is the best, Covid or not we are going to have a season. The past few months have been annoying. The next few months of incessant “end of times” sensationalist headlines on every news platform will be even more annoying. Ready for September to be here and we’re all listening to the beautiful music of Sunday Night football

  3. Ready for September to be here and we’re all listening to the beautiful music of Sunday Night football”‘…Really ?…Is it possible that some of us are putting our heads in the sand and not looking at or accepting the reality that is all around us ?..Some of the medical experts are predicting this scourge to last for 18 months !…just what would that do for our professional sports activities…not to mention ..what would be left of our nation’s economy ?

  4. That’s a lot of fancy language to say that you’re more important than public safety, Mr. Kroenke…

  5. typical non respect for ones who build the places for those white collar ones who get paid to stay home and play golf

  6. It’s Really Sad When Our County Is A Crisis And A Stadium Takes Precedent Over Human Lives. I Am Surprised That The Rams Would Not Just Build A Wal-Mart In The Parking Lot And Hire The Construction Workers As Employees .

  7. Don’t you think the people working on this stadium are HAPPY to still have a job making damn good money instead of sitting home collecting unemployment? I am in Pennsylvania and our Governor shut down all non-essential businesses and it is hurting many people. I work for a company considered essential but we may get laid off because all of the businesses we deal with are either shutting down or don’t want to spend the money due to the uncertainty of the economy. I’m happy to be working and I’m sure these workers are as well. Whether you like it or not if it wasn’t for these wealthy businessmen the majority of us wouldn’t have a job.

    With that said, I’m pissed that they call it the Rams / Chargers Stadium when the damn Chargers haven’t contributed anything to the stadium build costs and they should be in freakin’ San Diego!

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