Only 21 of PFT’s top 100 free agents remain uncommitted

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Get ’em while you can!

Only three days into the official start of free agency, PFT’s top 100 list is picked over. Only 21 free agents remain uncommitted.

Former Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston is the highest remaining free agent at No. 7 and former Seahawks edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney is No. 12.

Winston, who had offseason knee surgery and eye surgery, bid farewell to the Bucs on Saturday, a day after Tom Brady signed with Tampa Bay. Clowney had offseason core muscle surgery, and teams are unlikely to commit big money to him without their team doctors examining him.

Former Jets receiver Robby Anderson (No. 29) has not seen the receiver market develop as he expected.

Former Titans cornerback Logan Ryan (No. 35) and former Bucs receiver Breshad Perriman (No. 42) are the other two free agents remaining in the top 50.

Sixteen free agents remain in the final 50.

22 responses to “Only 21 of PFT’s top 100 free agents remain uncommitted

  1. Who assigned these rankings to each player?

    How is a guy nobody wants the No.7 ranked free agent?

  2. Perriman should either try to stay there in Tampa or return to Cleveland where he was building a nice relationship with Mayfield the prior year

  3. …just shows what a crappy free agent market it really is this year.
    Clowney is OK, but not worth 20m a year and Jameis and somewhere around the 25th “best” starting QB last year.

  4. It would be really interesting to read some advanced data analysis of the past 10 years and see how free agency in general has positively (or negatively) helped the player’s new team in the immediate year after signing. Maybe you take the top 100 list for each year as the database of players to use since that might be a better overall data source than using the entire group of FA’s.

    So in other words much do FA’s as a whole, really impact a team’s success in the year following their signing?

  5. “Former Jets receiver Robby Anderson (No. 29) has not seen the receiver market develop as he expected.”

    Imagine that?

  6. I’m not sure why John Elway hasn’t signed Perriman yet. The Broncos finally found a QB that can sling it, so adding a weapon like Perriman should be a no-brainer, mostly because he’s young and cheap.

  7. “Only 21 of PFT’s top 100 free agents remain uncommitted”

    I happen to think most free agents should remain uncommitted. Antonio Brown is about the only one who comes to mind that absolutely should be committed. But that’s just me.

  8. Jameis is a strange one . . still feels to me like a guy with obvious starter ability, who would benefit from the right coach/system. Yet, I can’t think of an obvious landing spot for him right now.

  9. Well that is strange. I thought free agency shouldn’t start because of the “optics”.

  10. Giants need pass rushers and OL more but should they consider signing Perriman


    Logan Ryan/Breeland to play FS?

  11. Free agents are always a crap shoot, just like drafted players. You never know how a free agent is going to mesh with his new team and it might hurt the team that signs them more than it helps them because of the cost.
    No question, free agency is a slippery slope.

  12. Why is Winston #7 and Logan Ryan #35 – I’d rather sign a great DB than a repaired bad QB.

  13. There have been all of 3 franchise altering free agents in NFL history. Reggie White, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning. That’s it. All were fluke events. White kicked off the free agency era and caught the league off guard. Brees wasn’t the QB he turned into yet, and he had a serious shoulder injury question mark. Manning sort of doesn’t count because he was released by Indy and not a true FA. He also had a big injury question mark.

    Bottom line, great players rarely hit the market in their primes unless their health is in question. The majority of big money FAs just drain their new team of cap space.

  14. Griffen and Clowney both close to signing with Seattle. Clowney $14m one year fully guaranteed. Griffen 2 years $27m no word on guaranteed $.

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