Will Jadeveon Clowney stay in Seattle?

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The Seahawks would like to keep defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.  Will it happen?

There’s some initial chatter on the NFL grapevine that Seattle could be in the process of working something out with Clowney. It’s possible, however, that Clowney’s camp is putting that out there in an effort to drum up interest elsewhere.

Currently, there’s little or no interest elsewhere. Due to the NFL’s COVID-19 procedures, it will be difficult for anyone other than the Seahawks to sign him, given the inability of teams to bring players to their facilities for a physical, and their inability to send doctors to the player. The Seahawks, like every team, conducted a physical on Clowney when the season ended. So they know where he is physically, or at least where he was after the team’s playoff run.

Clowney had surgery after the season to repair a sports hernia. It’s possible that the Seahawks, whose contract with Clowney didn’t expire until Wednesday, had a chance to take a look at him before the league’s restrictions kicked in.

Seattle acquired Clowney in September for a third-round pick and two players. Clowney’s revised contract included a commitment that he wouldn’t be tagged in 2020. He was dominant at times, but the sports hernia ended up slowing him down considerably. He missed three games after the problem emerged, during one of his best performances ever on a Monday night against the 49ers.

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  1. No. Unless he takes a huge bargain of a deal. His pay should be based on a games worth pay because he only shows up for one game a season.

  2. Gurley got released and signed within 24 hours. Obviously something is off with Clowney; either he wants too much or is injured

  3. His asking price is probably much higher than any team is willing to meet….and rightly so. It’d be different if he played hard on every play. Any team that gives him a multi-year deal with a lot of guaranteed money will find out he’d much rather sit on the injured list than play.

  4. I don’t see the advantage of his camp putting out that he is working with Seahawks to generate interest. Everyone in the NFL knows about Clowney and his desire to get top dollar. They also know his talent, injuries and situation. He more than likely has started to work out the best deal on the table.

  5. Dde had 3 sacks last year and 32 over the course of his career. I’d pass, he’s never lived p to the #1 pick.

  6. the Clowney backlash narrative is getting stupid at this point – – the guy can obviously play – he was the best athlete and only real playmaker on Seattle’s defense last year. Sack numbers are important, but they’re not the only thing that matters – QB pressures matter, plays in the backfield in the run game matter – – he was the closing thing Seattle had to swagger on defense last year.

    And yes, he absolutely gets hurt – that’s legit – but the not playing hard? Did not see it last year. Think that is getting completely overblown.

    Various places online say that the Hawks have an $18.5M/yr deal on the table, they’re not offering that because he stinks. Clowney seeing what he can get, and if the consolation prize is the above number, it still puts him among the highest paid defenders in the game.

  7. greg3117 says:
    March 21, 2020 at 1:47 pm
    Dde had 3 sacks last year and 32 over the course of his career. I’d pass, he’s never lived p to the #1 pick.

    Yep I agree, I’m from S.C. & Clowney is a huge disappointment. Man he was an absolute BEAST in College, but he stays injured too much.

  8. When you watch him play…the dude is explosive and unbelievably athletic.
    Yeah the sack #’s arent there but he seems to make plays every game and is incredibly disruptive and still young.

    NFL has SO much salary cap $$ that market value goes up for players every year.

    Somebody is gonna sign him for 50-80m if they think he is healthy.

  9. Youre right pdway …

    Yet until Clowney can stay healthy, his contract will stay incentive friendly, despite his talent.

    Jevon Kearse was the same way but had more production …

  10. When he played, he was good not great for most of the time. He had a couple of WOW games, one of them on Prime Time, so he thinks the body of payment should be based on the body of WOW games he had.

    Smart man takes the money in times of instability. He’s gonna mess around and get Melvin Gordoned…

  11. 1 year 14m and he’s back on the market next year at this time. Or….3 years 17m, 14m, and 14m with 30m guaranteed. His choice.

  12. Clowney isn’t an elite player and shouldn’t be paid like one. He’s a “disrupter” and is worth $8m a year. Anything more than that and it’s an overpay.

  13. Pass! He does not just take plays off he takes seasons off. Spends more time in the whirlpool than the field.

  14. There has to be some sort of underlying issue going on or he would’ve been signed already. Now it may be his health/physical thing, but if that were the case then I think someone would’ve signed him already with a contingency to pass his physical…which is normal anyway. (Besides there is no way him signing wouldn’t leak out.)

    So that plus he is being VERY quiet in the press, makes me think there is something else no one is talking about. It could be anything from him already having some kind of agreement with Seattle that they don’t want to announce until after they sign/trade for another piece or it could be simply that there is a sign and trade agreement being worked on with another team, or maybe there is a more serious health issue no one is speaking about. I have no idea what it is, but there IS something else going on. Things are so quiet that there just has to be.

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