Inside the Jack Conklin deal

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The Cleveland Browns announced on Friday the deal that brings tackle Jack Conklin from the Titans, a big splash made by a team that needs to strengthen its offensive line in the hopes of getting back to the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.

On paper, Conklin signed a five-year deal. By its language, however, the contract voids to three years in February 2023, allowing Conklin to get back to the market again.

Over the next three years, Conklin will earn $42 million, with $30 million of it guaranteed.

He gets the money in the form of a $15 million signing bonus, a fully-guaranteed 2020 base salary of $5 million, and a fully-guaranteed 2021 base salary of $10 million.

So it’s a two-year, $30 million deal with a team option to extend the deal to a third season at $12 million. If the Browns make it a three-year deal, Conklin will earn on average $14 million per year.

7 responses to “Inside the Jack Conklin deal

  1. That is a pretty good deal on both sides. If he is worth it he should cash in one more time with a higher cap.

  2. Paul depoledismal: We will win the offseason again. Here in Cleveland, we win offseasons.

  3. Best free agent tackle out there so got paid. Only an above average player who needs help pass blocking. Lost his anchor since his knee injury. Good run blocker though. Waste of money.

  4. This article making the signing of Conklin a bad deal. Browns desperately needed an OT and with his expsrience, size, and age made a huge splash in the Browns offensive and line. This deal, as long as Conklin plays well and stays healthy, could hopefully go into year 4 & 5. God bless and wash hands.

  5. C’mon – this was the no-doubt best option for the Browns. Would you rather have had Flowers?

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