Cardinals re-sign Brett Hundley

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Kyler Murray‘s backup will stick around for another year.

Brett Hundley has re-signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals, the team announced.

Hundley grew up in Arizona and was believed to want to stay there. Last year he played only sparingly, completing five of 11 passes, but he appears to be a good fit for what coach Kliff Kingsbury wants in a backup quarterback.

The 26-year-old Hundley is best remembered for starting nine games for the Packers in 2017 after Aaron Rodgers was injured. The Cardinals hope an injury to Murray doesn’t force them to give Hundley that kind of action, but they think he can handle the job if needed.

12 responses to “Cardinals re-sign Brett Hundley

  1. Good kid who worked hard, quick feet, never sure if he’d get his accuracy under control.
    Threw some of the ugliest deep balls you’ll ever see.
    Haven’t watched him play in a few years.
    Hopefully he’s gotten better.

  2. This is actually a smart move. Murray is a very young QB, and still a few years away from his prime. The last thing he needs is to be looking over his shoulder. Hundley will allow Murray the opportunity to relax and know that they don’t have a backup capable of taking his job if he fails.

  3. Mike McCarthy was all in on him when Rodgers went down…he even talked with a lot of bravado about him…now they are both gone from GB…guess it did not go well for him….just like it wont with Jerrys team either…

  4. Packer fans after the draft
    “ He is a future hall of famer “

    McCarthy: “I believe in Brett Hundley”

    Now he’s just a good kid with quick feet.


  5. Screamingyellowzonkers, there is not a single Packer fan who ever looked at this 5th round draft pick, turned backup QB, and called him a Hall of Famer.
    This is just more Barney gibberish that’s usually found on any of these stories with even a tenuous Packer connection.
    You are embarrassing.

  6. I think there are better backup QB’s, more suited to play Kyler Murray’s style of offense than Brett Hundley.

  7. Hundley’s the real deal. He was fantastic last year. Won the Seahawks game. Helped GB get to the playoffs.

  8. Very pleased with bringing him back.

    He couldnt play in McCarthys ridiculously simple and outdated offense.

    He flashed in Kingsburys offense, that showed the remarkable ability to adapt IN SEASON from one thing to the next.

    That Seattle game was fantastic

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