Cameron Wake’s agent denies retirement report

Getty Images

The Titans released 38-year-old Cameron Wake earlier this month, but he’s hoping to continue to play.

Contrary to a report from WEEI, the veteran pass-rusher has no plans to hang it up, according to his agent.

“As Cam’s agent, I can tell you this is simply not true,” Paul Sheehy just tweeted. “Cameron is playing this season and we are actively engaged in conversations with teams.”

That follows what Wake himself said last December, saying he planned to play in 2020.

How much interest there is remains to be seen.

He had 2.5 sacks in nine games for the Titans last year, a rough year for one of the best pass-rushers of the last decade.

He has 100.5 sacks in 11 seasons, and even if he didn’t add to that, it was a brilliant run for a player who came out of the CFL as a 27-year-old rookie to star with the Dolphins.