Washington is shopping Quinton Dunbar

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The Eagles aren’t the only team in the NFC East shopping a cornerback.

Washington, per multiple sources, is making Quinton Dunbar available in trade.

Dunbar has made clear his desire to be traded or released. Apparently, the team is trying to accommodate his request.

An undrafted free agent in 2015, Dunbar is signed through 2020. He’s due to earn a base salary of $3.25 million.

Dunbar started 11 games in 2019, with a career-high four interceptions. For his career, Dunbar has 58 regular-season appearances, along with 25 starts.

9 responses to “Washington is shopping Quinton Dunbar

  1. You know your franchise is in bad shape when UDFAs making $3 million a year want to leave.

  2. Washington, per multiple sources, has one of the worst owners in the NFL who will ultimately find a way to undermine his new head coach and alienate his staff to the point where he will eventually wind up with another Bruce Allen or Vinny Cerrato to help him strangle the team over another ten year period before starting all over again.

  3. As a Lifelong and direhard Redskins fan i’m fully awaare of the reputation Snyder has. But in this particular case its all about the money. Dunbar wants a new contract. At least right now the Redskins aren’t willing to give him one. He’s been a good DB but his biggest problem is his health. He’s been hurt a lot and has missed a lot of games. If they have questions about that in addition to now having a brand new coach and staff that aren’t tied to him I can see why the team is not keen on giving him a new deal.

  4. This guy is unreal. The organization originally drafted him as a WR, and switched him to a CB allowing him to find his purpose in this league. They extended his contract and he signed it, and was thankful! I love the will Rivera has imposed on this team. Either you are in or not. If not, move on. I think we finally have grown ups running this team. Rivera knows we are not competing for a SB, so he has decided to get guys who can change the culture. No more high paid selfish players. If you want money, earn it! Let’s get this thing turned around the right way…HTTR!

  5. Dunbar was a pleasant surprise for the team and for the level of his play is underpaid. His problem is he can’t stay healthy. He made a big mistake demanding more money this year. He should have played this season and shown the new coaching staff his value and durability. Next year would have been the time to push for a new, more fair deal.

  6. Its kinda easy to be a good CB in the NFC. Full of average-subpar QBs make make any CB look like Prime Time Dion Sanders. Patrick Mahomes would torch him over and over again, until he quit and asked to go back to playing WR

  7. NFC has a lot of average sub-par QBs? Have you checked the starting AFC QBs recently? Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL now, so they have that. But overall, there are just as many average or weak starters in the AFC.

  8. Injuries are the great equalizer. He would deserve a hefty raise if he wasn’t constantly on the injury report. Thanks for all you did, goodbye.

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