Andrew Whitworth on Todd Gurley: Tough to lose a guy that means so much to you

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Running back Todd Gurley didn’t have the best 2019 season, but that isn’t softening the blow of his departure from the Rams for one of his teammates.

Left tackle Andrew Whitworth made an appearance on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio Friday to discuss his decision to re-sign with the team this week and his reaction to the news that Gurley is going to be playing for the Falcons.

“I think it’s tough,” Whitworth said. “Obviously, Todd’s dealt with some stuff over the last few years and a lot of pressure from the outside about his health. It’s been tough to see him have to go through that. I have the most respect for him. You list your all-time teammates, he’s definitely on that list. A great human being. A great football player . . . I’ve been with guys from all over the place and seen guys have success and seeing things like this, it’s tough. One of your teammates, you lose one that means so much to you.”

The Rams still have Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson in the backfield and Whitworth called Brown “a guy you’re excited about” having on offense. Henderson didn’t make a major impact during his rookie season, which Whitworth chalked up to being less about ability and “more about trust” that he’ll handle everything that can come up during a game.

Whitworth said he thinks Henderson is closer to that point with a year under his belt, although there’s a lot of offseason left for the Rams to potentially add to their backfield options.

5 responses to “Andrew Whitworth on Todd Gurley: Tough to lose a guy that means so much to you

  1. I love Whit. Hated to see him go. Kinda glad they didnt try to bring him back though. I hope he gets a ring before he retires but I think the Rams window has closed. The cost of keeping all those veterans is starting to catch up and Goff is not an elite QB. I do hope I’m wrong though for Whit’s sake

  2. I don’t get it, Rams reported, so many times, there was nothing wrong with Gurley. Why cut him? If you kept forgetting to use him you coulda just put reminders, on your big cheatsheet.

  3. Rams will be fine. They still have two outstanding receivers (Kupp, Woods), and two highly productive tight ends (Higbee, and Everett who was starting to bust out before he got hurt). They also have 6 decent OL with all the guys coming back from injury, and the resigning of Whit and Blythe. I suspect they’ll go with two tight end sets pretty often since that has become a team strength. Not sure what Cooks will bring. He’s the biggest question mark. Brown, Henderson, Kelly, and whoever they draft will be suffice at RB.

  4. to those saying snead should be fired check their record from the 90s or even 2004 -2011 these rams teams of the last 3 years likely gave us as many wins as any 5 or 6 in previous years! check

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